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1051 djmaca26th Apr 2012 04:58:47 PM from Philippines
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Um who was incharge of the sandbox for the review page? I could swear I still see some anime that doesn't belong there like Inux Boku
...a little brother should belong to his older sister, right? - Orimura Chifuyu
1052 TheHandle26th Apr 2012 05:01:40 PM from Stockholm , Relationship Status: In my bunk
@Tomu:Actually I've just been reading this. Remember the contents of Shinji's scene in End of Eva? Well, here, Sora's sister Aki, out of freaking nowhere, milks her brother Sora for all he's worth. Yeah. No. It's softcore porn. It really is. I swear it upon my oath. There is no possible doubt about it. That's what it is. It is self-evident.

Trust me on this.

And, having been an Accidental Pornomancer myself, I don't find what I'm reading funny or sexy at all. It's abuse, that's what it is. I feel like slapping the author.

What's our policy about works that contain incest, especially those that endorse it?

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[up] I consider it way worse than soft core porn because of chapter 6, in all honesty. I can say it's Plot with Porn though...(EDIT: Well with a whole lot of porn now that I think about it. Not surprised if it's deleted.)

It doesn't get any worse than chapter 6, but it never gets much better either with all the other controversial stuff that happens.

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I don't believe we really have a strong policy on incest. I can tell you that Fast Eddie disapproves of incest fetishizing based on the cut of Incest Yay. However, he does not seem intolerant of discussing the matter as evidenced by Incest Subtext.

And Aki Sora is porn.

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1055 TheHandle26th Apr 2012 05:09:42 PM from Stockholm , Relationship Status: In my bunk
[up]There's no way I can deny that.
Upon the highest thrones of the world, we are still sitting on our asses.
[up] Utterly impossible for me to deny as well. I consider it Hentai myself and find it more explicit than many other H mangas lack of visible genitals aside.

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Please use the link on the Tools menu to request a content violation evaluation for an article.

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