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1 PsychoFreaX3rd Apr 2012 05:16:10 AM from Transcended Humanity
I'm really iffy on this thread. But I just been looking up youtube how there are music videos of some shows using Disney music and it got me thinking. The characters from that show take the roles of the Disney characters.

Like this one. Lelouch is Scar and others play the hyenas or even Mufasa or Simba. There's a lot more. I thought it seems fun.

So if your work gets a music video with Disney music, particularly the ones a bit more than a duet. Which would fit and which characters with which role?

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Shakura(FMC) is perfect for Mulan's "Who I am inside."
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3 Wheezy3rd Apr 2012 09:06:59 AM from South Philly
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I'm sorry. Couldn't resist.
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5 CJCroen13933rd Apr 2012 05:58:33 PM from The Western Interior Seaway , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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Prepare for a long post.

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  • Many romance duets would fit here IMO, but since it's a Boys Love series that begins with a Coming-Out Story for the uke, I'd say that If I Never Knew You would make the most sense. A touching song about how deeply in love two people are, but they're torn apart by prejudice and hatred and are told that their love is wrong but stick by each other through and through...wait, are we talking about Pocahontas and John Smith or a gay couple? (yes I'm aware of the subtext being about interracial couples but it's still easily applicable to a Gay Aesop)

Sins Vs Virtues

I have others that I'll probably put later.

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[up]: Aww, that second one sounds sweet. Pocahontas and John Smith as gay lovers included. tongue

Oh boy. If there's anything Freezy loves, it's frickin' Disney movies. Prepare for a long post!


Angeline: Her Disney song is easy enough, and I knew it even while I was writing her: "I'm Still Here" from Treasure Planet. At its heart, her story is her Coming-of-Age Story. But the lines about "I'll never be what you want me to be" are especially relevant to her situation, as her father absolutely refuses to accept that his daughter is not The Chosen One, and is willing to manipulate everyone up to the King to convince people—and himself, to be honest—that his daughter is this incredibly rare magical talent.

Nick: "One Jump Ahead" and its reprise. Nick isn't as... perky as Aladdin, but they live similar lifestyles: Constantly on the run, doing what they can to survive, and avoiding danger. They also both have Non-Human Sidekick characters. The reprise is more in line with his real attitude, and how he doesn't believe all the slander people speak about him.

Ran: I considered "Belle" briefly, but after consideration, settled on "Something That I Want" from Tangled. The Rapunzel-ified lyrics reflect how Nick and Ran first met by chance, but she clung to him in the hopes of finding adventure and something more in her hollow little shut-in life. It also goes well with her desire for knowledge, and to learn everything. Also fitting: "Strangers Like Me," from Tarzan, but the singer's the wrong gender, and I'm trying to make them line up.

Apollo: "You Might Think," from Cars 2. (Again, using the Pixar Inclusion Rule.) Among Nick (an Emo Teen, Armored Closet Gay, Impovrished Patrician), Ran (a Hikkikomori Know-Nothing Know-It-All who needs a Living Emotional Crutch), and Alex (just kind of a douchebag, really), Apollo's a pretty normal guy. I mean, aside from the were-tiger thing and the fact that he has a Friendless Background. But he's a chill guy who's just happy to have people he can finally connect with, so he's more than willing to put up with their Dysfunction Junction. Beneath their troubles, he sees the good in all his friends (Nick's utterly brilliant and very talented, Ran's got a can-do attitude and lets nothing stop her, and Alex has a no-nonsense stance and is somehow the team's emotional glue) and loves them just the way they are.

Alex: "My Funny Friend and Me," from The Emperor's New Groove. I didn't even have to think about it. Alex is, as noted, kind of a dick. However, he's forced to make friends with his roommates, and through the process, he de-dickifies quite a bit. He's still abrasive and dumb, but his abrasiveness is a necessary catalyst to make the team work. He gets Nick to stop feeling sorry for himself, Ran to come out of her shell, and Apollo to buckle down and get serious. Which brings out the best in him, as someone who's great at supporting others. Thus, the four friends need each other, and he's happy to have them in the end.

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7 Voltech445th Apr 2012 11:43:10 AM from Alongside a Virtual Weasel , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Mind if I jump in?

  • Deias: "Go the Distance." He's a nobody trying to become a hero — a source of inspiration for others, knowing that there are others out there far stronger than him. He's got an infectious amount of passion, and loves doing thing "with guts!" Still, he's surprisingly introspective at times.

  • Ocelot V: "I Just Can't Wait to be King." He has, very high opinion of himself, and believes himself to be the "World's Finest." While he's got some skills and some superpowers, it's hard to take him seriously (because, you know, he's an idiot and can do more harm than good); his grandpa's one of his greatest detractors at times, so he'd probably be the Zazu in the song. But that won't stop him from going all out to face Dr. Rhesus and his evil Gorill-Army.

  • Tony and Beat: "Friend Like Me." Due to some loopholes and contractual obligations, Tony ends up married to the (hilariously insane) Beatrice "Beat" Wilder. While he's less than ecstatic, Beat tries to prove to him that he's hit the of the tenets of her argument being that she's got an amazing ass. (He still isn't impressed.)

This thread is awesome. So many old Disney songs are coming back to me...

EDIT: There is a decisive lack of "Make a Man Out of You" in this thread. If someone doesn't remedy this travesty soon, I might have to.

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8 JewelyJ11th Apr 2012 10:14:51 AM from A state in the USA
This sounds like a barrel of fun (and monkeys). Let's see what I can come up with-

  • "Make A Man Out Of You"-Mulan-I can think of two possibilities in MCC. The first is a Villains version of it in the next generation finale series with Akira (Dex's actually evil successor) training the Toyakas child army for a war ( "Let's get down to business/ to defeat the muns -shot- ") The second of course is a scene where Gil passes on his combat training knowledge to a citizen army of Psi)

  • "Friends On The Other Side" -Princess and the Frog-Well this song could possibly be applicable to my Dreamscape (Magical girl series) villain Dr. Fredrick Levine. He's not exactly a witch doctor but he is an unscrupulous psychiatrist with an ancient artifact used by the 'Gaurdians of Dreams' to control people through hypnotism.

  • "Journey To The Past" -Anastasia- This could be applicable to a minor character in MCC, Hazel Farrow who is an orphan.

  • "I Won't Say I'm In Love"-Hercules- Tally spends a great deal of her energy trying to hate Blade after he joins their side. But once she finds out a little more about him and his previous lifestyle she becomes interested in getting him to fix up his lifestyle but she doesn't love him. At least she'd like to think so. It doesn't help that she once had a relationship with the kind of guy she thought Blade was and was dumped right after they well yeaaah

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9 nrjxll11th Apr 2012 01:58:35 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
I've always had a grudging fondness for Disney songs (I don't really want to like them, but they're all so bleeping catchy), but I can't honestly think of any that fit for my stories.

I did write one fight scene to "flow" to the tune of the climax of Pirates of the Caribbean (the original movie), if that counts.
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