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Action scenes:

 26 Major Tom, Sat, 24th Mar '12 9:29:47 AM Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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Rules are good.

Detailed rules are bad.

As a hard and fast guideline that advice is far from perfect. Am I saying that you convey the specs in such a way that within the third line of its introduction you realize the ballistics of the round means it wobbles like a dreidel inside human flesh? No. But I am saying that you convey the specs of it over time to establish consistency. You can establish the thing doing whatever possibility you want at the same time frame. (After all if in your setting anything can literally do anything you have ultimate consistency even if it doesn't make sense in reality.)

For instance say I make a setting where I have a shotgun that can damage tanks and I establish that early on. To give it wiggle room in performance I apply it consistently. It can do damage even to 60 meter tall Humongous Mecha just like it can to tanks. You'd simply have to shoot it enough times. The number of shots needed may change since there's no hard and fast rule but the fact it can still do damage is what's being consistent.

That said consistency is merely a tool to aid in making a better work. That said plenty of good works have been done where the consistency was rather thin if present at all. It just becomes harder to do without it.
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 27 nrjxll, Sat, 24th Mar '12 2:37:04 PM Relationship Status: Not war
The amount of detail on the "specs" that the author needs to know varies, I think.

The reader, on the other hand, never needs to know a lot of details on the specs.

 28 feotakahari, Sat, 24th Mar '12 3:20:41 PM from Looking out at the city
Fuzzy Orange Doomsayer
If you're writing about a weapon that actually exists, you have at least some obligation to have it do what it would do in real life. You have a bit more leeway if you're writing about a weapon that doesn't exist.
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