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This is a perfect example of why most indexes should include "Index" or "Tropes" in the name.

Con Man is technically speaking an index of tropes related to different types of con artists. As such, its page type is "index" and it has no examples.


Con Man found in: 428 articles, excluding discussions.

I don't think I need to do wick check to confirm that this is being used as a trope, not as references to the index.

I propose that we redesignate this as a indexed Super Trope. We need to change the page type to trope. We also need to start collecting examples on the main page. Perhaps we can send to to YKTTW for a few weeks for the purpose of example gathering.
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I second the idea. More supertropes need examples on the main page to stop trope decay of their subtropes.
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If there's 400+ wicks, we probably don't need YKTTW to find examples. We probably have nearly 400 examples to pick and choose from already.

edit: yes, I support the idea of making this a supertrope+index.

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I'd like to get more than two agreements before I declare this a consensus and run with it. Anyone else have a "Fine with me" or other input?
5 lebrel5th Apr 2012 11:19:36 AM from Basement, Ivory Tower
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Indexed Super Trope FTW.
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On a tangentially-related note, I have recently started to think that the mess that is The Barnum (formerly The Humphrey) may have been a misguided attempt at filling the void left by the Missing Supertrope for con men-type characters. What do you think?
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Would this actually be a trope, or People Sit on Chairs?
[up]It is a character type and subtype of The Trickster. I don't see how that can ever be "chairs".

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There seems to be an agreement on this, so I went ahead and adjusted the page. I'll add examples latter, seeing how I'm busy with wick migration now.
Good work. Locking here.
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