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1 MotorRunner31st Mar 2012 03:05:36 PM from WSA , Relationship Status: Abstaining
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Sticky, please?

New here? Or a regular poster here who is searching for forum games that are actually good? Perhaps looking for new ones that show some promise but can't find any? Then this is the place to be.

The purpose of this thread is for troper forum gamers to recommend forum games to other posters that ask (like a sub-forum library of some sort), or to recommend your latest created forum game.

When posting recommendations, it is preferable that you link the name of the forum game to its thread, along with a description of what the forum game is about.

Forum game rules still apply here.

[[hottip:FORUM GAME RECS:Have fun!]]

Our Avatars Are Posting In A Forum Thread: What if your avatar was part of a forum thread? This is the result.

We have all been Gender Flipped: A play-by-post RP where all posters post as genderflipped versions of themselves. Everything else apart from gender is up to you, more or less.

Our avatars have been genderflipped: Same as above, but applied to your avatars.

Troper Shipping and Dating Service: If you feel like playfully shipping two tropers together, come here. Not for real shipping, there's the Romance thread for that.

Corrupt-A-Wish: One person makes a wish, the other grants and corrupts it, then makes a wish etc.

1000 bad reasons to declare war: Self-explanatory.

The Bad Ideas For A Topic Game: Thread topic ideas that are likely to get you banned or shunned.

1000 things we've learned from video games: Just started by me, a humorous look at things video games teach us.

Happy recommending and happy forum gaming!

Regards, Motor-Runner (Forum Games Herald as of now)

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2 TheOneWhoTropes1st Apr 2012 09:04:12 AM from Newton-Le-Willows, England (Quaint Town) , Relationship Status: With my statistically significant other
YOU are BANNED: The Forum Game: Humorous reasons to ban people, including not banning enough people, having a scary avatar, having no avatar, etc.

What offends you about the previous post?: A thread lots of people confuse for YOU are BANNED. get offended by spelling of people's sigs, avatars, incredibly lazy puns, how many exclamation marks the other person used, etc.

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So... pin the thread?

I guess I'll make a catalog of several threads:

Pick the most ____ avatar from the gallery above you

This is a series of games in which the current poster looks at the avatar gallery of the previous poster, and selects what the person thinks fits the criteria the best.

To post the avatar, put two | on each side of the avatar link.

Listed in the order of creation:

Some other ones:

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I have one for now: Buying drinks from SCP-294 - Fancy yourself some SCP Foundation? This is the place to give results based upon the above poster's request for a beverage before making a request yourself.

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5 BioSafety5th Apr 2012 11:54:08 AM from The Ethereal Mists , Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
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Werewolf/Mafia: Electric Boogaloo. The forum's latest game of Mafia. The first round has already started, but it won't last very long, and we could use more players for later rounds.
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6 ctang1530th Apr 2012 04:57:06 AM from my chaaaair ~
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I think many of the games on the front page are pretty good, but everyone knows them anyway, so I'll recommend some less well-known games:

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Brony? Moi? surely you jest!
Musical Score Association Game and the Movie Soundtrack Music Game could use a bit more activity.
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Cogito Gratia Cogitan

Both threads work pretty much the same: Think up a description for the weapon/attack named by the above poster (hopefully inventing it yourself in the process), and think up a name for the next poster to work with.

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9 TrollPost25th May 2012 06:27:56 AM from troll post crusher
10 Speedchesser2nd Jul 2012 03:57:40 PM from somewhere between denial and the color blue. , Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
Just started one. The Delete Game: You quote the poster above you, but with some words or letters removed, and then reply to that.

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11 FantasyLiver3rd Nov 2012 04:36:00 PM from The Dagobah System , Relationship Status: How YOU doin'?
Also just made one. The Say Something Interesting Forum Game. In it, you basically just say something... well, interesting, be it trivia, jokes, or funny stories. Or whatever you find interesting. Check it out.
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12 SR3NORMANDY21st Nov 2012 01:24:35 AM from N/A - In constant flux
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For those fans of Epic Rap Battles of History, we now have an Epic Rap Battles Of Our Avatars for all the matchups you wanted to see but have never happened. So far we have had the Spanish Inquisition, Commander Shepard, Doctor Robotnik and Gurt the Lime Man just to name a few.

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Brony? Moi? surely you jest!
He who fights bronies should see to itthat he himself does not become a brony. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, Pinkie Pie gazes Also
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15 TruthHurts2215th Aug 2013 10:22:09 PM , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
So, lemme get this straight; Our Avatars Are in a Room Together is just our avatars to the left, in a room, together?

I am genuinely asking this too.
BOUND: The Tag Team Crossover. See it here.
16 trip15th Aug 2013 10:24:21 PM from IN THE LAND OF THE LOST HORIZON
Well, some people (me especially) like to use multiple characters, but usually at least one of them are in the avatar.
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17 ramuf15th Aug 2013 10:24:30 PM from the Shining Throne
It's that plus added craziness.
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19 Knowlessman24th Sep 2013 10:43:47 AM from Stupidtown (FL), USA , Relationship Status: Holding out for a hero
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The Avatar Arena (v4).

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20 Ezekiel16th Jan 2014 11:27:54 AM from The Other Side
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Calvinball, anyone? A few days ago I posted There was a game here. The point of the game is to change the rules every time you post.

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21 I-Block28th May 2014 07:40:51 AM from noitacoL , Relationship Status: Chocolate!

It's a game of "Whose Line is it Anyway?". It's pretty fun and it REALLY needs a jump start again.

Also, this:

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22 lewattoo28th May 2014 08:29:59 AM from Planet Auguste , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
The Kid With The Hat
I recently made a game called Movies/TV Shows/Games of Bizarro World. It would be nice if more people would play; I think it's a good idea for a forum game, anyway. tongue
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23 Dimentiosome1st Jun 2014 12:33:36 PM from Saskatoon, eh? , Relationship Status: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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Destroy the Godmodder. That thread is awesome. What you do is you try to kill a guy that is, well, godmodder using overly ridiculous plans that you 'charge' for a few turns, but can only be use at the end of the turn. As in, before you implement a charge, you need to wait a number of turns that sounds reasonable. You can have a maximum of 3 charges ongoing at the same time. Some of them are pretty insane, like a Weaponized Subreddit, An Overly Long Acronym Tank (OLAK, for some reason), a sphere of Wobbofets, the Game Master's avatar in Minecraft and a whole bunch of stuff I spawn that screws us all over, mainly Dimentio.

It's pretty ridiculous. And awesome.
Also HOLY FaCKING SHeT!!!!!!!
We Have All Been Gender Flipped. It started as a general description of your reaction to becoming the opposite gender, but now it is an RP game with a developing plot, and an evil entity known as "The Voice", from a Parallel Universe, whose intentions are unknown.

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25 WilliamRadarStorm14th Jul 2014 07:49:15 PM from frownland , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Mall Fight, a game based on the Escapist roleplay forums, is one where you (not your avatar) pretend you're in a similar situation: you are in an infinite mall that has just descended into blood-shedding chaos, and you must either join in, or die an innocent bystander. You never are Killed Off for Real, though, so you can play for as long as you want.

Radio Daze is a game where you write a brief quote that segues from the last one, and has a point where it can segue into the next one. Look to this Uncyclopedia article for inspiration if you need to.

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