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51 Bunai18th Sep 2012 06:49:18 PM from Jupiter , Relationship Status: Singularity
[up][up] Fi M didn't have Flutter ponies or Sea ponies... so does that count as sucking? I'm personally waiting for them to show up, and I don't mean as 'homage' or jokes.

[up] You mean the 80's to 90's versions? Because I'll agree that Wt Ca L trumps Ai Ca L when it comes to ideas.
I like that Wonderheart is adorable and present without being the annoying little scamp. lol it takes some decent writing to pull that off.

It's hard to choose a fav, but I am already caught up on Harmony. The show has a good amount of leads as of now.
52 Pykrete18th Sep 2012 07:02:44 PM from Viridian Forest
The flutterponies showed up eventually. Sorta. As evil bugs.
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Total posts: 52
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