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Can one ignite a grenade by shooting it?

Related question, does it matter if the projectile is going fast enough to turn the air around it to plasma?
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I don't believe a grenade will actually detonate on being shot at. It wouldn't do anything good, though.

And I don't get the second question. What do you mean?
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For the second, I'm using a miniature railgun(powered by phlebotinum), and I've read that a sufficiently fast object will ignite the air around it.
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Depending on the grenade, unless you manage to shoot the pin clean off, or shoot in a very precise space that would trigger it, no. However, I do believe most people wouldn't think twice about it if you did it once, or if your grenades simply work differently.
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Adding onto the OP's question, what if the pin is already off?
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[up] I have limited grenade knowledge, but that would do little to change the amount of time it would take for the grenade to explode. Depending on the grenade (I'm going off from what I recall Mythbusters using at one point), when you pull the pin, you're allowing chemicals to creep their way through the grenade that will meet and cause the explosion. Grenades are really hard, so shooting them wouldn't do anything, unless you really managed to break through the grenade with some kind of super bullet in the right place so that the chemicals would ignite each other right away.

Again, limited knowledge, someone probably has a much better answer than I do.
I'm pretty sure the concept of Law having limits was a translation error. -Wanderlustwarrior
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A railgun projectile that's moving fast enough to plasmafy the air around it would probably create a sufficiently large explosion just by its impact that you could mistake it for the grenade going off. tongue
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HEIAP ammunition for standard firearms can set off some (usually older) grenades.
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The pin of a grenade keeps the handle in place. Once the handle is released it will spring off of the contact, starting the fuse - which are usually 3 or 7 second. You can remove the pin, and as long as the handle is held down, the grenade will not go off. Thus you can set a booby trap by placing the grenade so that something is holding down the handle, for instance a dead body, then remove the pin. When the body is moved off the grenade the handle comes off and the grenade is primed, so the soldier is killed by moving his comrade.

I also heard of an instance that relied on the fact certain electrical tapes are dissolved by petrol (gasoline). Tape handle, remove pin, drop in fuel tank. This gives you long enough to get away before the earth shattering kaboom.

The casing of a grenade is steel, designed to fragment when the charge goes off. There is no Hollywood explosion, picking men up and tossing them in the air. Anything strong enough to pierce the grenade is probably as powerful as the grenade.

Of course shoot a man who has just pulled the pin from a grenade, and he will almost certainly drop the grenade, taking pressure off the handle...

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If the projectile is travelling fast enough to ignite/ionize the air around it, the shock wave resulting from the expanding air is going to be pretty devastating on its own, grenade or no.
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11 LastHussar23rd Mar 2012 04:01:26 PM from the place is here.
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Plus you have all sorts of other problems related to air pressure and temperature caused by friction and their effect on the projectile.
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Doesn't it also depend on the type of grenade? Are we assuming a hand grenade with a timed fuse and safety pin here?
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Restarting this thread, apologies for that, with this question: Is a flash-bang grenade bad if detonated in a closed space full of ammunition?
14 Kazeto4th Jul 2017 07:59:43 AM from somewhere in Europe. , Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Generally not unless there is a gas leak there or something of that sort. Certainly, "flashbangs" do produce some heat, and all things considered it's not even a small amount, but compared to standard grenades or even to bullets it's still a fairly laughable (read: low) level.

Or, to put it differently: "flashbangs" can fail to ignite paper, and that should tell you how likely they are to ignite ammunition that is not renaissance level (as in, a metal ball and black powder, or something equivalent).

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15 HallowHawk4th Jul 2017 08:24:11 AM , Relationship Status: Abstaining
[up] Then what can internally destroy modern-day ammunition storage rooms internally?
16 Kazeto4th Jul 2017 09:46:44 AM from somewhere in Europe. , Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
It depends on the exact level of destruction you need, and on the means you have available. Fire is one way, since if you get enough heat in there you can cause the stuff to start exploding, though how big a part of it would and how much would instead get scattered into the vicinity in the resulting mess is anyone's guess. Another way would be acid, though honestly that's a rather way to go if your aim is destroying ammunition; nonetheless it can be effective so that's that. A "flashbang" could be the cause of the first one is there was anything highly flammable in the room like gas or petrol or whatever, it isn't guaranteed to ignite that but it does have a chance to do it so if you need it to happen it's probably the simplest way, based on what you have shown to want to use that is.
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@Tuefel Hunden IV to the fiery-red "How to make stored ammo blow up" courtesy phone, please.

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Flash bangs can and have started fires. There are several documented instances of it occurring and is one of the known hazards of the munitions. However you generally have to pitch it into a pile of something flammable in the first place. The ignition range for the flash bangs is pretty short but still something that should be considered.

Now if I wanted to take out an ammo dump or other storage space it would depend on what I want to do. If I just want to destroy the ammo I would use incendiary grenades which would cause most ammo to cook off or damage insensitive explosives commonly found in modern munitions. There is still a chance something will detonate especially if it has any incendiary components. But in general it should do a good job with destroying ammo and equipment. Basically white phosphorous, Thermobaric Grenades, and even Thermite grenades would all work.

If I wanted to blow the room to hell and back I would use something like a satchel charge, plastic explosives, or other potentially potent HE weapon. It would be plausible for even an M-67 to possibly set off other explosives.

Personally I would go with a lump of something like C-4 or some other similar explosive with a detonator in said lump and the desired wiring for effect. If time is not a factor setting up the blocks to spread as much blast in the space as possible and arranging munitions and breaching containers could also be done to kill the munitions.

Even then just pitching a M-67 frag into an ammo room would mean the ammo is effectively unsafe to even handle unless it is inspected first even if it doesn't cause any sort of chain reaction. Even then outside of serious desperation the ammo will likely be collectively written off and disposed of as compromised.

Something to keep in mind is even modern insensitive explosives lose stability the hotter they get and are more prone to being detonated by other means so a combo of incendiary and HE could also be possibly used.

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19 TairaMai6th Jul 2017 01:10:01 AM from El Paso Tx , Relationship Status: What is this thing you call love?
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Want to screw with the owners of an ammo dump/arms room?

Use a timer, use several:

  • first round is a flash bang or noise maker.
  • Second goes off a few minutes later and it's a small bit of C4 (tied to a rack or support) or a bigger noise maker.
  • three, and/or four repeat the pattern at random intervals.
  • Last one is a thermal charge tied to something big - a box/crate of belted rounds, rockets or projectiles, things that will fly when they ignite. A belt of AP will puncture other crates/boxes, a belt of API will do lots of damage. Several rockets and other projectiles will ignite and go wild if disturbed in the right way.

Many cluster munitions and sub-munitions are designed to go off at random intervals to discourage repair crews from fixing a runway, road or bridge.
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