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1 StillbirthMachine6th Apr 2012 08:29:03 AM from The Womb ov Impurities
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Because real life knives, guns, and bombs simply aren't as cool as the fictional ones, no offence.

Thread for discussing, comparing, rating, and otherwise yammering on about the deadly tools we think of for the books we write, games we program, comics we draw, and whatever else features posterior that is in need of a good kicking.

So regardless of whether it's an improvised mixture of tools you'd find in a garage to fight off a zombie invasion, an ancient blade once wielded by the gods of bygone times, or a projected energy weapon capable of melting heavy tanks to sludge, I think we all love us some horribly unrealistic, unbelievable, improbable but just awesome weaponry.

Personally, I lend to lean to the "FEWTURIZTICK" side of the spectrum. As I have roughly little/no knowledge of actual-hard-science, a lot of my weapon ideas tend to be not too far off from 40K, albeit weapons named as if they were obscure extreme metal bands.

For example, the standard assault weapon of my story's main army is called the hellhammer. It's a large, ugly looking assault rifle, seemingly made of stripped down and straightened out dessicated insects and harsh industrial symmetries. The jaggedly shaped weapon essentially fires detonating bullets that after drilling into their targets, explodes. For not so physically impressive races, it's roughly a heavy machine gun but for its designers, this is a fairly "conventional" weapon design.

Now on the more oddball side of the spectrum, we have something like the Strappado which is somewhat similar to a flamethrower. However, rather than spitting out fiery death, it projects a lashing stream of unearthly energy, the sort found in the wild, immaterial, arcane realm serving as a sort of twisted reflection of the physical one. The hellish streams don't light people on fire as much as they cause their bodies to begin violently degenerating, breaking down into little more than piles of festering sludge. Sometimes, these weapons are actually possessed by certain dwellers of the otherworldly planes, meaning that the energy whip projected actually is now powered by the hungering, insane fury of a portable eldritch abomination.

So what sort of tools of the trade do you folks like to make?
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Wow. I knew as soon as I read the name that I couldn't expect anything pleasant out of a weapon called 'strappado', but you certainly delivered on the unpleasantness.

No fancy names as of yet, and a lot of mine just use relatively ordinary guns/knives/swords. The one universe has a guy with a spear that's got a reality-hack on it to disassociate its inertial from its gravitational mass; he can throw it at a target and trigger it midair, and it'll hit with the momentum of a freight train. Another universe has quite a few magical devices meant to turn mana into attacking force, the more mundane of which are glorified flamethrowers, but they get stranger. In a Naruto fic, I had a whole bunch of animated shuriken that flew around on the wind, blocked attacks and shredded people. Still need to fully flesh that one out.
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3 Nomic6th Apr 2012 11:06:27 AM from beyond the Void
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Altough they'll probably never appear in story (due to the focus not being in combat), the Netherworld setting has many strange weapons. Most common weapons are perfectly mundane swords, spears and repeated crossbows, but in addition there are all sorts of magitech devices.

The most common is the Hellfire Thrower, a weapon that replicates the effect of Chaos Blast spell (a short-ranged offensive spell that generates a cone-shaped blast of raw magical energy), but after the initial blast can maintain the cone of energy, thus functioning as a flamethrower-like weapon. The portable version tends to run out of fuel very quickly, tho.

Another relatively common one is the Hellrifle, a long barreled rifle that fires a magically infused projectile at immense speeds, allowing it to pierce armour and release the magical energy stored as an explosion.

Rarer weapons use magical energy in a more refined manner (as a power source rather than lobbing raw magic at the enemy) to create beams of energy or force fields. There is one faction in the setting that has ready access to lost technology that allows them to equip all their soldiers with magically-powered power armour and laser rifles.

The most powerful weapon in the setting, which thankfully nobody can make anymore, is essentially a magic nuke. It's a complex device that creates a huge vortex of magical energy and uses some of the energy released to power itself and release more energy. The process can only last for a few seconds before the device is destroyed by the enormous amounts of raw magic, but it's enough to produce an enormous uncontrolled burst of energy. The first and only time such a weapon was used, it left a crater hundreds of miles wide and nearly destroyed civilisation.
4 StillbirthMachine6th Apr 2012 11:13:06 AM from The Womb ov Impurities
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You a Type Moon/Nasuverse fan by any chance alethiophile,? That's what those weapons initially made me thought of, sans instant heart piercing/destruction of one's existence/being fired out of a giant gateway full of millions of weapons etc.

