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Recommendations for Perusal by 5P:

 26 The One Who Tropes, Thu, 19th Apr '12 10:50:19 AM from Leigh, Lancashire, England Relationship Status: With my statistically significant other
I like this webcomic.

From the page "Infamous for its Shotacon content and high level of squick."
Monster Girl Quest - Some explicit loli sex scenes obviously made to arouse.

For the record, I do know and like this game... I just figured that I should give it a quick and painless death since it's bound to get found out anyways.

edited 19th Apr '12 11:25:44 AM by encrypted12345

 28 Final Starman, Thu, 19th Apr '12 10:52:48 AM from Clinton, Massachusetts
Roommates 2009

  • Plot with Porn: From the first page. This story isn't all that subtle. It began as nothing more than just a short pornographic comic about two characters shagging, but its popularity caused the creators to extend it into a series about the two's relationship which just happens to have lots of graphic sex included.
    • Porn Without Plot: The first part of the first chapter seems to start like this. Later in the chapter they introduce Santino, and we learn a bit more about who Gian is, but overall the first chapter is more about sex than about Character Development.

I'll admit I'm not entirely sure on what qualifies as a porn work, but I think this counts. See also Roommates Gians First and (to a lesser extent?) Roommates These Are My Reflections.

edited 19th Apr '12 10:53:15 AM by FinalStarman

Oh...and as much as I dislike the policy (I'll restrict my commentary on the subject to sighing and shaking my head), a real nomination for XXXenophile - porn comic series by the Foglios which makes no pretense at being anything else.

Edit: well, there is plot. And artistic merit, Or So I Heard. But if we're using Pizza Special Delivery Boy as a standard, a lot of it is Piazza Delivery Boy Recycled IN SPACE! in creative ways.

edited 19th Apr '12 12:16:05 PM by Elle

 30 Pyrite, Thu, 19th Apr '12 10:55:38 AM from Right. Behind. You. Relationship Status: Hiding
Going further down the anime list:


D - F:
  • The Elven Bride: Synopsis on Wikipedia suggests predominantly explicit content with minimal plot, classified on Anime News Network as "Objectionable Content: Pornography".
  • Futari Ecchi: (Disclaimer: HAVE NOT SEEN THIS WORK YET, AM GOING BY AVAILABLE EVIDENCE.) On the one hand: apparently contains suggestive / explicit content. Manga distributed by Tokyopop, OVA distributed by Media Blasters, but available evidence points to explicit or near-explicit sex scenes forming the bulk of the work. On the other hand: Serialised in a Seinen Demographic magazine, has 3 live-action movie adaptations and a TV drama adaptation - these, I have no idea about.

EDIT: Okay, who's going through the list in parallel with me? I should probably start from the bottom.tongue

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 31 emeriin, Thu, 19th Apr '12 10:58:54 AM Relationship Status: She's holding a very large knife
Fansadox is basically Gor without the pretension of trying to be literature. It's all centered around women being captured, used as slaves and abused for Fetish Fuel.

edited 19th Apr '12 10:59:18 AM by emeriin

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Winged Doom
[up][up]I doubt Futari Ecchi should go. As far as I know, it's much more about relationship than about sex. Anyway, we'll see.
 33 The One Who Tropes, Thu, 19th Apr '12 11:06:17 AM from Leigh, Lancashire, England Relationship Status: With my statistically significant other
I like this webcomic.
Webcomic.Birthday Gift, Webcomic.Women Hunt, Webcomic.Confiscated Twins.

Part of Fansadox. Reason is the same as emeriin's.
 34 shimaspawn, Thu, 19th Apr '12 11:13:51 AM from Here and Now Relationship Status: In your bunk
Orgazmo should probably reviewed just because it's an NC-17 film about porn, but there's no actual graphic sex in it, just a copious amount of dildos scattered about and a lot of dirty jokes. Sex is talked about, but it happens off screen. It's really a plot heavy funny superhero parody film.

But because I'm sure someone who hasn't seen it will bring it up, I'd rather it be brought up honestly.

edited 19th Apr '12 11:14:05 AM by shimaspawn

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 35 JHM, Thu, 19th Apr '12 11:25:46 AM from Neither Here Nor There Relationship Status: I know
Thunder, Perfect Mind
Erm... what do we do with stuff from the Bara Genre? I seriously don't know how we should handle that.
[up] If a work has respectable Plot, then is is Plot with Porn, and that it safe. If it happens to have underage sex anyways, then it's not safe anyways unless the underaged aspect isn't meant to arouse. The latter still warrants review, nonetheless.

The only one that I have heard in that category is outright porn is Kuso Miso Technique. I have absolutely no idea about the rest.

edited 19th Apr '12 11:29:41 AM by encrypted12345

Surfing the forums
The Wotch.

