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Okay, well, AFAIK this name applies to the former. I suppose the latter can go through YKTTW, no idea on a good name though.
How about, I dunno, Death of a Thousand Cuts? We don't need a new trope, the appropriate one is already there.
Yeah. Derp, right? tongue
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Okay, I'm quoting this from the trope page:

If you're playing an FPS, bonus points if you rough up their corpses after they get killed. It can be a way to show off crushingly superior fighting technique by using a Joke Character in a fighting game

This trope should be about killing your enemy in a humiliating way, like you're laughing at the opponent. So the current splitting solution is poinless.

And it overlaps with Death By A Thousand Cuts by the sense that you use that to do a Cherry Tapping. If it's split then every way of Cherry Tapping will be needed to be split. Which is not a good idea.

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No, the entire point of Cherry Tapping is that the fatal attack is weak, not necessarily humiliating. Now the weakness of the attack may itself be humiliating, but that's a byproduct.
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