As for Strappado, honestly, I just got the name from a song by the cult Canadian death/thrash metal band Slaughter. It's only way later and closely looking at the cover art I was like "oohhhhhhhhh". Hell it just sounded gnarly so I went with it.

@Nomic: Cool designs, personally I like these sorts of "magitech" weapons, especially when they have actual non-broken strategic implications rather than just being godly overpowering weapons that guarantee your victory every battle you fight in. I can't say I have as many of these sorts of weapons in my own works and it's pretty much limited usually to "shapeless/primitive/amorphous astral bacteria/plankton/echinoderm/sea anemone/etc. is coaxed into dwelling in your shotgun/warblade/armour/body and begins a symbiotic relationship which modifies your weapons effects on its targets".

Eg. One of the funebraran (giant warrior arthropod) weapons, the fragmentation cannon, is basically a shotgun that sets off a grenade or bomb rather than a conventional shell. When possessed, firing this weapon creates a tear in the fabric of reality out of which the harmful energy of the othyrworld (similar to WH 40 K's warp/immaterium) is shunted out, usually in a spike like formation. The actual fragmentation is essentially now coated in the energy and makes the weapon more effective against unearthly foes as well as causing it to essentially disintegrate its targets along with often dismembering them completely.

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5 gameknight102xx6th Apr 2012 12:13:59 PM from Wherever People Are , Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
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My characters use weapons made out of a particular type of Phlebotium known as Mortalizer. It basically reduces anything it hits to mortal fragility. So hitting, say, Slenderman wiith a weapon or spell made out of Mortalizer will have the same affect as hitting a normal person.

My main character's weapons featured is a bat called Noir Licht. It looks like a normal metal baseball bat, but has an activatable force field that multiplies the force of the blow by anywhere from 30x to 3000000000000x. Able to morph into a chainsaw sword with the forcefield being arranged along the blade, and it makes the lacerations it makes explode open grotesquely.

The secondary weapon is a silver .50 Desert Eagle. It shoots bullets made from the user's energy, but the clips overheat so you must switch them out every seven rounds. They cool quickly, so no more than 2 are needed. It can pierce through almost any armour and explode like hollow points. It can morph into a tommygun with no overheat and each round has the same impact as a LAW rocket.

As overpowered as these sound, they do not, by any means, guarentee the character's victory.

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[up][up]I am, actually, but the ideas for these weapons predate my exposure to Nasuverse. (Just about all my creative output lately has been fanfic, so my original fic ideas are somewhat older.) The spear is one of several things with the same hack on them; ideas included a little rapier-style stick (no blade) which looks completely fragile and useless until it shatters five ribs, and just plain gauntlets. (The conceit of the setting is that the simulation hypothesis is true and MC gets root on the controlling computer; theoretically godlike power, practically be damned careful lest you break something you can't fix. Hence if you find something that works in combat, use it wherever you can.)
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7 MajorTom6th Apr 2012 03:29:43 PM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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Most of my weapons are powered by Minovski Radiation (aka Minovski Particles, yes used interchangeably). They deal damage primarily through thermal penetration but they also have side effects such as igniting local atmosphere and causing electron excitement or other chemical reactions. (The end result of those last parts means at larger scale the stuff becomes explosive in atmosphere when contacting solid matter.)

Most weapons using Minovski Particles follow realistic lines of logic in their application: Tank guns, autocannon, AA guns, assault/battle rifles, machine guns, point defense weapons, anti-materiel rifles...

One exception is prevalent and that is the Fusion Cutter employed by M-Techs. It utilizes Minovski Radiation "fused" in place by a linear magnetic field creating a blade that can cut through all known materials (though a few such as Invincium and Duratainium can resist it for a short time), additionally only another Fusion Cutter can repel a Fusion Cutter. (The first time he sees this happening, the main character of my books Mathias Watkins is quite surprised.) Fusion Cutters are the first practical application of Minovski Particle "fusing". Some experiments (mostly mentioned in passing background reference in the later books) suggest this effect can be produced on a wide lateral scale creating in effect Deflector Shields.

