How to come up with powers based on personality?:

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I know there's Personality Powers, but that can only help with so much. As of now, I'm working on characters for a story I am writing, and though the characters are based on myself and individuals in my life, I want to avoid it all being a self-fic and characters being considered Gary Stu's and Mary Sue's, or better said, the typical "self-insert fanfiction".

If you look at my profile, I'm very temperamental. I stand at 6"7 and a big, hulking dude (almost between tall and big/tall and skinny). Though mistaken for being athletic or interested in sports, I like martial arts, dancing, and enjoying researching things, most notably astrology, writing, and drawing. I've also known for being graceful, feminine, quiet, gentle, and able to make move well for someone of my size. Pretty much, I'm a cross between Genius Bruiser, Gentle Giant, and Ladyof War. However, I can't seem to figure out what fits me; superstrength and hand-to-hand combat (since I'm more physical), or just magic.

There's three other characters as well; one's rather short, but is most fitting for the Smart Guy role. He's also quite blunt, but is kinda quiet until you get to know him. However, he's not athletic at all.

Another one leans towards Badass Bookworm (he's not very athletic and more into the books but used to play basketball), and is also very quiet, more of the mental type. He's very open-minded, kind-hearted, wise, and is willing to help anyone in need, and doesn't like to give up on others.

Lastly there's another guy is really tall and slim, but he's a breakdancer who used to do Muay Thai and goes between Genius Bruiser and Lightning Bruiser, maybe Dance Battler. He's pretty laid-back as well, but competitive.

I know it's not very original, but until then, I just need help with powers.

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Misfits had an ingenious way of dealing with Personality Powers where they were based on their biggest insecurities, and later morphed into who they were trying to be, rather than who they were at any given time. Socially awkward kid gets Invisibility, Guilt ridden character has the ability to undo the consequences of his actions via Time Travel, and guy who constantly puts up a front for his inner feelings can separate into two bodies.

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Well, you have to decide what aspect of personality you want to draw your powers from. Will your powers be based on desires, on insecurities, or simply on whatever trait best defines a particular character?
I want the powers to be simply based on the aforementioned traits; they all have them from the start. Would it be easier if I wrote the story out?
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[up] Well, the problem with that is you mostly told us skills and abilities, not personality traits. So I reckon you're simply looking for powers, and not personality powers specifically.

So, what I'm saying is: do you need personality powers, or do you just need plain ol' powers?
Hm...well, kinda just plain old powers now thinking, seeing personality powers is rather complicated, but yes, plan ol' powers as you said. Now, based on skills, what would seem to fit them?
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I looked at your profile, and it looks like super strength would be a good fit for you. Specifically one who doesn't know the exact limits of his strength.

Smart Guy could have superhuman memory and analytical abilities. Could justify his being quiet as "engaged in observation mode".

Badass Bookworm could have a power that allows him to "lend" people his strength, smarts, etc.

Breakdancer could have, uh, super reflexes, I guess?

All in all, too little info for my liking, but it's enough. And I didn't pick any of the flashy powers, so just holler if those were what ya wanted.

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Thank you. Those are actually quite fitting grin. I will give you more info though; I'm practically a mute at times, and rather moody, almost irritable, grumpy, cynical, rather quick-tempered and depressing at times (a cross between The Eeyore and Grumpy Bear). I'm also rather standoffish but friendly, so I think that goes with Sugar-and-Ice Personality (Heart Beat-Down and An Ice Person, since I'm so jaded and bitter about romance). Everyone else also suggested superhuman strength, but how would dancing and my so-called gracefulness be employed into that? A side note, I love water, especially heavy, chilly, rainy weather.

The Smart Guy has a collection of knives, and somehow has a very high tolerance of alcohol. As aforementioned, he's blunt, but he's very sociable once you get to know him, so he's not really quiet. He's chosen magic.

Now, Badass Bookworm; he's pretty quiet and wise. Rather shy and timid (seeing he's not used to hanging out with people outside of school and doesn't like to dress up nor dance). He's an talented artist and songwriter as well. He's pretty much The Heart and The Optimist. I think for some reason, Heart Beat-Down fits him, though in a more masculine way. He's chosen Mind over Matter.

Dance Battler is a very talented artist, musician, and dancer (a guitarist who had experienced as an violinist as well). He's pretty athletic, too. He's pretty slim but strong as well. Generally, he's very laid-back, and also smart and creative, also imaginative.

I hope those help (and really hope, I'm not repeating myself), and Thank You again.
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How about Elemental Powers? Though it applies more to temperaments if anything.
I'm Melancholic/Phlegmatic (though I lean more towards Melancholic), and from my assumptions, Bookworm's Phlegmatic, Smart Guy's Choleric, and Dance Battler's Sanguine.
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In all honesty, I find Personality Powers a bit... contrived, I guess. I find that a person's personality determining how they use a given set of powers to be more organic, and easier to write, to boot. A quiet, introverted, cerebral character is going to use, say, flame powers vastly differently than the aggressive, protective hothead.

To draw an example from The Dresden Files, Harry Dresden (the titular character) is (self-described) as a borderline magical thug. He's hella strong, fast, and tends to burn down any building he has to use fire magic in. In contrast, his superior, Anastasia Luccio, is, I'm pretty sure, markedly weaker than him, but she's a wizard with more than a century of experience, and her fire magic can be better described as 'plasma lance'. It's all about the focus, really. Same power, radically different effects.

Or Green Lantern Rings. Given that they create constructs out of pure will, they could be described as quite literal personality powers; various Lanterns use them radically differently. Just offhand, I can think of one who tends to use simple geometric shapes and straight blasts (apparently allowing vastly broader focus, where he can maintain dozens of simultaneous constructs), an architect (actually the same character as the first one, just the comics version rather than the cartoon one) who actually creates structurally sound constructs, a gunslinger who basically used the ring as a Hyperspace Arsenal, one who seemed to lean heavily towards summoned serpentine dragon-esque things, an artist who will pull out cartoon characters and mallets and giant robots and things...

I guess what I'm saying is let the character drive whatever powers you might feel like writing, since that will make them personality powers almost by default.
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