I'm going to conclude it's April Fools.:

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This thread will be like an archive. smile
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What is this i don’t even

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103 Deboss31st Mar 2012 09:00:51 AM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
Just as a note, I corrected Foxxy Mod for today.
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I wonder if Noimporta is going to change.
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[up] Is he(?) even still around?

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He posted yesterday, so I assume so.

... Aaand Tangent is now Willbyr with a different avatar. How the heck am I going to put this in my list?
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Ah, okay. I only ever saw posts and mentions of him, which dated back even before me joining here so I always assumed he had left some time before.
Programming and surgery have a lot of things in common: Don't start removing colons until you know what you're doing.
108 Madrugada31st Mar 2012 09:17:40 AM , Relationship Status: In season
Aww, deboss That's so thoughtful.grin

Anyway, I just went through a large chunk of the huge thread on moderation — specifically the section talking about the mod posts staring on page 38, and don't see anything indicating that the disappearance of the mod hats was intentional. Very few people had issues with the be-hatted avatars themselves; most who did have any issues with the Mod Posts were more concerned with either the background color or the whole idea of distinctions being made between Mod Posts and poster-who-also-happens-to-be-a-mod,-but-isn'-posting-as-a-mod-right-now posts. So I shall pass this on to Eddie to deal with in his copioustongue spare time.
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109 Martello31st Mar 2012 09:20:41 AM from Black River, NY
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The mod avatar switch thing is proof of my theory that I'm not the only person who associates avatars with usernames and doesn't even bother to always look at the handle. That's why I don't like it when tropers don't have avatars. It makes it harder to identify them.

The Quenya homepage is pretty awesome. Who wrote it? Also, is it bad that I immediately recognized first the Romanized version and then the actual script? I haven't even read Tolkien in years, probably around seven, and I still recognized the shapes of the Romanized words.
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110 Madrugada31st Mar 2012 09:22:09 AM , Relationship Status: In season
Telcontar you're running into the complication Bobby mentioned. Hint: blackcat isn't following the same rules as everybody else.
...if you don’t love you’re dead, and if you do, they’ll kill you for it.
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Hmmm. At the moment, I'm picturing this as a big circle with a little one coming off the side, but I don't know how they link up. blackcat isn't Bobby in sig and Morven in avatar or something like that, so is he going to change halfway through? Not that you'll confirm or deny that, of course. tongue

I'm diagramming this on my computer in two dimensions rather than one, but I don't know what Morven and Ironeye are doing yet so there are several possibilities.
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Forgot Morven...

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Programming and surgery have a lot of things in common: Don't start removing colons until you know what you're doing.

That's cool! grin
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Alright, my current map of people. Arrows in blue are what I guess will happen.

Edited to include Camacan, all alone and not changing at all. sad

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That's confusing. sad
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116 robster200131st Mar 2012 09:55:19 AM from Richmond, VA , Relationship Status: Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free
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The homepage prank is awesome, just awesome. Between the Fudd, Swedish Chef, and Yoda versions, we're off to an awesome start.

Sadly, the avatar prank was lost on me, because I always use the user name to identify people and not the avatars — this is because I have been burned by avatar misidentification on other boards in other places... it's fun, and I'm glad that you guys are doing it... but I wouldn't have noticed if it weren't pointed out to me. :)

And for those who missed it elsewhere, it appears Fast Eddie has gone ahead and celebrated the iDay for April Fool's — that means that if it's April 1 anywhere on Spaceship Earth, it's April Fool's Day on TV Tropes. The iDay for April 1 lasts, if my research was correct, from 1000 UTC March 31 to 1059 UTC April 2. At 1000 UTC March 31, it was midnight April 1 on Christmas Island. At 1059 UTC April 2, it will be 11:59pm April 1 in American Samoa.
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All peoples should be able to see modhatted avatars on pink posts now.

Holy smokes. That weird sentence actually makes sense.

^^^aka: Circle jerk with a twist.

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118 SeptimusHeap31st Mar 2012 09:59:48 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Yay, I saw Maddy's modhat too now - but can she and blackcat crop their avvies so that they don't look so weird anymore?

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^^ I'm afraid not, Eddie. Now I can't see your mod hat, either.

^ Mod hats can't be adjusted and are mapped to the main avatar in use. Since their current avatars are different shaped from their normal ones, their mod hats are distorted.

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I don't have a modhat. I see yours just fine.

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Oh. My. Gosh.

Maddy, your modhat is AWESOME!

Edit: Does this mean that Tangent is using Willbyr's modhat avatar, since blackcat is using Bobby's?

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Programming and surgery have a lot of things in common: Don't start removing colons until you know what you're doing.
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Works on Bobby, then.

He's Hen-Pony-Riffic.
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Oh, haha, derp.

Sorry, I assumed Gort was your modhat for some reason. Never mind.
Telcontar, you're like the...April Fools Day 2012 archivist. tongue
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