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Personally, I'm in favour of just doing away with WebOriginal/ - since it's too broad of a category. Basically, it seems to be a dumping place for everything on the web that doesn't already have their own more specific namespace.

ETA: I agree. Definitely in favour of a WebAnimation/ namespace. Web non-fanfic literature (such as the the stories at Fiction Press) would probably just go under Literature/

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3 DragonQuestZ24th Mar 2012 02:16:10 PM from Somewhere in California
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We could still keep it for those that don't fit.

Also, would Abridged Series count for web animation?
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[up][up] Web-novels currently go under literature (I made a thread like, a year ago, and that was the consensus), but I like the idea of turning Web Original into a sort of "supermedium," with submedias of webcomics, webanimation, webnovels, and so on.
5 Deboss25th Mar 2012 03:13:24 AM from Awesomeville Texas
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They do? I don't remember that, and I usually remember policy threads fairly well.
I think you were one of the first posters, Deboss. One sec, lemme see if I can find it.

Well, not the first, but you were definitely involved.

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I always thought of podcasts as Radio.

Maybe that's because I only listen to podcasts that also air on the radio, though.
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Yeah, I think it would help to split it up; it's covering way too broad a category and will only get worse. Web Animation, Web Site, Web Series, Podcast are the divisions that come to mind.
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[up] Seems like a good idea. As for The Abridged Series, I think the lot of them could be in Fan Fic, given that they're not really "original" in a sense that they're often an Affectionate Parody to their source material.
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Fan comic is another type of fan work. Now they usually just go under Web Comic.

So...should we get a crowner here, talk about it a bit more, or what?

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I'd imagine we could just start with a single-prop "Should the Web Original namespace be split into multiple namespaces (Web Animation, Web Novel, etc)?" I'm just a little leery because wiki talk threads don't usually get crowners.
15 Deboss25th Mar 2012 06:15:50 PM from Awesomeville Texas
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No wonder I don't remember it, it was so short. And we didn't actually do anything.
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[up][up] We've done it for the other Namespaces just to get them done.
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[up][up][up] Sorry, I realized too late that "consensus" implied more than "A couple guys and a mod said to put it in literature."
I think we should add candidates, may the current crowner succeed, that should be put into consideration.

Goes without saying that WebAnimation/ and WebSeries/ is a good idea.

If I got an idea for a crowner candidate, it would be FanVid/ for fan videos and The Abridged Series genre otherwise not accounted for in Machinima/.
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Yeah, some of the Web Original content is known strictly by their creator name. Of course, lonelygirl15 is a borderline case - since it did start out just being about a girl and her vlog, with "lonelygirl15" being the vlogger's username. Fred is probably another one, since I think it is the stage name of the actor who plays Fred - and it's sort of a vlog parody.

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So for how much more time are we going to have this crowner here?
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Something like FanVid/ or whatever, as I had posted on this thread before.

Of course we don't have to bring Web Comic to a vote... :P

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24 SilentReverence28th Mar 2012 08:57:25 AM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
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The lack of orthogonality in the distinctions confuzzles me... what is the difference between Web Series and all of the others? (Web (Serial) Novel and Web Comics in particular)

[down] Derp. I'm used to it being "live action"...

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I believe WebSeries/ would be a counterpart to Series/, i.e. live action shows which come out in a serial format.

Wiki Development: Web Original Namespace Split
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At issue:
Vote up the Web Original namespaces you think Web Original should be split into.

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