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8 Night6th Apr 2012 03:46:12 PM from Jaburo , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
The future of warfare in UC.
Night Life, due to the proliferation of biomechanical robots, places a high premium on personal antiarmor weaponry.

Those not part of a governmental force have the canon selection: the Earthshaker (a .65 caliber revolver with three rounds and an incredibly vicious kick) and the Member-II (essentially the guts of a 7.62mm NATO assault rifle with a stub barrel and a pistol grip). Rifle-grenades modified for launching from modified pistols are not uncommon.

The N-Police carry Sig sidearms, like most police forces, and when forced, use the real and rather venerable by 2040 FN-FAL as a shoulder weapon.

The ADP (SWAT and Robot Crimes) have their canonical assault weaponry, the canonical 25mm railgun (three rounds) "stomach" rifle for sharpshooters or senior personnel, and in most recent chapters have begun to deploy caseless 5.7mm weapons of both the PDW and assault rifle sort. In terms of heavy weaponry they can call upon the squeezebore 20mm/12mm Gerlitch support weapon (notable in that it's one the few heavy weapons which don't require extra approval to deploy), a variety of RPG clones (some with guidance systems), and towed recoilless rifles ranging in caliber from a few venerable 106mm WOMBAT they dug up somewhere to the more manageable 55mm type that a squad car can lug around.

SSD infantry carry a squeezebore 7.62mm/4.5mm caseless assault rifle as standard, with optional integrated 40mm grenade launcher or 25mm railgun. Available sidearms include a militarized Member-II (called Messenger) firing 5.56mm caseless and a pistol firing 12mm gyrojet. (It is implied they have a similar weapon for space-use assault rifles.) In close combat, they have a single-use laser mine referred to as the DFS (Dead For Sure, which is what happens to you if you try to actually use it on a boomer), a weapon with much in common with WW2-era magnetic mines, designed to be thrown a short distance or placed on a target directly, at which point it will affix itself via a vacuum seal and generate a single high-intensity chemical laser shot, hopefully killing whatever it's attached to.

Both the ADP and SSD can call on armored troopers, and their opponents can call on boomers, capable of fielding a variety of weaponry from 7.62mm NATO to 40/20mm sabot, anti-tank missiles, recoilless rifles, railguns, and lasers. Knight Saber hardsuits tend to standardize with lasers, contact-triggered shaped charges or short-focus lasers for close combat, and 35mm ammo fired from various barrel lengths for Motoroids.

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9 StillbirthMachine6th Apr 2012 04:43:33 PM from The Womb ov Impurities
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Although my story takes place in a futuristic setting, like in Warhammer, a large portion of the combat involves getting up close and personal with the enemy. Not surprisingly, a lot of the weaponry is pretty much made for that sort of combat. Some of is fairly conventional in the forms of swords, axes, knives/bayonets, and even lances, but some it gets a bit on the odd side.

The funebrarans especially use a lot of natural/biological hand to hand combat weaponry. Many of their standard grunts already have claws, pincers, scything limbs, and even antennae-like protrusions that are as devastating, if not moreso, than actual firearms in close quarters combat. For example there are certain funebrarans that are usually larger crabs, scorpions, or certain beetles, that are known to essentially gang up on or ambush tanks and peel them open using only their claws. Others have mantis-like scythe limbs that can spin and splice like industrial tools, essentially cutting through armour as if it was little more than soft woolen clothing.

And this is just an example of versions not actually "enhanced". Some of them are given specialized attachments allowing them to generate what is known as a "disruption field" around the business ends. The field by itself isn't actually harmful but as the weapon is swung, stabbed, sliced, and smashed with, it amplifies the raw force of the attack and various bizarre energy particles inside of it, originally like small clouds, focus and become a deadly sheath that allows users to sometimes destroy armoured vehicles and even tear apart entrenched bunkers. Combine that with a long whip-like antennae weapon, similar to those found on spiny lobsters, and you have a death-machine that with a single swing can possibly bisect and eviscerate a whole squad of power-armoured infantry and maybe even the scenery behind them.
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10 JHM6th Apr 2012 04:58:50 PM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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Mostly I've reserved myself to pretty low-key, "realistic" weapons: Knives, guns, swords, bludgeons. On that end, the most exotic thing in the story is the carefully sharpened maguro kiri bouchou one of the protagonists bought off an unscrupulous Japanese sailor. It sees some very inappropriate use.

