The Tragic Tale of Simon Graves: A Short Story:

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The Tragic Tale of Simon Graves by Jacob Rausch

Simon Graves was once just an ordinary high school student with a knack for driving. By that I mean that with a minimal amount of effort he could learn to drive any vehicle known to man and do it like a pro. On just about anything else he was a dolt, but damn could he drive. It's kind of sad that he had to fall in with the Terror Twins.

When they came to town, we knew what to expect: A murder spree the police would be powerless to stop. That's because the two of them - Cale and Jade -were designed by their creator to be nigh-indestructible, superhumanly strong killing machines before they killed him. Most importantly, they were and are vicious monsters who care about two things and two things alone: each other and their own amusement which mostly involves killing lots of people. Especially those that irritate them, but even those who were just minding their own business.

Simon didn't know any of that when he met them. He just noticed a couple of teenage-looking strangers enter town only to be met with fear and silence. He said to us all, "That's no way to treat a visitor." Then he invited them over for a drink at the local bar. Something about him must have struck them as amusing, because they accepted. I hear they even offered for him to join them in their travels, which he politely turned down. To the bartender's surprise, this did not prompt them to kill him. They just said respectfully. "Oh well, if that's the way you feel..." before getting up to leave without paying.

Then Simon's girlfriend, Sarah, rushed in to warn Simon that the Terror Twins were in town, which irritated Cale who proceeded to thrust her to the ground. No doubt he would have killed her if Simon hadn't stepped in. "NO!!! Whatever you do, don't kill her. Please. Cale and Jade smiled insidiously. Cale replied,

"Alright. What's she worth to ya?"

"I'll come with you. As long as neither of you harm her, I'll come with you." Jade laughed before saying,

"That's better." And with that they left, killing a few townsfolk on the way out. Ever since then he has driven them anywhere and everywhere they want in many different vehicles all over the globe while putting on a cheerful facade. Shortly after Simon left, Sarah was found by her parents about to do the same.

"Are you crazy!? You've seen what they can do." Her mother and father told her. She just smiled and said,

"Maybe. I just can't let him go. But the creator of those monsters had help, and there are rumors that they've been working on a way to undo their mistake... to stop them. If those rumors are true, I've just got to know." And with that she rode off.

I personally don't know if what she's looking for is out there but if it is it still won't save Simon. I can see your confused expressions. You're wondering what I mean by that. Well I'll tell you.

The last time I saw his face, he was on TV giving the public the Terror Twin's demands. And you know what the scary part was? He was still wearing the cheerful face and mannerisms, but I sincerely doubt there was anything beneath them. When I looked at his face on the monitor that day, I could see no signs of anything human left in him; only a happy, happy face whose mouth could only utter the will of the Terror Twins. After those many years of exposure to their brutality, his soul had been crushed by the tremendous amount of effort it took to maintain that cheerful facade.

By the time I saw him on TV, there was no Simon Graves.

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