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As You Know, Comic Books are loaded with Fanservice. But...a number of them have dared to go into an area that is even more hardcore than F.S., and that's honest-to-God sex scenes! Why? Because Sex Sells.

Does anyone know what the first sex scene in Comics was? I'm pretty sure that there weren't any S.S. in the 1930s, but they must have started somewhere!

It must be challenging for the writers and artists, because they probably wish they could do graphic and explicit S.S., but then it would have to be labelled adult porn. Still, they seem to be more explicit nowadays than they were a decade or so ago. Take the S.S. (more like Destructo-Nookie) between Batman and Catwoman, and the S.S. between Harley Quinn and Deadshot. Yep, the artists and writers are pushing the envelope as hard as they can!

You have to admit that S.S. can be done well or done poorly. When done well, it's Fetish Fuel (Your Mileage May Vary on what you consider well-done S.S.). When done poorly, it's Squick and Nausea Fuel, like that business between Ms. Marvel and Marcus, as well as Aviax from Wanderers engaging in...dinosaur-mating.
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How are we defining "sex scene"? If you mean explicit sex, I once found a comic that my grandmother owned from the 1930s which was flat out porn.

If you mean softcore "kissing-fadeout-afterglow", then I'm not sure.
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There were a couple of scenes in James Robinson's Starman between Jack and Sadie that were reasonably well-done.

Preacher had a few scenes between Jesse and Tulip as well.
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[up][up] To keeps things simple, when I say "sex scenes", I mean in general. Hardcore, softcore, whatever you term it.

I didn't think they had porn in the 1930s. And people say that North America is prudish compared to Europe and Japan. Obviously, those people don't know what they're talking about! surprised

It still looks to me like the writers and artists are trying to be as hardcore and explicit without being labelled as porn as much as they can. I wonder if the hardcore, explicit stuff in comics goes in a cycle, the same way gore and violence did in comics?

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[up] Porn probably existed before art. I would not be at all shocked if the first cave painting ever done showed a pair of big tits.
"Porn" carries a negative connotation as being stories which apply to the lowest common denominator. Porn at its loosest definition means anything in which explicit sex is produced for the purpose of sexually gratifying the audience. Pure sexual gratification is considered juvenile, animalistic and base, so many people use "porn" as a derogatory term. For example, you'll often hear the way women are portrayed in comics as "softcore porn".

But yes, porn has been around since man has been interested in watching two people (real or imagined) get it on.
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History Channel even has a special they occasionally air in the dead of night on the history of porn. [lol] A silly, fun one at that. ...though the people being interviewed are waaaay too into it.

So, for the sake of clarification, are we trying to dig up the first sex scene in a superhero comic? Because that'd narrow it down a lot, though I still have no clue what it is.

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Yeah, based on his examples I guess the original poster meant "superhero comics" when he said "comics". (I hate when people automatically assume "comics" mean supeheroes, by the way.) The first mass-produced pornographic comics (which obviously had sex scenes as well) were probably the Tijuana bibles, which date back to as early as the 1920s. As for sex-scenes in non-pornographic comics, as far as I know, they started showing up in American underground comics, Japanese manga, and European art comics in the late 1960s, i.e. around the same time mainstream movies started having sex scenes as well.

But if were talking about sex scenes in mainstream superhero comics, I don't know when the first one happened. Most likely it didn't happen before the 1990s, because before that the main audience for superhero comics was preteen kids, or at least the superhero publishers thought that way. Though before the 1990s sex was implied, of course; you had scenes were a hero (or heroine) walks into his lover's apartment/bedroom/etc, and then the scene cuts to the next morning. But actual sex scenes with people lying naked in the bed weren't done back then.

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Watchmen was possibly the first superhero comic to have a sex scene that was a bit more explicit than the sort of allusion I described above. Though even in that comic, the actual sex act happened off-panel.

