The Weapons of our Worlds:

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26 TeChameleon8th Apr 2012 04:41:54 PM from Alberta, Canada , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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Huh. I've got a few floating around from however many writing projects I've got drifting randomly around in my brain- lesse.

Probably my favourite is the stasis cannon/random-de-stasis guns combo. Basically, stop time in the target with the big gun, then start time up again with the smaller guns... at random speeds. Poof, target dissociates in a cloud of quarks. Or the Heavy Tachyon Cannon- basically a machinegun that uses tachyons with their mass artificially increased as ammo.

Other random ones... less sci-fi-ish, the portal flail; a mace-and-flail that uses an extendable chain and portals to become basically an infinite-range bludgeoning weapon, or the axe-on-a-string (well, extremely fine-link chain) that uses its bearer's biological Inertialess Drive to go whipping around at mach six as a sort of ghetto hypersonic buzzsaw.
27 fillerdude8th Apr 2012 08:26:04 PM , Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
@ Major Tom Nah, the most fun I get to have with the fourth wall is leaning on it.
My Verse/setting has 2 stories in it, one is on the fantasy-magic side and the other is on the scifi-tech side. On the "magic" side of things :

Apocalypse-> A blackened green crystal spear that causes razor wind which can cut planets in half and send compressed piercing projectiles that can go through similarly massive objects.

Aikyo's scythe, which absorbs negative and painful feelings and converts it into energy for her.

Seiryu's swords, which he makes by freezing moisture in the air and discards when he doesn't need it. Since he makes them when he needs a weapon, they can vary from just a big sharpened block of ice to being nigh indestructible and absorbing energy so that everything it touches goes to absolute zero.

Fenrir-> A double bladed war axe that wounds you depending on the will of it's wielder, it can deal blunt hits or tear the target apart on contact and everything in between.

Scar Blaze-> A sword with a blade that grows hotter the more energy it's wielder emanates. When it damages something it starts a chain reaction of heat transfer that burns and/or melts everything around the cut.

Shinigami's arm blades, one that cannot kill no matter what wounds it causes you and the other one any wound of which is fatal ( with a few exceptions ).

Nihil-> A dark coloured katana that gets sharper the stronger it's wielder is and is only damaged by sharing the wielder's damage. It gets dents if the wielder is wounded, repairs if the wielder heals, breaks if the wielder dies and repairs from that if the wielder is resurrected or if it gets a new wielder.

Sozo and Mu-> Izanami's katanas, Sozo has infinite mass and the range of it's cuts and stabs can extend beyond it's physical range to infinity and is not affected by distortions in reality. It can stab through black holes and cut verses in half if she so wishes. Mu is made of nothing and everything it goes through ceases to exist. Adverse side-effects these traits should cause are prevented by their wielder.

And on the tech side it's mostly weapons that we have but modified for superhuman fighters, like belt-fed grenade launchers, fully automatic anti-material rifles, machine guns that fire oversized "shotgun" shells, semi-automatic RP Gs, man-portable 120mm cannons, 15mm handguns, .50 cal SM Gs, 300mm APEI rail guns, etc. Then there's super alloy monofilament electrified and heated blade melee weapons for the newest generation super soldiers that "normal" weapons are next useless against because they're too tough, too hard to kill or just to fast to hit in the 1st place Or all of the above. There's also new-gen guns that all work like rail guns. Beyond those there's fancier high-tech heavy arms brought from the very very far future/made by The Harvester like cannons that have internal anti-matter engines that shoot projectiles at large fractions of the speed of light, warp bombs that bend space on large scales in harmful ways and Big Crunch-Bang projectors that shoots a small ball of *something* that expends to encompass whatever you want to destroy and then compresses everything inside that large sphere into a singularity, then that singularity can be guided wherever you want ( like into the core of the planet you just crunched a chunk off of ) and the singularity decompresses into a mini big bang. The Harvester herself could also count as a weapon since she's a person of mass destruction/humanoid abomination and can do simple but very harmful things like turning off the star of the system her target's planet is in. Yay for overkill.
29 MrAHR9th Apr 2012 12:20:02 PM from ಠ_ಠ , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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I like using normal weapons, because people from history tend to be more imaginative than I am, in that respect. Why make a huge needless sword, when there were actual swords I can take inspiration from?
I think the most extravagant weapon I have is magicked shot for flintlock guns. Other than that, my conworld's weapons are of the fairly standard magicked real-world swords, staves, arrows, what have you.
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31 MajorTom9th Apr 2012 03:05:02 PM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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Why make a huge needless sword, when there were actual swords I can take inspiration from?

Because actual swordmakers have no aesthetic creativity? Yes I'm aware most of the real world BFSes were either niche role like the Zweihander or Scottish Claymore or to test forging techniques like the Zanbatou.
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32 MrAHR9th Apr 2012 03:37:35 PM from ಠ_ಠ , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
33 Night9th Apr 2012 04:36:21 PM from Jaburo , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
The future of warfare in UC.
Because actual swordmakers have no aesthetic creativity?

Aesthetics < Tactics at personal scale. I should not be able to spot problems with a scene by sketching it. tongue

If you have giant spaceships you can make them as nonsensical as you want, and I probably won't be able to tell the difference if you dummy up a good bit of tech/logistics/tactics babble. If you have Cloud's sword, though, I'll always know that it's really, really, easy for somebody to step inside the arc and neutralize all the mechanical advantage as well as leave you up a creek without a paddle or a boat.
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34 JHM9th Apr 2012 04:59:48 PM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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[up][up][up] The Flammenschwert was a gorgeous piece of equipment and reasonably practical, so I don't know what you're talking about...

[up][up] I'd say "I want that!" but for the knowledge that I'm a weak fencer—I haven't formally trained in years, and even then I was easily outclassed—and would likely harm myself grievously.

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35 Nomic10th Apr 2012 12:24:56 AM from beyond the Void
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The reason for weird magitech weapons to exist in the Netherwold is because the world is located on a different plane of existance than "our" world, one that contains much more magical energy. So while in the Human World magic is somethign a few people who have innate ability and proper training can use (and only rarely do things technology wouldn't do aswell), in the Netherworld everybody can use magic to some degree (altough to bacome a proper wizard still takes a lot of training). So it's only natural a lot of technology would be based on magic, usually using a power source thta utilises magical energy. Magical weapons are actually quite rare, though, the more common military applications being vehicles that are powered with magic, airships kept aloft with anti-gravity enchantments etc.

In Forgotten Lore, which takes place in the same universe but on the Human World, the strangest weapons seen wielded by humans are a runed silver rod and a crossbow that fires blessed rune-engraved stakes. Because some supernatural creatures are very resistant to physical damage, so unless you have some anti-tank weapons at hand it's easier to use special materials and symbols that bypass their resistance by disrupting their physical forms on a more fundemental level. That and a home-made coilgun, but that is explicitly inferior to standard firearms and something one fo the characters made for fun and later ended up using once or twice.
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