Meta-effort: Reducing the burden of moving wicks:

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The time-cost of manually editing hundreds of pages every time a page is renamed is a hurting the wiki.

After months of toil, the namespace migration effort has just crawled across the 50% mark.

One of the main causes of Trope Repair Shop repairs being left unfinished is because nobody wants to be responsible for moving 100+ wicks afterwards.

The wiki's most invested editors' time is being wasted on menial work.

These are fixable problems. But we have to work together.

For my part, I've spent the last few hours mucking about with the mechanise framework to make a uber-lightweight wiki-bot, but no luck*.

So. Does anybody have:
  • A) The knowledges to help me make an automated wick-moving tool?
  • B) More ideas of how to reduce the cost of moving wicks?
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Automated wick moving won't work, at least not for TRS work. Part of wick changing involves restructuring sentences to make them flow properly with the new name, re-alphabetizing the listing, and checking for and correcting misuse (which is important as that's what causes things to be renamed).
A machine solution certainly can't help with that.
Namespacing itself ought to be mostly mindless. If the people in charge of namespacing make sure not to assign the bot to the namespacing cases that do require thought, then editors are freed up for TRS wick-work.
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@Nocturna: I can see one area where a mechanized system would work despite that: Potholes. Even just automatically replacing those—which wouldn't require any human intervention at all—would often cut the number of wicks that need to be fixed by 25% or more.

Mind you, writing the automated system itself is non-trivial, but as a long-term goal, it's definitely something to think about.
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Namespace migration is simple if the work is the only one and it doesn't need to be moved because it's an adaption.
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Most namespace migration things could probably be automated, provided a human isn't needed to determine if a link to a francihse should be Literature/ or Film/ or whatever. Trope renames need people doing the work, however, since it requires restructuring stuff and determining if the trope is being misused in that link.
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Has anything changed in the last few months?
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