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I noticed today, scribbling in the notepad, that I'd described a voice as sounding "Like a knife in its sheath." It stuck out because I think so far, I've used it in every piece of prose I've written. "Eyes like ropes" are another one. I guess not being published and with no audience, I don't really want to let those phrases go.

A thread to share the little phrases and descriptions you came up with that you're really fond of.
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I never metaphor I liked.

Seriously, I generally find excessive use of metaphor and simile to be indicative of a kind of writing I dislike, and don't use many myself.
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I once compared the counterpoint of two people breathing as "whistling flute to rustling viol."

I rather like that.
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In my current script, when a character asks if they can get free drugs because it is their birthday, the drug dealer responds with:

"This isn't Bennigan's, bitch!"
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I have a subtle one that I'm particularly proud of in my current work.

Gabriel is very good with other people's problems, and has sorted out his best friends relationships. What he can't do is sort out his own personal life, and his friends often describe it as a mess - "He's a mess underneath the mask he wears."

When he gets stabbed by a makeshift weapon the doctor in the hospital "peeled back the pad and looked at the bloody mess underneath". The Doc it literally looking inside Gabe. Yes I'm describing the wound literally, but underneath the cotton pad in general is a bloody mess.
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I use metaphors and similes sparingly in writing, again like many thing this is not intended and much different from my non-writing life. Where I use them to the point that people can't understand what I'm saying.

As for favorites I think one was along the lines of "she was moving her foot so fast it would make a drummer jealous."

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