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In The New Teen Titans # 1, the deluxe mando book that came out in 1984, there's a scene where Dick "Nightwing" Grayson and Starfire are clearly naked (but discreetly covered by bedsheets) in bed together. It was one panel, but it apparently brought in an avalanche of reader reaction. Not a sex scene in the explicit sense, given that they're depicted as waking up in reaction to a disturbance, but it's clearly implied. I think there was an issue of the X-Men, shortly before the Dark Pheonix Saga in the late 70's, where Scott and Jean are camping in (I think) the Grand Canyon, and it's pretty clearly implied before the scene shifts away from them that they're about to get it on.

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Nikolai Dante is full of sex to the point in my articles about the series I actually count how many times Dante has on panel sex with people...this story broke me...
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[up]Good thing Lulu isn't the protagonist, then.
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In batwoman #4 of the new 52, there was a sex scene between Kane and her lover that was used to break panel in a action scene.

And that is pretty much all of the sex scenes that I saw in the comic books that I follow.

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Well, there is the Alan Moore comic we don't talk about at parties.
Quite a lot of Alan Moore's stuff has sex in it - the man actually considers sex to be a sort-of sacrament, if I read Promethea properly.
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Moore seems really interested in the seedier side of it, too.
Well yeah, he has about one rape or near-rape per story.
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I feel like this famous Steranko Nick Fury sequence needed to be mentioned. I mean, yeah, we don't see the act itself, but it's pretty obvious what's going on. Especially with how much the comic was inspired by James Bond and other spy media at the time.
What's cool about that scene is that it's not blatant about it. It uses a discretion shot and symbolism. And to be fair, comics in general were more subtle content wise back then. A lot of comics these days are very blatant about the fact that the characters are having sex, and as a result are obnoxious about it (The "clown car" joke with Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad and some of the Scott/Emma stuff in the X-Men comics of the last few years come to mind).
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And then some very noticeably trace around the issue, which can be just as distracting. Spider-Island springs to mind, with MJ being resistant due to all the years she and Peter "shared a toothbrush".
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It seems to be that sex scenes are a dicey business in Comic Books. The writers in Marvel Comics and DC Comics probably can't show it too blatantly, or else they would turn the story into porn. Come to think of it, sex is an adult thing. That's not supposed to be bad, but it makes me think about the two companies being in such a rush to be as Darker and Edgier and adult as possible that they sacrificed a number of demographics in the process. I don't need a degree in business to say that it would be more profitable for them to aim their stories at multiple demographics and not just one!

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It's not just their fault. One of the consequences of comics being such a Long Runner is that the fanboy eventually becomes the Promoted Fanboy, and one of the first things they do when they get the job is turn the comic into a glorified Fix Fic. If they grew up idolizing Superman and lusting after Wonder Woman, the first thing they do is make them fuck (Alex Ross in Kingdom Come, Doug Moench in JLA: Act of God, Frank Miller in everything he ever wrote, and now it's actually canon). If they grew up watching Batman: The Animated Series and found Dick Grayson appealing, the first thing they do is make him fuck everything in sight. (Starting with Devon Grayson, but expanding to every writer who's handled him since.)

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[up] Wait a minute. What do you mean Frank Miller's stuff is canon? The last I checked, absolutely nothing he wrote for DC Comics ever achieved the status of canon! surprised

Oh yeah, and I found out what the deal was with "clown cars" and "sex". They look like two concepts that just don't go together, but there's a term called "clown car sex", and the definition goes like this:

The act of trying to place as many penises as possible into a single vagina like many clowns try to fit into one car somehow.

Now that I know what that's supposed to mean, I have to agree that the sex scene between Harley Quinn and Deadshot was obnoxious! <Disturbed>
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Year One? Not canon? Wow.

D.C. would like to have words with you. So would Wikipedia. As seen here:
[up] Oh. Sorry. I guess I thought King Zeal was saying that the version of Wonder Woman and Superman having sex together written by Frank Miller had become canon, and I was trying to point out that I was having a hard time believing that. Oops! sad

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