What seems like an innocent fantasy comic at first shows its true light in the long run. This is another fetish porn comic in a G-rating, except there's lots of Unfortunate Implications, shoehorned plot to shake suspicion its a fetish comic, and the fetishization of "hypno-death". The author herself has admitted to having transformation fetishes and caters to transformation fetishers with bonus content.

Putting this on the cutlist would get a lot of raised eyebrows, so I'm asking the council the review it. I'm not sure if it should if it should have a page or not regardless of the weird fetishy shit.

Edit: I understand that it's "G-rated" but its context is very creepy. That's the issue here.

edited 19th Apr '12 11:39:12 AM by Akagikiba

[up] If it's G-rated, then um... what's the issue here?
 39 Earl of Sandvich, Thu, 19th Apr '12 11:31:53 AM from the Palouse Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
Who wants to go swimming?
In the same context as shima mentioning Orgazmo (although what I'm bringing up is not a comedy by any stretch of imagination), I'm sure that someone would bring up The Brown Bunny (I've only seen a Brows Held High review of it). Yes, there is an onscreen blowjob scene, but it's very brief (and nowhere else is there this level of sexuality) and consensual among actors from what I saw on external sources, and the plot focuses more on the protagonist's grief about the death of his lover.

edited 19th Apr '12 11:44:28 AM by EarlOfSandvich

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[up][up][up] I'm not sure pandering to fetishes is grounds for deletion especially if the work has plot. Loli or Shota, sure, but not other random unusual fetishes.

Sorry for derail.

edited 19th Apr '12 11:33:40 AM by encrypted12345

Sounds like... Totally Spies! or something in that regard.
G-rated porn? That's a contradiction. Having stuff that appeals to the fetishes of someone, somewhere, does not a make something porn. If that were the case we'd have to cut just about every work ever.

Umm... Let's not argue about Content Policy. Again.
 44 Pyrite, Thu, 19th Apr '12 11:39:54 AM from Right. Behind. You. Relationship Status: Hiding
Going from the bottom (again - am using third-party sources), Q - Z:

  • Viper GTS: Marketed as Hentai, classified as Hentai / Pornography under Wikipedia and ANN, synopsis suggests predominantly explicit content.
  • Urotsukidouji: Marketed as Hentai, classified as Porn by ANN, Reviewed by Bennett the Sage....
  • Sailor And The 7 Ballz: Marketed as Hentai, classified as Porn by ANN, probably breaks more than a few copyright laws along the way (but that's besides the point)...
  • Sensitive Pornograph: Needs more information. What little I can find suggests apparent explicit content, but how much of it is actually in the works is not really stated; also, the OVA is based on a set of short stories, and the former is supposedly much more explicit than the latter.

edited 19th Apr '12 11:53:44 AM by Pyrite

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[up]... Try not to mention stuff that has already been cut.
 46 JHM, Thu, 19th Apr '12 11:41:27 AM from Neither Here Nor There Relationship Status: I know
Thunder, Perfect Mind
@Earl: I was actually going to point this out, but then I thought that the panel would likely dismiss any allegations of "porn" pretty quickly, so I dropped mentioning it. Also, Shima mentioned that she(?) wanted to get mentioning it out of the way before someone who hadn't seen it complained about it. So I think it's safe.

edited 19th Apr '12 11:42:35 AM by JHM

 47 Pyrite, Thu, 19th Apr '12 11:42:02 AM from Right. Behind. You. Relationship Status: Hiding
[up][up]Look, they're working faster than me - it sure wasn't cut 5 minutes ago when I was compiling the list. Also, the Urotsukidouji link that was cut was the wrong one. They want to cut this -> Urotsukidouji link.

edited 19th Apr '12 11:44:17 AM by Pyrite

Not a substitute for a formal medical consultation.
[up] Nevermind.

edited 19th Apr '12 11:43:16 AM by encrypted12345

 49 JHM, Thu, 19th Apr '12 11:45:33 AM from Neither Here Nor There Relationship Status: I know
Thunder, Perfect Mind
Urotsukidoji is an... interesting case. Does historical importance, artiness and/or memetic value trump the works blatant pornographic nature? Also, it does have a plot...

*shrug of confusion*

edited 19th Apr '12 11:46:49 AM by JHM

 50 Pyrite, Thu, 19th Apr '12 11:48:24 AM from Right. Behind. You. Relationship Status: Hiding
[up]Could be. Can't say for sure. The only thing that everyone knows about Urotsukidouji is the thing that got us into trouble with Google Ads in the first case... evil grin

I'm honestly not sure if anything trumps blatant pornographic nature given the current guidelines, but I guess I'm leaving it to the council.

edited 19th Apr '12 11:50:03 AM by Pyrite

Not a substitute for a formal medical consultation.
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