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Once Baen and Eric Flint began legitimizing fanfiction with their Grantville Gazette series, this sort of thing was bound to happen. Expect it to get worse until other authors and publishing firms take their cue, accept that Fanfiction is beginning to get a publishing foothold, and start combing through for the good stuff to publish themselves. Virginia Demarce got her start through the Ring of Fire, though I haven't kept up with her to see if she's done anything non-1632 related yet.

I haven't read the Shades trilogy, but I see them in the store where I work. They seem as popular here as elsewhere. It's Twilight, so I guess it makes sense. Most people aren't serious about it, I'm sure, but considering Feminists still get a bad rep and people rag on them a lot, this sort of counter literature would be popular these days.
102 LoniJay22nd Jul 2012 11:24:51 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Fanfiction won't be published (as fanfiction) unless you can somehow get around the whole copyright issue. I can't see that happening any time soon, nor do I think it would be a good thing for authors if it was.
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There is still a lot of public domain characters to perverse but. Homes and Watson being the obvious.
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I...I...I don't know what to say about this.
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[up][up][up]It doesn't have to be published as fanfiction. I believe this trilogy proves that. Whether you gussy it up or not, a work that started as a fanfiction will probably remain just a fanfiction with the serial numbers filed off.
[up] Want to know something sad? I started a fanfic on a bet with a friend(that I could create something better then the source material), put it up online etc and then went "hmm this is rather good." I'm leaving it up for now but I have begun to canabalize it for parts as it were. I'm only taking some major parts and not the entire narrative name swapped, but it still feels weird for some reason. Its more plot then anything that I am taking and most of it was Original Characters anyway.

Now name swapping...yeah that is just bad.
You will never love a women as much as George Lucas hates his fans.
[up]That's not sad, it's good thinking. A lot of people can work with plots very well, but when it comes down to characters, they can't make 'em. Authors cutting deals with good fan fic writers to get their stories out on terms the original author can agree with is a next step in the evolution of fanfic and publishing in general. It's already happening for anthologies, novellas, and possibly full length novels.

The sooner authors wake up and smell the opportunities, the better off they'll be. If authors sieze this opportunity, it'll give them ammo to corner the market and put a harsher penalty out there for these name swappers. After all, if a fanfic writer can get published with the blessing of the authors, it makes it more idiotic to go nameswapping a piece of trash that couldn't meet the author's approval.

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[up] It started as a science fiction fic (no I will not admit to what it is, its shameful!) and now its become a pseudo-historical Victorian-Steampunk-Fantasy thing, with an entirely new cast, and a very Byronic Hero starring in the whole affair. I blame my University load this past year for the most part.
You will never love a women as much as George Lucas hates his fans.
Fanfiction isnt shameful, dude. I haven't written any yet, but there's no shame in it. (I DID say that Baen publishing has begun working with fanfic writers. They're actually getting PAID to write work based on the Ring of Fire series by Eric Flint.) This is the same fucking thing that nails video games. The Mainstream relegates it to some fringe, and then any cultural development that comes from it gets shat upon and slowed down until everyone realizes "we shoulda done this sooner man!"

Let's see, much of the Bible, and many famous plays, as well as a lot of classic literature is NOTHING but fanfic that fleshed out the source material further. Seriously, that's it. So stop with the shame game and keep with the writing.
110 Mort0823rd Jul 2012 02:05:13 PM from Oklahoma , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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[up][up] Sounds cool.

I love writing fanfics, but I don't intend to physically publish them.
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I do think that anthologies or collections of fanfictions would be interesting to see published with the author's permission. Sexed-up versions or stories that are just the main characters having sex... less interesting.

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That depends entirely upon the sex and why it is in the story for myself. Now if it's written properly and serves a particular purpose beyond titillation then I personally think sexed up stories are just fine and dandy. The problem comes in regards to the quality of the sex scene itself (writing is often shit and sex scenes seem to be by and large worse) and how the sex is portrayed and the repercussions of it (a lot of sex in such stories is glorified rape with no negative consequences).

Typically things fall apart in these areas. I myself have written fanfics with sex involved though with some purpose beyond titillation in mind. In one case (I'm still working on this piece) it results in shame and great deals of confusion. Because it was horribly planned comfort sex. It serves as a rather big stumbling block and indeed is used as reasoning for why they shouldn't get together.

After all with such a bad precedent it's just going to fall apart, right?

Either way sex does happen to be a rather big thing for many individuals whether or not they are having it or want to have it. It can and does play key roles in certain things, but not everyone can write this in a fashion that is interesting or at all convincing and enjoyable.
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Yesterday, my mom told me that a hotel in Britain is replacing their copies of the Bible with copies of this.

For once, I actually want a bunch of people to get offended. I'm not the most religious person ever, but I'd take a Bible over a copy of this pestilence.

[down] Have you ever been to a hotel? They're almost always in a sidetable drawer or something.

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114 MrAHR25th Jul 2012 07:03:21 AM from ಠ_ಠ , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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They have copies of bibles in hotels? That's a real thing? HAH.
115 TamH7025th Jul 2012 08:10:48 AM , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
Never heard of the Gideon Bible? Wow, I have finally found one. Wooohhoooo.
116 cityofmist25th Jul 2012 08:10:49 AM from Meanwhile City
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The last hotel I stayed in they had a Bible in one bedside table and the Book of Mormon in the other.
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117 wuggles25th Jul 2012 08:13:25 AM from Miami, FL , Relationship Status: With my statistically significant other
I never understood the Bible in the side table thing. Most people who are religious enough to read the Bible every day probably have their own.
118 Mort0825th Jul 2012 08:46:36 AM from Oklahoma , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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You'd think they would have at least put an actual book in its place.

The guy responsible for this says he's never read FSoG (obviously), but was told it's good and that's it's popular with women (sadly).

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119 MrMallard4th Aug 2012 09:05:23 AM from Australia, mate
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They're sexing up Sherlock Holmes. Any way they coud do this, straight OR gay, is a bad choice. You read a Sherlock Holmes novel to read about Sherlock deducting the shit out of a case, not to take Irene Adler and Watson and give them a Cleveland Steamer each.

Jesus. I've been comtemplating suicide recently, and this may end up being 1 thing that pushes me over the edge. Just... what the fuck. I cannot even argue for the sake of my species' intelligence.
Video games, man.
120 MrAHR4th Aug 2012 09:10:12 AM from ಠ_ಠ , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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...I seriously hope that last sentence is a joke.
121 MrMallard4th Aug 2012 10:11:52 AM from Australia, mate
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I'm just going through a rough patch, I'll probably just get over it. I usually do.

Though the impulse does get kinda intense.
Video games, man.
122 Mort084th Aug 2012 02:50:13 PM from Oklahoma , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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As I said elsewhere, this book and the phenomenon it's causing should be used as justification for letting aliens destroy the world if they want to.
123 TamH704th Aug 2012 04:15:46 PM , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
I would point them to Fallout Equestria, Methods of Rationality and The Vorkosigan Saga and tell those putative aliens to read them, and then piss off until they could do better.
124 Yuanchosaan4th Aug 2012 05:53:43 PM from Australia , Relationship Status:
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It's just bad fanfic. Nothing to get upset over.

Actually, something just occurred to me. How do you people feel about Alan Moore's work Lost Girls? From what I've heard, it only just barely fits the criterion of "fanfic of classic works with sex", but it would be hilarious if they managed to get people to read it based on the current craze.
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125 MrAHR4th Aug 2012 06:21:00 PM from ಠ_ಠ , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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It was an attempt to write "good" porn, and is very expensive to buy. That is all I know.

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