But, this being no ordinary historical fiction setting, there are naturally much stranger things in the background: Magic-powered portable railguns, glass butterfly knives, cursed explosives and so forth. Most of this is relatively far in the background, but it does come to the fore in some of the prequel-ish stories. In particular, "The Inheritance of the Fouriers" deals with a large-scale military skirmish between the New French Air Force and semi-hostile silicon entities.

"It makes sense in context" is really all I can say here.

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11 TravisBickle6th Apr 2012 05:16:19 PM from the grit and grime
Just like in the movies.
I just... use normal guns and knives in my stories. Unless you're making nothing but sci-fi or Tolken fantasy, there's not a lot of point in designing some ridiculous gun like "Hellfire Blazer, the automatic fire-shooting shotgun that runs on the spirits of the damned" or something.

Hell, I can count on one hand all the times I've described a gun that wasn't just like "he pulled out a gleaming nickle-plated revolver" or "he wrestled the black Colt .45 from the dead man's hands".
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12 nrjxll6th Apr 2012 05:33:27 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
I'm not sure that tone is really called for - most people on Writer's Block do write science fiction or fantasy (or more accurately, most people on Writer's Block write fantasy). If you don't, that's fine, but there's no need to come into threads and complain about it.

On topic, I'm actually currently at the stage of planning this out myself - I'll put up a full post when I know more of the details. I can say now, though, that "boring" real-life weapons are still very much around in the 25th century, though in evolved forms.
13 TravisBickle6th Apr 2012 05:40:54 PM from the grit and grime
Just like in the movies.

I'm not "complaining" or trolling or whatever. I wasn't talking about writing sci-fi or fantasy in disparaging terms, I just don't write those, so on the rare occasion weapons come up in my works they're going to be period-appropriate. I think you're finding negative tone where there really isn't one to begin with.
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14 nrjxll6th Apr 2012 05:45:06 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
Your post sounded as though it was saying "we don't all write SF/fantasy, and I take offense at the assumption that we do". If I misunderstood or leaped to conclusions, I apologize.
15 Night6th Apr 2012 06:23:40 PM from Jaburo , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
The future of warfare in UC.
I tried to figure out how to explain the Lyrical Nanoha-derived world of In The Service.

It would take six paragraphs just to explain partially.

It's magic. Let's go with that.
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16 nrjxll6th Apr 2012 06:25:08 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
It's not like you need to list all the details. Most of us here aren't Weapon Porn aficionados, after all.
17 Night6th Apr 2012 07:08:58 PM from Jaburo , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
The future of warfare in UC.
Part of the problem is that there's pretty much zero standardization, but I suppose it can be broken down a little.

Individual Weapons Most mages have a Device. This is a combination of handheld supercomputer (this takes most of computational stress of casting or maintaining their Barrier Jacket off the mage, improving their reactions and performance under pressure), battery for magic, and frequently hand weapon. Devices come in a huge number of forms, though some are reasonably standardized: the Ground Forces "Staff Weapon" is reasonably universal. Some Devices are classed as "Intelligent" being inhabited by strong AIs, and are capable of limited freedom of action. A Device interfaces by reading the brainwaves and nervous impulses of the user, and can manipulate their perceptions in a limited fashion (typically used for the equivalent of a Heads-Up Display or to allow people to see in the dark).

Offensive magic breaks down into three broad types: packet, beam, and target effect. It can also be broadly divided into intended terminal effect: lethal, nonlethal stun, and "other".

Packet attacks use smallish packets of condensed magic as projectiles: typically lacking in power, but much more controlled terminal effect, and with a bit of effort guided. They also don't require much skill to just generate about ten and throw them in a direction to keep someone off your back for a little bit.

