Unclear Description: Asian Hooker Stereotype

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I think we should take another stab at it. Most of the confusion came from xzenu's Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness.

This just about trimming a definition, so I'm restating my proposal:

This trope is about any woman who is Asian and a hooker, period. We can't cherry-pick who counts and who doesn't, because it's at trope about stereotypes. The stereotype either exists or it doesn't, and justifications don't matter.
Well, I don't just want a list of Asian hookers. I don't think say Sakuran counts as even though the characters are technically hookers, there's not a contrast. It's not white ladies are respectable and Asian ladies will love you long time. It's 'some ladies are hookers'.

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Then allow me to amend that.

The trope also implies a disproportionate portrayal of asian women as sex workers. If she's the only asian woman in the story, if she's one of only two asian women in the story, if her main Love Interest is non-asian, or if she is the only important asian woman, she is this trope. Even if the story is about a cast of sex workers, if she's the only asian in the group, she's this trope.

The only way the trope doesn't qualify is if she is outnumbered by two asian characters of equal or greater importance to the plot and, if she has a Love Interest, they are also asian.

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I'd like to narrow it even farther. The one asian sex worker in a group of sex workers could be a token not this exactly. But if folks of other races aren't hookers, and there's only asian hookers then it's this.
No, because that would still not justify that the only Asian in the setting perpetuates the stereotype about Asians. Likewise, just because everyone on The Expendables is big and scary (Jet Li excepted), that doesn't mean Terry Crews's character isn't a Scary Black Man.
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