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Dat Troper
I'm singing Anything Goes for an audition (which is something I wouldn't dare do if I didn't know the director and most of the auditionee pool, but I do, so I am) and I was hoping to find a karaoke track since there's pretty much no piano in the actual music and all we'll have is a pianist, but I haven't had any success finding a decent one so far. Youtube offers a pretty awful piano version and a meh-ish track from the original. iTunes has more selection but I can't really tell which ones are any good for me, since I only really need the first 60 seconds and none of the samples are from that part of the song.

-grumble- I really don't want to have to spring for sheet music only to have the piano betray me. Anyone know where/how I could find a good instrumental track? And before you ask, yes, using a CD instead of sheet music is accepted and, for the most part, the norm with this director.
Well, if the song you're using is in the Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology, those come with accompaniment C Ds, buuuuuuut yeah, those cost money, so not sure how to help.
Dat Troper
I'm not opposed to spending money, I'm just opposed to spending money that won't get me a decent product. I found a full recording of the better iTunes version, and I liked it so I bought it.

So, end of thread I guess... I hate how dead this forum is though. D:
Yah, it's a bummer.
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