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[up] At the beginning of this thread, the reason you gave for wanting puppet shows to have a separate namespace was that they "are clearly distinct from live-action shows". Now you're saying that you don't think puppet shows aren't live-action. So why do you think they should have a separate namespace?
27 StFan28th Apr 2012 05:20:48 AM from Cognac, France
If I had phrased that "are clearly distinct from human-centric live-action shows", would you be happy?
Yes, thank you. It's got me off getting hooked up on the wording, anyway, enough to pay attention to the actual point you're making.

I'm still not sure about the point, though. I mean, granted, there's a difference between, say, Thunderbirds and UFO, but are Thunderbirds and The Muppet Show more similar than they are different? (On the other hand, I guess the same objection arguably applies to many of the things lumped together under Western Animation now.)
29 StFan12th May 2012 03:43:28 AM from Cognac, France
The existence of other subcategories, like the aforementioned LightNovel/ for Literature/ or Bollywood/ for Film/, would be enough in my book to warrant new subcategory where the medium is different enough for the core, like PuppetShow/ for Series/ and Gameboook/ for Literature/. This also could clear up some confusion — I've seen puppet shows sometimes sorted with Western Animation, and Gamebooks with Tabletop Games (not often, but it happens).

Now, I'd like a moderator opinion if those new namespaces can be considered, of if the current row is fixed.
I moved most of the Western Animation stuff to the WesternAnimation/ namespace, but I'm hesitant about moving any of the animated shorts. I still maintain that Looney Tunes/Merry Melodies should have their own namespace - if series like Harry Potter and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (which have less installments) have their own. I think Disney shorts should have their own, as well - since it'd seem kinda odd to use the Disney/ namespace for Disney films, but to throw the Disney shorts (featuring the cast of Disney-created characters) under WesternAnimation/.

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[up]AFAIK, the "franchise" namespaces (Discworld/, Harry Potter/ etc) are remnants of an earlier era which were never actually made official. They are actually unsupported and the ultimate goal is to move all these works to their medium namespaces.

Disney/ is different, as it was deemed that there was too much duplication of titles (think all the Disney fairy tale movies), but it was initially intended for the Disney Animated Canon only. There has been some confusion around what exactly actually belongs there (and what doesn't), though, so we made this crowner to sort it out.

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Let's just say and leave it at that.
RE: Vyctorian, Mixed Media.

I second that idea. It would help a lot with works that are across different media but that don't have so many changes between each media that they would have few examples for one or two of the media.

For example, a series of Light Novels that was adapted to Manga and then to Anime, but that didn't really change very much from one medium to the other, so making three different Namespaces would be superfluous because most examples from one would apply to the other.

So you have one page under, say, Multiple Media or Mixed Media or something, and the few examples that only apply to the Light Novel, or only apply to the Manga, or only to the anime can be put further down the page in its own section, because having just one page for, say, three examples, is too much.

I'm sure there are other different scenarios, but that was the first that came to mind.

Of course, in series like Harry Potter, where the books and the films are different enough, having a Literature page and a Film page makes more sense. You could also have a Harry Potter or Harry Potter page as a disambiguation page.

Also, do we have a Sports namespace? If not, I think we should have one.

Oh, I just thought about other Mixed Media examples: Doctor Who and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

I don't know how convenient it would be to change Main to Mixed Media or Multiple Media as a disambiguation page once in practice, but I'm sure it's worth contemplating for at least some works.
Wait a minute, we actually have a Franchise Namespace! (Yu-Gi-Oh!). I had no idea.

edit: wait, there is a whole index

My goodness, this is not a thing that I was aware of. I was so behind the times.

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The Franchise namespace is quite new, I think.
I think we should have a Audioplay/ namespace. There are a few drama CD's, radio dramas and audio plays that don't have a namespace.

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I got two suggestions for new namespaces:

1) I think the 'trope analysis' works/concepts listed on Books on Trope should get their own namespace. A few of them are in Literature/, but I think there's a fundamental difference between works that use tropes and those that discuss and analyze tropes. Also, the pages collected on that index do not necessarily correspond to a single work, often they are about concepts or models laid out in several works. The name could be Tropology/.

2) We might consider a namespace for Fictional Universes, i.e. universes and continuities shared between different works/series, sometimes from a variety of authors. Things like Cthulhu Mythos, Noon Universe, DC Universe, Marvel Universe really don't quite fit anywhere else. The only possible candidate would be Franchise/, and a few such pages have been indeed put into the Franchise/ namespace (Potter Verse, for example), but not all pages of this type are technically franchises. I also like the idea of moving all the various Mythologies pages into such a "Universe/" namespace. Franchise.Classical Mythology would feel stupid, though.

Any thoughts on the matter?
Let's just say and leave it at that.
There is an index for The 'Verse items. Tropology/ could be useful.

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Goal: Clear, Concise and Witty

38 StFan26th May 2012 08:46:55 AM from Cognac, France
An example of why a PuppetShow/ namespace would help resolve some confusion: The Banana Splits

This one is tagged under WesternAnimation/, but is it really? the confusion of having those shows under Series/ or under animation would be cleared up by a dedicated namespace.
Why Western Animation? The Banana Splits, as far as I understand it, is largely through live-action costumed characters with the occasional cartoon short, yet the animation categories practically dominated. I personally think it's a better fit for Series/.
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40 StFan7th Jun 2012 03:09:40 PM from Cognac, France
If there's no particular consensus, maybe we should create a crowner for this thread (like in the Trivia thread) to see what are the opinions for so-and-so new namespace. New suggestions could thus be added directly to the crowner. (I don't know how to create one, though.)
I suspect that's a bad idea.
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42 StFan28th Jun 2012 10:40:49 AM from Cognac, France
So, nobody's intersted in new namespaces?

We can have LightNovel/ but not PuppetShow/?

I'd like to know if the ones existing are a definitive set.

Or else, let's do a crowner and have the tropers vote.

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I'd like to see JustForFun/ be made official.
44 SeptimusHeap29th Jun 2012 02:23:22 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
[up]Also for JustForFun/ and additionally Archive/. Do we need a crowner for these items?
Seeking for Light
[up] And Administrivia/. I still think it's kinda ironic that the namespace we use for all the "official" articles pertaining to wiki standards isn't actually an official namespace.
Pretty sure those were left off by oversight, not by conscious decision. I've added them to Namespace.
Rhymes with "Protracted."
47 SeptimusHeap30th Jun 2012 03:46:52 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Re Archive/, I was thinking of such things like The Ad of Win archives.

Tropology/ is another candidate.
48 SeptimusHeap7th Aug 2012 03:24:22 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Would FanSpeak/ be a good namespace idea? After all, Fan Speak stuff isn't usually a trope and often gets misused as one.
Maybe we should make a crowner for new namespace suggestions? That is, if Fast Eddie doesn't reserve such questions for admin fiat.

Though I guess we would have to make one crowner to vote on the creation of new namespaces, and separate crowners for the naming of decided-on namespaces.
Let's just say and leave it at that.
50 SeptimusHeap7th Aug 2012 11:45:12 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
I don't think that we need separate crowners here. Whether we need separate threads and crowners for each namespace or one megacrowner for all is a question.

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