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Ambiguous Name: Totally Radical get usage counts

 1 Dragon Quest Z, Sun, 1st Apr '12 7:31:35 PM from Somewhere in California
The Other Troper
It seems the old thread got locked in the auto sweep, although there seemed to be agreement that something needed to be done, and clear misuse and confusion of the trope was shown.

For one thing, there was a new name for the current trope proposed, Down With Todays Youth, and that the trope be expanded beyond just marketing to any time a character tried to connect with kids by trying to be cool.

For another thing, there was a proposal for a Trope Transplant for the current name to become "an early 80s to early 90s specific trope about lingo, fashions, and pop cultural touchstones".

And there is general cleanup to do.
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Probably the best thing to do is holler for the old thread to be re-opened, but the mods seem to be swamped right now.

This name is fine. Please don't open this again.
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