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The thing with the red gold crown.
Guilt turned towards the fountain and began to hurry towards it. Knowledge was his goal and the only way to get it was to seek it.

"Are you ready for whatever has happened?", He shouted back to Axel as he past the planesmith.
It comes. The corrupter comes.
Don't let it touch the tower lest all reality crumble.
"That is a fact that I can not yet deduce. The nature of what is occurring is as of yet unclear."
Alameda shrugged and casually followed Axel. He even waved at Guilt once he saw him:

"So, Axel, buddy... do you know how to speak like a normal person?"
Axel adjusted his hood, casting more shadow upon his face, although not particularly for that purpose. "As I said, what demeanour I have established was worked adequately, and this pattern of speech fits it, although my upbringing does not match what you presume normal."
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On the Great Fountain's edge was what appeared to be an entirely red colored woman with long hair and six wings. On one side there were bat wings that curved upwards, on the other bird wings curved down. A man with vines encircling him stood in front of her.

"Is that all of them?" the woman asked.

"Of course it's all of them!" snapped the man.

"Well, I suppose that there are more important details then numbers."

"Get to the point, Rexeral. You said that this was important."

"It is very important. Some people among you are presently working with a secret group to unleash a creature more powerful than us, the supposedly great planesmiths."

Barely after she had finished, there was a loud voice in the background complaining about a cliché. Rexeral paused and turned, finally directing her attention back to the planesmiths.

"They have completed their first objective already. I'd better get going before they search here."

With that, she lost form and faded away.
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The thing with the red gold crown.
Guilt made several coughing noises, "Very Cliche."

Now he needed to go get some green clothing, a sword, a horse, find a princess, and ride off to vanquish the evil.

Ok, what did he know. There was an evil organization called the great planesmiths. The completed an objective and they were coming here. Where was an exposition person when you needed one, even a fairy would do.
It comes. The corrupter comes.
Don't let it touch the tower lest all reality crumble.
Grace walked over to Axel and looked down at her son, both of them knowing each other well enough to tell what they were thinking. She started to speak but he shook his head, confirming what they were thinking.

She changed into her Aeternas form and created two large clusters, one for herself and one for Axel, before controlling them high into the air so as for everyone to notice. "It is clear that not all of you can be trusted, but most of those who can will be needed to defeat such a threat, preferably before it can technically arise. If they are about to come here, we are left with two options. Retreat to our, or other, plains, or stand here. I believe immediate choice would be a good idea."
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