Beam attacks are pretty much what it sounds like. If you've seen Nanoha pull a Starlight Breaker or Divine Buster, you know what it looks like. They use a lot more raw power, making them less controllable, and it's not like you can guide them (most of the effort goes into simply getting the beam to cohere). They do have power, though, and they're still relatively simple to use because of a point-and-shoot nature.

Target Effect attacks have some kind of esoteric effect when they hit something; freeze it, petrify it, set it on fire. This usually requires a natural talent or a specially designed Device.

Everything Else Technologically assisted stuff. Ground mages can be fought and killed with shoulder-fired rockets or other weapons intended to fight armored vehicles, but flight mages occupy an awkward space for Earth technology, able to soak high-powered anti-tank weaponry if you can even hit them.

Then there's more fundamental fuck-with-the-universe stuff. The most powerful actually used in the story are dimensional backlash and dimensional dislocation weapons. Dimensional backlash weapons resulted from the fact that if you poke reality just so, it reacts violently by releasing huge amounts energy and making the general vicinity extremely unhealthy...and by the time the story takes place they're reasonably safe and respectable weapons. Dimensional dislocation weapons make a general area uninhabitable by causing local physics to break down to the point where life and most objects can't work. They are much more compact and can built into a Device, but most decidedly not safe: their extents and exact location of the weapon versus where the dislocation appears is not wholly predictable.

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18 Muramasan136th Apr 2012 10:14:20 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
My favorite weapon so far in my fictional world is a very thin, long-barreled rifle that's frequently crafted from wood and copper. It propels a decent-sized projectile via coilgun mechanics, but the velocity of the bullet isn't its defining characteristic. Down the long barrel are dozens of tiny structures designed to accelerate flywheels inside the bullet to high rotational speeds. When the bullet hits its target, the soft casing deforms and the dozens of razor-sharp flywheels spill out into the target, shredding flesh and rebounding off of bones.

Needless to say, the end result is similar to that of detonating a shrapnel grenade inside the target.
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Think the most creative I ever got was a Logic Bomb used by a Robot Supremacist. Like a real physical Logic Bomb that basically affected any computer system that had the trigger code installed upon detonation. I have no idea if that really is possible, but it sounded clever.
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20 NickTheSwing7th Apr 2012 01:47:26 PM from Ya really wanna know? , Relationship Status: Dating Catwoman
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New Dawn has some of the strangest named powers and weapons out there, with some having even more bizarre powers.

  • To start, there is the Scoppio Dagger, used by Katherine Daille to give her a leg up in close quarters combat. It looks like a slightly longer push dagger, but when it hits an enemy, it directs an explosion on to them, meaning if she stabs you with it, that the resulting explosion will shear off your skin and muscle and most likely remove your limb. Each slashing attack results in a sweeping high force explosion that does almost as gruesome things as being stabbed by the dagger.

  • Matthew's Kladenets sword. The hilt is long and black, ending in a thorn at the end and the pommel has a reptilian eye at the center of a sphere with an indentation where the sword is supposed to exit. The actual blade is made of black colored superheated plasma regulated by Mana. This weapon is called The Forbidden Sword for a reason, in that if it hits you even once, it starts eating your life force away to make more plasma and elongate the blade, simultaneously becoming more powerful. Good thing Matthew is such a nice guy, eh? This would be a terrifying weapon for a villain to use.

  • Would you believe a Spell Core called Hot Hot Heat would be one of the most dangerous Spell Cores out there? Here is what it does: Fittingly, one of the most common uses of this Spell Core is to expedite / regress the biological / chemical clocks of certain molecules and compounds to produce a biological explosive inside of someone, if the user touches them. This is not the worst it can do. Robin Garrett used it thus to age half of a businessman's head off, made the arm of said businessman's bodyguard into zygotic tissue, and then made all of the body of the businessman's one year old kid's body 30 years old except its head. Its a small relief he needs to touch you to do all this, right? Its not like he learned how to combine abilities with a Spell Core that merged an ultra quick growing plant into him and let him control its roots and vines. Wait, that's what he did? And his first ability is transferred into said roots and vines? And those could be anywhere?

