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I'm guessing people are in it for hearing seiyuu like Shizuka Itou and Yuu Asakawa orgasm.

Okay, what the fuck am I saying. I've probably hung out on /vg/ for far too long.

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Honestly, if you want porn without content, there's loads of it. Personally I don't see the point of it. Or rather, it's just so much better with some kind of context. The kind of context that makes you emotionally attached one way or another.

Still looking forward for those 20%, though.

Also, groaning sounds pretty much the same in any language, so there wouldn't be much lost in skipping that.

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How do you say 'My hips are moving on their own' in Japanese? Bam, context.
Isn't that just a more articulate way of saying groan?

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No! It's a really important piece of dialogue. It's crucial to the story.
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Now It's Ange Time
Hmm I might read through the prologue.. not sure yet though
Hmm, where to put this down in my schedule...
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So, I read through the trial. There may be spoilers here, but since it's just the prologue, I don't consider them as such.

It started by introducing everyone in rather quick succession. That took a while, actually, considering the sheer number of characters. Naturally, the new ones had a little more time dedicated to themselves.

The humour continued in just the same pace and flavour as eariler, so that's all good. I especially like how no one really cares that there are clones, other than the regular idolising, but that's more because they're pretty girls than clones of famous people. In a strange world, people are used to strange things.

There's also the standard case of (almost) everyone new being impossibly strong, which raises the standard to even more absurd levels. It's not even certain Momoyo is on top anymore.

The new cast (of selectable girls) is interesting, and follows the general structure of the series, although with about once exception, they're kind of similar. Dark-haired fighters with personalities ranging from drunk to Yamato Nadeshiko, and some happy in-between. Now, the exception is the little girl, Momoshiro, who's Hideo's little sister. She's introduced as someone who's been spoiled to the heaven, and she knows it. Naturally, as she is younger (she skipped grades), she does have a childish side, but the surprising part is that she actually seems very reasonable and charismatic, to the point where she's at least on the same level as the rest of the cast, if not above average in maturity. Definitely above Wanko and Chris, and possibly Mayucchi (who's in the same grade).

I think there were two endings in the prologue. One, like most non-standard endings, was with Miyako, and one, much funnier, happened when Chris told him to "read the mood". That was such a shock to him the game ended right there, after a brief but hilarious ten-year-later epilogue.
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I ended up downloading this before I noticed that it was only partially translated (or rather, I saw that it was only partially downloaded and decided against it, then forgot and downloaded it.)

It's too shonen anime-ey for my tastes, so I'm sure it's not going to rank among my favorites, but the protagonist so far is not bad.
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I find it pretty ironic that Miyako is the last of the main heroines to have her route translated, when her route is by a wide margin the easiest to get into.

Realistically, I wouldn't want to date her, or even be friends with her, but I can't help feeling kind of bad for her.
...eventually, we will reach a maximum entropy state where nobody has their own socks or underwear, or knows who to ask to get them back.
Miyako is creepy. I don't really want to see her route.
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Well, maybe her route is mostly about her learning not to be creepy.
...eventually, we will reach a maximum entropy state where nobody has their own socks or underwear, or knows who to ask to get them back.
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You know, as out of place as it would be in a setting where the Prime Minister of Japan is free to compete in an urban battle royale alongside high school students, I'd really like to see an ending where after taking Chris back and trying to stop the Kazama family with his military connections, Chris's dad loses his job for abusing his powers as a general and wasting taxpayer money on personal matters.
...eventually, we will reach a maximum entropy state where nobody has their own socks or underwear, or knows who to ask to get them back.
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No, the other one.
I actually dislike shonen action in general (I prefer seinen and relationship-focused shonen, shoujo, and some josei), but I found this game (and anime) to be interesting. I even wrote a fanfic about it. (Thanks for the inspiration, Feather!)

Which really is my main point with this post, actually. I'm on-and-off thinking about it (along with half a dozen other projects) and what to do with a continuation, but I've kinda run into a snag, so I've not written anything in ages. Not that I'm a fast writer anyway; my fics take time.

Does anyone have a good idea for Kokoro and Wanko to get into a fight, which escalates to involve Aoi and Yamato as well? Preferably something serious enough to have high stakes, but not to alienate them. Something along the lines of getting one character to do an embarrassing favour/task, or switching class.

I know, it should be easy to figure out, considering the fighting spirit (read: hot-headedness) in these characters, but I'm just running blanks on ideas I actually want to write. I also realise there have been a lot of duels already, but they're just so fun to write. Even this one, despite being somewhat tedious to write. You'll see. Eventually. Maybe.

I'm not going to be in a position to write much for a few weeks, I think, but I'm always thinking about my various stories. I've also only recently joined TV Tropes, but I've lurked far longer.
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An argument over who has the flattest chest. Who knows?
Playing a bit of S. Nakata Jouji has some weird roles, though I guess I'm just used to thinking of him as Kotomine. Really, this VN has some a really good cast of VAs when you think about it.

Anyway I guess I finished the Iyo mini route. I don't think I really want to do Monshiro route. But eh, completion. Plus it looks like the next patch will probably be out before too much longer.

Aw, I was hoping not being a pedophile would have a proper branching for some reason at this choice. No such luck, but at least it's not a bad ending.

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Information about what seems to be another release is out. Azumi, Benkei and Yoshitsune routes. Also some people I don't really recognize and some minor characters like the maids Lee and Stacy.
New S patch out. Margit, Kokoro and the Kosugi sidestory. Apparently they're more or less nothing but sex scenes.
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No, the other one.
Sort of like Momoyo's "epilogue"?

Also seems like the new patch has been taken down already.

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Scroll down through the comments and you'll be able to see it.

And yes. There's a brief setup and then it's just one sex scene after another for Margit. Though you get to meet Yamato's parents. I haven't read Kokoro's yet.

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No, the other one.
Thanks. I was looking at the wrong place. Well, assuming it works, since I'm not on my main computer, and I won't be for another one or two months. The building I live in is going through a complete renovation (mainly switching all the pipelines), so I can't live there.

I'm more interested in Kokoro's path, which may or may not have been obvious. It also may or may not inspire me to continue on the fanfic I wrote. Well, I have inspiration, I just don't have time, since I'm working on other projects...
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I don't think you're going to get much inspiration. It's like Margit's route except it doesn't even pretend to have any drama. Hm, I suppose Tsubame will have a proper route at least.

Man, they are really milking this franchise. They were even laughing about it in Monshiro's route.

Can't wait to check Kokoro's route too,definetely NOT for the sole reason of hearing Kaori Mizuhashi moaning sex,NOT AT ALL...
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No, the other one.
Well, now I've read it, and I got a little out of it. However, I think it sort of contradicted some previous things just for the sake of the plot. For instance, I just don't find it plausible that she wouldn't have anyone outside her family on her phone. I mean, at the very least Aoi should've traded contact information with her, and probably a few others in the class. It also played up her Butt-Monkey status a little too much for someone who's supposed to be smart enough to place 13th in the exam, which is roughly in the top third of the S class.

On the good side, hermit crabs. Plural. Also, surpringly, while tedious as usual for the games, her sex scenes actually kept her personality instead of reducing her to the standard blandness. Probably has to do with that she's got a coin-flip temper/insecure personality to begin with, but anyway. And despite being borderline Jun's taste, she wasn't lolified at all, which is always a plus.

Yamato, on the other hand, actually felt kind of boring here. I liked him a lot before.
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