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Crowner called in favour of Must Not Die a Virgin.
I tweaked Pre-Climax Climax and You Don't Want to Die a Virgin, Do You?. Do the new descriptions look okay to proceed with the rename?
The only problem I see is the last line on You Don't Want to Die a Virgin, Do You?. "Note that the trope only applies to virgins consummating their affair before a life-threatening event. For anyone else, the supertrope Pre-Climax Climax applies" sounds like both need to be virgins to count, but I thought we agreed as long as one of them is, it works.
Was it? I wasn't sure what we'd decided.
Ok, the issue posed [up][up] aside, I've moved the page and subpages. However, I'm not sure what do with PlayingWith.You Dont Want To Die A Virgin Do You. The playing with isn't treating virgins as a requirement. Opinions?

And why is this on the Gender Dynamics Index?

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Ok, I've altered the descriptions again to address Discar's concerns. I'll start tackling the wicks soon.

Can anyone give me a hand cleaning the page?
Wicks done.

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Ok, going through the examples, I removed some that were about the stock phrase. Unclear examples left (mostly I don't know if any virgins are involved):

  • 11eyes: The two main leads do this on screen (nothing explicit is shown though) in an apocalyptic vision in the penultimate episode.
  • In Three By Three Eyes, Yakumo and Parvati have sex before she leaves for the humanization ritual.
  • If, as according to some fans' theories, Rogue and Magneto had sex in Uncanny X-Men #274, this would qualify. If, as per Word of God, Rogue's first time actually was when Gambit talked her into sex while chained to the wall, with other prisoners in the same cavern and - entirely forseeable - in front of a surveillance system in UXM #348, then this does. (This one's plain weird. What is canon?)
  • Happens in The Walking Dead with Glenn and Maggie, although they pursue a serious relationship soon after.
  • Played with in ElfQuest: The Rebels. When Chandra is convinced the city they are in is doomed and there is no way they can survive, she propositions Scorch. He doesn't really get it, because runs off before she's finished talking, because her phrasing gives him an idea how to save the city.
  • During this chapter of the Code Geass fanfic In the End, Lelouch has sex with C.C before he banishes her.
When I found the wick for the Walking Dead example, I deleted it, because I'm not sure either of them is a virgin. All the characters were adults last I checked, so I just left a note.

And I'm pretty sure the 3X3Eyes example is right, the ritual is apparently lethal.
Ok, next batch I can't quite tell:

  • In one of the many dramatic scenes in The Sinking Of Japan, the protagonist's girlfriend aks him to make love to her before they both die. The protagonist politely declines, saying that they will have their chance when they meet again in London. The protagonist is really going to perform a Heroic Sacrifice and wants to save his girl the sadness.
  • In Dogma, Bethany promises Jay that she'd have sex with him if "the world was going to end and there were only five minutes left to live." This is mentioned again towards the end of the film as Loki and Bartleby attempt to execute their plan; Jay tells a shocked Bethany, "I'd say we've got about five minutes left to live; the whole world's going to end. You said you'd fuck me."
  • Happens in Good Omens when Newt and Anathema were caught in the big pre-Apocalypse storm. Made funnier because it was prophetized by Anathema's ancestor, Agnes Nutter, and subsequent family members had added encouraging comments and cat-calls on an index card with the prophecy. Even better, said prophecy refers to something else entirely. Agnes must have deliberately wrote it that way to play matchmaker.
  • In World War Z, a former security guard tells about the time he guarded a group of rich and famous celebrities who had barricaded themselves in a sort of fortress on Long Island to avoid zombie attacks. In a hubristic move, they also broadcast videos of themselves locked away, watching the carnage unfold. The fortress is soon stormed — not by zombies, but by furious regular people. As the guard manages to escape, he witnesses two people he thought were supposed to be political enemies (implied to be * shudder* Bill Maher and Ann Coulter) "going at it" like there was no tomorrow. Well, for them, there wasn't. It could also have been Jon Stewart.
    • Strangely, there are persistent rumours that Bill Maher and Ann Coulter actually dated at one point in real life. A case of Reality Is Unrealistic, perhaps.
  • The Zombie Survival Guide anticipates mass orgies throughout the world should a zombie plague grow large enough to threaten human extinction.
  • In A Darkness at Sethanon, squires Jimmy and Locklear hook up with two girls about their age before the sack of Armengar. Both of the girls and the street-smart Jimmy are extremely casual about it, while the naive Locklear overreacts and decides he's going to marry the girl he slept with, who inevitably dies. This is in contrast to their roles in later books, where Locklear is a suave ladies' man and Jimmy is Happily Married.
  • The Peking Target by Adam Hall. Quiller parachutes into Korea with a female soldier who breaks her leg on landing. Knowing their mission will be blown if she's evacuated, she insists Quiller give her the Coupd de Grāce; but as a last request she asks him to have sex with her first.
  • In Gust Front, lampshaded, then carried out a few chapters later, with Tom Sunday Jr and Wendy Cummmings during the Fredericksburg engagement.
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World War Z is correct, from my understanding of the book The Zombie Survival Guide. Never thought that these memories could turn out to be useful...

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Are you sure? Those seemed like Pre-Climax Climax to me. Are they virgins? I prefer to note it in the entry to stave off confusion.
38 SeptimusHeap12th Nov 2012 09:04:18 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Not really sure. And the record of the Real Life people of these names are so ambiguous that I wouldn't bet on it.
Good Omens is correct, though I have no idea what the last two sentences are referring to. Dogma is an example of Pre-Climax Climax; although it can be inferred that Jay is a virgin, nothing is made of it.
11eyes is listed in both pages. Anyone which actually applies?

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Ok, the page itself is clean of unclear examples, at least as best as I could tell. I'll tackle Pre-Climax Climax next.

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Pre-Climax Climax is done, and I fiddled with some example indentation issues there. I don't think that there is anything missing here.
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