  • The Bala'Ghav is another strange weapon out of my head. Picture a four bladed fork like blade connected to segmented rope which connects to a gauntlet that covers an arm, mostly used for defense. The Bala'Ghav has a very sharp series of blades, but this is not a weapon for hitting someone's body. Instead, it transmits a psychic manifestation of the wound on to someone by striking their shadow. If it impales a shadow in the heart area, you die very painfully without a wound on your body. It can also go through the shadows of buildings and such to attack from a further distance.

  • Hector Gibbs, Big Bad of a certain number of the books, has a lot of weapons, including guns with bottomless magazines mainly because his guns are part delusion, and fire whatever Hector expects them to fire. He also has a Rectangular weapon with an elongating chain attached to a long sickle like weapon with a monomolecular blade. This weapon has a habit of automatically seeking out anything with blood on it. Hector's boots have blades attached, mainly to make his kicks more deadly.

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21 Stormthorn7th Apr 2012 04:10:37 PM , Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
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My near future cyberpunk-y world uses better versions of modern guns and blades.

For instance, the standard high-end SMG is a frame inside of a very slightly larger frame with gel between to absorb recoil and sound. It also has fractal-like matrices cut into its barrel that gas expands into, supressing it further.

Most blades used against augmented humans are either built with a power pack in the hilt and super-heat instantly (they are one use and require special gloves) or are made of zirconia or artificial saphire to give them a super-fine cutting edge.

Then theirs the "Micheal" semi-automatic rifle. It uses a magazine that has two rounds, electronicly linked, set one in front of the other. Each trigger pull electronicly fires both rounds within a tiny fraction of a second, then two more rounds cycle in.
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22 StillbirthMachine7th Apr 2012 06:06:04 PM from The Womb ov Impurities
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@Stormthorn: If I remember correctly there are real life weapons being developed that also use electric (or electro-chemical) reactions to fire rather than conventional cartridges. The name for them was "Metal Storm" I believe and one version of the weapon uses a scanning system similar to ink printers.

Speaking of those sorts of weapons, in Soldiers Of Misfortune the funebraran grenade launcher, known as the oppressor, essentially fires grenades in a way very similar to that. Because of this particular firing process, it can launch sometimes up to ten grenades as fast as a rapid-firing sub-machine gun and with very little recoil to boot. To add to this, they have a fairly wide range of munitions. Aside from the conventional/equivalents of smoke, flashbang, fragmentation, high explosive, and incendiary rounds, there are a few more unusual ones. "Infester" rounds detonate into a swarm of hungry creatures that will violently chew through armour and people before exploding, "lasher" rounds which create a small focal point of harmful energy that lashes around like an octopus being electrocuted, and even "othyr" grenades which are small devices containing strange shapeless creatures from the immaterial realms. To add to this, it can be set to fire grenades that explode on impact, after a certain amount of time, and even a certain distance from a selected target.

Anyhoo, back on the topic of melee weaponry, I personally like designing ones based on actual animals.

For example, there are some funebrarans that are vaguely based off of stomatopods or are compatible with certain biological traits of them, most notable being their claws which can punch with as much or even more force than a .22 calibre bullet. When scaled up and genetically/cybernetically augmented for warfare, we're talking about a claw that can essentially smash through the armour of tanks, making them comparable in might to those possessed by Warhammer 40000's genestealers. To add to their ferocity, they have clawed segments that can be used to rip away at a target as well, just like the real life shrimps. A particularly nasty variant in S.O.M. is partially inspired by real life H.E.A.T. rounds. Essentially the claws are loaded with specialized mechanisms that after digging into an opponent's armour, fire off either a small superheated explosion or a storm of equally hot burning metal right into a target. This makes it even more effective against tanks, mecha, bunkers, and anything that happens to be directly in front of the user.

And these are only the funebrarans' biological *melee* weapons.

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23 fillerdude7th Apr 2012 08:28:34 PM , Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
I have tons of improbable weapons. Refrigerators, bandages soaked in potion, violins, tortoise-slash-ammo-magazine, punctuation marks, and so on. This is justified by my magic systems, though.
24 nrjxll7th Apr 2012 08:30:25 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
punctuation marks

That must be one heckuva magic system.
25 MajorTom8th Apr 2012 09:17:25 AM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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Or the Fourth Wall is extremely pliable.
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