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Is there any way to change my username :

 1 Rich Reeders, Fri, 13th Apr '12 4:00:46 PM from Watching this muffin.
Official Muffin Watcher
...without having to create a new account?

If I have to create a new account, I'll be considered a newb and the ten-minute post limit will severely limit my actions.

I mean I realize that's the point, but I'm a long-time account and would rather not have to start again from the ground floor.
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 2 Septimus Heap, Fri, 13th Apr '12 4:18:42 PM from Zurich, Switzerland Relationship Status: Mu
A Wizard boy
Make a custom title for it, methinks.

We don't have any account-rename tech here.

You can custom-title a new name for your Troper page and it'll show up that way on the forums.
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The system doesn't know you right now, so no post button for you.
You need to Get Known to get one of those.
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