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1 Aaeru19th Apr 2012 03:45:02 AM from VN fan translation commu
Hi just a heads up. Fuwanovel is a fansite dedicated to serving you fan translated visual novels. VISIT http://fuwanovel.com

And true to the original definition of fan translation, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fan_translation_(video_gaming), we make Japanese games that have ZERO chance of being played by westerners, BE Played by westerners.

The idea of a virtual boyfriend or virtual girlfriend is too awesome an invention to not share with the rest of the world.

Anyway we are looking for people who can help make image banners for the website, please see: http://visualnovelaer.wordpress.com/2012/04/19/looking-for-volunteers-to-make-banner-art-for-fuwanovel-com/

if you can do some image editing or want to volunteer for something, email me: aaeru@fastmail.fm or reply on the forums (http://forums.fuwanovel.com)

Many thanks, Aaeru
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2 neobowman19th Apr 2012 05:31:58 AM from Unidentified Proxy , Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
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So which projects are you working on right now?
We actually already have a thread for this, but no one else posted on it.

Well other than that, what neobowman said.
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4 Aaeru19th Apr 2012 06:47:42 AM from VN fan translation commu
Well I intend to do Da Capo III once Fuwanovel gets off the ground (hopefully within a month)
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Oh? That sounds hopeful. Especially since Circus will probably try to milk it and release a PC edition. Even if Mangagamer picks up DCIII they'll be too cheap to translate PC.
Well, here's hoping you guys don't get any C&Ds, though I haven't seen that for any Visual Novels recently. I doubt you guys would care anyways. Also, there has been VN translator drama before, so I suppose I should warn you of that.
7 neobowman19th Apr 2012 02:12:16 PM from Unidentified Proxy , Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
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If I could help, I would, but my japanese is hardly anything more than a beginner's. That, and I'm already swamped with stuff as is. Comes from being involved in lots of different communities.
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May I suggest the Hoshimemo Fandisc? Sorry, being selfish, but no one else is doing it. ;;
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9 neobowman19th Apr 2012 05:41:34 PM from Unidentified Proxy , Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
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I suggest Ef fandiscccccc
It would be nice to see the Ef fandisc, wouldn't it? But really, so long as you pick something and stick with it I'll be satisfied. Not like I know of many good but untranslated VNs.
[up] Agreed. Just be sure to translate interesting some interesting visual novels. smile

... Oh and stop asking for fan disks, people -_-. At least recommend a good stand-alone VN with a new story that no one else is translating yet. *cough*Kichikuou Rance*cough*. ...I can hope...sad

If you guys do want to know what is currently being translated and prevent yourself interfering with other people, there's a good comprehensive website for that.

Oh, huh, that site keeps better track of certain projects than the sites that supposedly host them do. Like Little Busters being half done with Sasami route.
[up] That's because many VN translators use 4chan and are prone to randomly post their progress on it.
14 dorkatlarge19th Apr 2012 08:26:31 PM , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
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Aaeru's original post stated, "The idea of a virtual boyfriend or virtual girlfriend is too awesome an invention to not share with the rest of the world." Considering that there is a pair of iOS / Android programs named My Virtual Boyfriend and My Virtual Girlfriend, both created by English speaking devs... you may want to reconsider your phrasing.

Having said that, what sort of content do you want to endorse with Fuwanovel? And where do you intend to focus? There's plenty of untranslated harem stories, ranging from worksafe to very NSFW, with gameplay ranging from occasional choices to complex simulations. You can focus on translating just one category of harem game and have plenty of options. But there are more genres beyond romance. For instance, there's Chunsoft's mystery games — ranging from the classic Otogirisou to the recent 428: Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de. Other people and companies have made VNs in genres such as sci-fi, horror, and fantasy. There are games from thirty years ago that only exist on vintage computers, and games available in modern formats (computer games, Flash, mobile devices, popular/unpopular consoles, etc). There are VNs from multi-national corporations that don't translate their niche content, games from freeware/indie creators, and everything in between.
15 Aaeru20th Apr 2012 03:10:23 AM from VN fan translation commu
Most of them. but fuwanovel is aimed at the anime/manga/JPN-videogames crowd.

I'm still going to put policenauts up though
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well reminded,somebody should translate 428 already,since I heard so many great things about it(and one of the scenarios was written by Nasu,which ended up being adapted as the anime Canaan).The fact it doesn't have a PC difficult things for it to happen,though...
[up] If you have the right type of hacker, it's possible. I know someone's translating the Oremio PSP game. Of course, to play it, you would probably have to jail-break the game console or find a good emulator.

Such hackers exist, but you have to know the right place to look. I don't know, so good luck with that. Even if you aren't going to do any non-PC games, some of the newer visual novels need a good hacker to even start translating it because of the engine. Fortunately, there should already tools for the older VN engines, so you don't have to sorry as much about those.

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18 Aaeru20th Apr 2012 09:42:17 PM from VN fan translation commu
yeah doesnt chunsoft do all their games on console and not on PC? big BIG headache for hackers

Amagami on PS2 is still being translated. Oreimo PSP is dead

5pb is particularly good with their games, they usually port them to PC (like steins;gate & guilty crown)

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yeah,Amagami is being translated,but not the re-released PS2 version neither the PSP port,which both have extra routes,due to technical difficulties.

and yeah,Chunsoft doesn't usually do PC ports,but since Aksyss was pretty successful with 999 and now they are going to release Zero Escape this year,they should give a shot with 428,since it's also from the same company(though the game is a bit old now,not mentioning Wii and PSP are pretty much dead,and such game wouldnt't attract most PS3 owners...).It got released for Wii(earning a 40/40 from Famitsu...),and later got a PSP and PS3 ports,and with Nasu having written a scenario and with Aksyss having released Fate/Extra(not mentioning Type-Moon's fanbase these days),it would be a good advertisement
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