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For the time being, Legend of Zelda: Unit D sign ups is closed.

Discussion Thread


This is an interest check/sign up thread for The Legend of Zelda RPG "Legend of Zelda: Unit D", set during the war between the Goddess Hylia and the Demon King Demise. Players will play the members of Unit D, a new task force designed to take down monster strongholds from within their walls.

Of course, character interaction and development are just as important to the game as dungeon crawling.


This is a tale that was passed down by humans such as yourselves…

Before time began, before spirits and life existed…

Three golden goddesses descended upon the chaos that was The Realm…

Din, Goddess of Power…

Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom…

Farore, Goddess of Courage…

Din, with her strong flaming arms, she cultivated the land and created the red earth.

Nayru, poured her wisdom onto the earth, and gave the spirit of law to the world.

Farore, with her rich soul, produced all life forms who would uphold the law.

After the goddesses had finished their work, they left the world, but not before creating a symbol of their strength, a golden triangle known as the Triforce. A small, but powerful, portion of the essence of the goddesses was held in this might artifact, which was to guide the intelligent life in The Realm…

This power gave it's holder the means to make any desire a reality. Such was the might of the Triforce, that the Goddesses placed it in the care of Hylia…

Sign Up Sheet

  • Name:
  • Gender:
  • Race: What is your character's race(Sheikah, Human, Kikwi, Mogma, Goron, or LD-002 Robots)?
  • Appearance: What does your character look like?(Optional for all races except for Sheikah and Human)
  • Weapon: What is your character's primary weapon?(Does not have to appear in the LoZ series)
  • Item: What item does your character begin the game with, aside from his weapon?(Must appear in the LoZ series, cannot be bombs)
  • Occupation Prior to the War: What was your character's occupation before joining the fight to defend The Realm?
  • Instrument: What instrument does your character play?
  • Backstory: Tell the history of your character here.

Info Concerning The Realm and it's Races

  • The Game is set in ancient Hyrule, which is known as "The Realm" by it's denizens.

  • Technology is much more advanced in this era then in most future eras, thanks to the brilliant minds of LD Corporation, the Mogma, and Hylia herself.

  • The Sheikah are Hylia's most loyal servants, and are trained to defend her by any means necessary. As a species, they possess an extremely long life, and are capable of reaching speeds far faster then any human. Most Sheikah live in a city surrounding the Temple of Hylia.

  • The Humans are the technologically savvy founders of LD Corporation, creators of the LD-000 through 400 series robots. As a species, humans are less specialized then most species, and can survive in places they aren't used to with ease. Most Humans live in Lanayru Port, where LD Corporation builds ships and robots.

  • The Kikwi are the least technological race, and flourish in the woods, where they have mastered the magic of shapeshifting. As a species, they possess inherent shapeshifting abilities, originally designed to protect them from predators. In their true form, they are cowardly, and can imitate plant life. Most Kikwi live in Faron Woods.

  • The Mogma are a highly civilized race, who have built a huge city underneath the surface of Eldin Province. They have a great love for treasure, and designed the economy of the entire Realm. As a species, they are extremely skilled tunnelers, and skilled trackers of scents. They live in the underground city of Mogmanok.

  • The Gorons are the rulers of Eldin Volcano, as they are one of the few races that can withstand it's heat. They don't have many problems, and prefer to spend their time relaxing in hot springs. As a species, Gorons are extremely hardy, capable of taking hit after hit, don't need oxygen, and their bodies are perfect for any kind of weather. They are also stronger than all the other races. Most Gorons live in the Fire Sanctuary.

  • LD-002 Robots were originally designed by LD Corporation to captain ships, but their design was soon discovered to be perfect for warfare, and an army of them was built for that purpose alone. They can withstand quite a bit, as long as they aren't allowed to rust.

Unit D

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workin' on it
Definitely showing interest in this.

What would constitute as an 'Item'? Would that be enhancements like Water Dragon's Scale or Goron's Bracelet or special types of tunics?
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Watching this.

