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What needs to be done:

Check the wicks.
  • Examples that do not involve changing sides because of love need to be removed or moved to High-Heel–Face Turn.
  • Proper examples need to be changed to Defecting for Love, with proper alphabetisation.
  • The main page needs cleaning up.

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I'm not sure if this approach was considered some time back, but could the trope be reworked or slightly broadened to fit the case of Juliet herself? I do think there is a connection with Romeo and Juliet that writers using the trope might try to highlight, but the description might be just narrow enough that it made her into a non-example. For one, why does it have to be someone on the evil side turning good? Can't it also be Grey and Gray Morality, or could we just broaden the definition to emphasize that the two lovers start out on rivaling sides?

I figured the trope would be that there's someone who wishes to leave her faction for the sake of being with her Love Interest, who currently belongs to a rivaling faction. I don't see why either has to be good or evil, or why there couldn't also be an implied third option of both Star-Crossed Lovers leaving their factions for the sake of love. Those specifics could be a bit too limiting, blocking out possibilities that really aren't that different. But did I miss any other reasons why Juliet Capulet apparently isn't an example of this trope?
Any move on a rename?
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I see no problem with Switching Sides For Love (that's much better than Capulet, who is not actually an example of this trope). I'd say cut the knot and go for it.
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Switching Sides For Love is indeed a better title in my opinion. Plus it's wider in its application thus more tropable.
Switching Sides For Love is certainly descriptive, but it seems like a bit of a mouthful. Love Face Turn, maybe? But I don't really like snowcloning Heel–Face Turn yet again. Love Defection or Defection For Love?
The name sounds limiting. What about situations where the character in question switches sides because of a Worthy Opponent or some other platonic reason?
[up]Is that even supposed to be part of the trope definition?
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It actually is, but shouldn't. The description right now does not necessarily say this is about love, or why the woman changes sides, making it look a lot like a regular Heel–Face Turn or Face–Heel Turn (no, I still can't get these straight, but you know which one is defecting to the bad side) but for females. Which isn't quite distinct. Limiting it to Switching Sides For Love will make it a distinct subtrope.

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Yeah, switching sides for a Worthy Opponent sounds like I Fight for the Strongest Side or something related to that ("your side has awesome people, so I want to be on it"). This trope is specifically about changing sides out of romantic feelings for an "enemy".

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Proposed new description powers go!

The Switchind Sides Sandworm begins the story on the side of the villain but ends it on the hero's side. Why? Love.

Maybe she and the hero are both stuck on a spaceship at the other end of the galaxy and she discovers his kindness and her newfound feelings for him. Or maybe she finds out that she's been lied to by the villain all her life and has been working for the very people she thought she was fighting against while the hero has been honest with her and is the one she wants to be with. Somehow, she falls for him and decides to defect to his side.

The Switching Sides Sandworm will most likely never be evil, only misguided or manipulated. Since she is essentially an ordinary citizen of The Empire, she sometimes also serves to humanize their average citizen. While almost Always Female, males can just as easily fulfill the same role.

Most of the time, unlike the Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter, the Switching Sides Sandworm is the primary female lead, quite capable of taking care of herself, and her Character Development is a major part of the story. It's a good thing, too — she tends to have a few sources of angst in her past that require a lot of dealing with before she and her man can ride off into the sunset together.

If she doesn't switch sides, it's Dating Catwoman. While a High-Heel–Face Turn may be done for a number of reasons, this trope's defining trait is love.

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Is the trope about the individual who switches sides, or the couple as a whole? It suddenly strikes me that this may actually be a subtrope of Star-Crossed Lovers. Star Crossed Soldiers? Star Crossed Combatants?
39 Pig_catapult5th Dec 2012 03:39:23 PM , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
So, High-Heel–Face Turn but for Love?
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[up]Nah, it can be male too (though I don't know of any of those examples exist).
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At 15:0, for the lead choice, I think this can be called.

I haven't gotten any feedback about the description above.
43 SeptimusHeap31st Jan 2013 01:59:43 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
New description looks good.
Well, given the lack of naysayers, I've switched the description, and moved the page, subpages and discussion.
45 SeptimusHeap1st Feb 2013 03:04:04 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
I'll do the wickwork after midday CET.

Also, Renamed Tropes and the FAQ thread need updating.
46 SeptimusHeap1st Feb 2013 06:10:13 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Anyway, did the wicks, Renamed Tropes and the FAQ thread.

Interesting how I keep editing the same pages over and over.
I'll do some scrubbin' on the page.
Ok, I finished, and I'm rather pleased with the results. Anyone wanna take a look or are we done?
49 SeptimusHeap1st Feb 2013 07:27:13 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
I took out a "fan girls" thing-o because it sounded like fan bashing.

Some examples look like enemy-good person romance, though.

eta: Fixed the example.

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Saw this thread. I wondered, is there a trope for like "opposite number on the other side"? I know that might be a question for the Lost And Found page, but I wondered given the change to this trope.
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