I'm not sure if I want to get in this or not yet.
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[up][up]I'm leaving item choices pretty open, so stuff like the Goron Bracelet, Water Dragon's Scale, or a special tunic  are acceptable, but so would things like the Hylian Shield, or a Boomerang, or a Bottle.

Things that aren't considered items would be: 

1. Weapons that can effectively damage most opponents, like a sword, or a bow, or a spear. These are classed separately, as Weapons.

2. Musical instruments are considered Instruments, not Items, because of the importance of music in The Realm.

Bombs are items, but are not available to select as your first item, due to... Secret reasons.

Does that answer your question?

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[up] Ah, okay, yes it does. I'll start thinking up a character which I'll probably post up tomorrow.
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I'm not sure if I want to get in this or not yet.
I am a dirty, filthy, stinking liar. Here's my signup.

  • Name: Laan
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Sheikah
  • Appearance: Laan is about average height for a Sheikah her age (17). She has a fair complexion, long, stark white hair (which she keeps in a ponytail), and teal eyes. Her outfit most closely resembles the one on the far right.
  • Weapon: A Curved sword. Basically, this, with a dark purple handle.
  • Item: Her starting item is the almighty Boomerang.
  • Occupation Prior to the War: Before the war began, Laan had mostly done odd jobs around the temple, such as cleaning and general upkeep.
  • Instrument: Pan Flute
  • Backstory: Laan is the youngest of three siblings, both boys who are now Guardians. Living in the shadow of the temple of Hylia has given her a healthy respect for the Goddesses and their wonders. She learned only the minimum combat skills that were required of all her people, and spent most of her time taking care of the temple of Hylia and socializing with the priestesses. When war broke out, she didn’t hesitate to take up her eldest brother’s blade and join the ranks of Sheikah defenders.

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[up]Accepted, but I'd like if you could tell me what sort of crescent blade it is? There's quite a few different weapons called that.

I will be posting my Player Character soon.

EDIT: Oh, there it is, never mind.

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[up] I realized that when I was looking for images. I edited.
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I see. Laan is accepted.
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And here's my character too:

  • Name: Ameth
  • Race: Mogma
  • Appearance: Small for a full-grown Mogma, with red raccoon-like facial markings, a tail with red stripes and spiky blond hair. Wears a dark brown rucksack where he keeps his items and treasure.
  • Weapon: Uses a black pickaxe he's supposed to mine gems with.
  • Item: Power Bracelets.
  • Occupation Prior to the War: High-classed member of the treasure seeking expedition into mountainous areas.
  • Instrument: Earth Drums.
  • Backstory: An orphaned Mogma after his parents were killed due to an underground Moldorm swarm, Ameth nevertheless is a cheery guy who took well to his adopted family. Like all Mogmas he loves treasure, and so aimed to become part of the professional treasure seekers, a goal he achieved after years of hard work. His expert digging skills were why he was recommended for Unit D by his expeditions leader, a position he was happy to apply for.
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INTERESTED. Assuming we're not moving at 1000 miles an hour, I should be able to participate well.

Name: Model Eurythia (Yth for short [pronounced "Ih-th"])

Gender: None, uses a male voice synthesizer

Race: LD-002

Appearance: Humanoid in appearence. Has wheels instead of feet, and one arm is replaced with his weapon. Wears a robe, despite being completely unneccesary. When questioned about it, claims that he does it to appear more human.

Weapon: Flamethrower (Powered by Lantern Oil, runs out rather quickly. Removable if other, superior weapon attachments are found)

Item: A bottle of Lantern Oil

Instrument: Built in Synthesizer (complete with realistic piano sounds!)

Occupation Prior to the War: Worked as a labor assisting robot. Was eventually re-purposed into a fighting robot.

Backstory: Yth was the first and only of his model, due to the resources required to build him being too costly. However, he is one of the strongest LD-002's available, with removable appendages that can be replaced with tools and weaponry. However, the metal used in his creation rusts very easily, preventing him from joining in missions that require travel to damp places. When in sleep mode, he dreams of Electric Cuccoos.

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[up]Hmm... I'll have to think about that one. I might let it in as another robot type, but it wouldn't work as an LD-002.
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[up] So what other robot type would you accept? Also, he doesn't really need wheel feet.

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With the edits you made, it looks good.

LD-002 Model Eurythia is accepted, and may keep it's wheels.
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And here's my main man:

  • Name: Gondo
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Goron
  • Appearance: Average, with a gold tooth, and a tattoo on his eye.
  • Weapon: Crossbow
  • Item: Iron Boots
  • Occupation Prior to the War: Blacksmith
  • Instrument: Flute
  • Backstory: Gondo was raised in the Fire Sanctuary, where he was taught how to work with iron by his father. When his father died, he took over the family blacksmith, raising small fortune by joining the rising fashion market. When Demise's army became a well known danger, Gondo became a soldier, and eventually was promoted to Unit Commander, and assigned to Unit D.

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This looks interesting... but the races are greatly unappealing to me. T_T

Why, I think I'd rather play a little faerie, (which I totally would.) lol

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[up]I have no plans to allow any other races(mostly because they're either monsters, or don't exist yet)...

Kikwi can turn themselves into fairies, though.tongue
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You know what? Post a sign up for a fairy, I might just accept it.
19 EightStar4th Apr 2012 07:12:31 AM from the Everfree Forest Get RP Mod
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  • Name: Mina
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Pixie
  • Appearance: At a distance, Mina appears to be a moving orb of pale green light. Upon closer inspection, she is an inch-tall human-like creature with pointy ears, a set of translucent butterfly wings, and long flowing hair. Her skin is pale like milk while her hair, eyes, and wings are all different shades of green. Her favorite form of dress, (if anything,) includes fallen cherry blossoms, rose petals, and other pink or red flowers.
  • Weapon: A tiny wand of the forest. While she is not as advanced as other fae, she can give falling leaves bladed edges, or make nearby vines distract her enemies by trying to grab them. Her range isn't very impressive... yet.
  • Item: "A candle." Not really, she lights up like a candle. A green candle. Which is good for dispelling darkness.
  • Occupation Prior to the War: Botanist
  • Instrument: A miniature harp. Its fae magic makes it grow louder the longer it is played, (but the fae can stop the increase of volume and just play it at a constant.)
  • Backstory: (Watch me botch up all fae knowledge of Lo Z ever!) Mina, as a younger fae, was charged with enhancing the growth and beauty of the flowers in the forest. However, she had a much more free-spiriting and adventurous spirit than the other pixies, who were very duty-oriented. Well, she got bored of that! Off on an adventure she flew, packing up what little she had. It didn't take long for her to adventurously join in on Unit D! Though, she didn't as much join as she did drop into a pouch and vow to help people out.

There we go. How bad is it?

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[up]Oookay... Was noticing the war, picking a side, and "joining" all in a very close amount of time? Because assuming she first dropped in on Unit D, she would've been living under a metaphorical rock not to have been aware of the war at least a year earlier.

Other than that, it seems fine. Fairies aren't all that fleshed out of a race, and I had no plans to change that here.

21 EightStar4th Apr 2012 07:47:19 AM from the Everfree Forest Get RP Mod
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Okie dokie. I'll just rewrite that to "dropped in," since I'm just sketchy on the background such'n'such. I haven't gotten to play the most recent two of the series, believe it or not.

That's what happens when I go to PC as my only console.
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I can fill out a sheet at break—about four hours from now.
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24 SnowyFoxes4th Apr 2012 01:11:02 PM from Near Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: With my statistically significant other
Got held up by something, sorry. I'll do it after school.
25 daltar5th Apr 2012 01:11:42 AM from the fantasy of green. Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
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Hmmm thinking of making a human knight. Doubt they would get a Loftwing, but the robes, chainmail, sword and shield should be a nice combo.
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