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It's totally not alcohol even if we're all going to end up acting drunk. Completely, surely and without a doubt not alcohol.

Do we have a trope for that ridiculous thing Japan does with not allowing the portrayal of minors drinking? Of course, that particular scene was so over the top that they were clearly just mocking it.

Also, Tadakatsu is great. I don't even know why since he's like a giant walking cliche but somehow it works anyway.

Miyako is starting to creep me out a little.

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Something like Frothy Mugs of Water? But yeah, it's a little bit ridiculous. And a little bit lampshaded. And parodied.

He's got a stereotypical personality, but it's not a personality you'd expect from a person with that kind of role in the story. That's probably why it works better than it should.

Miyako is creepy. She does have her limits, but those limits are not normal limits. Then again, there are really no normal characters there anyway...
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Okay, not a fan of Chris' first H scene.

Also, regarding Miyako: I seriously don't think I could stay friends with someone like that. The stalking is getting kind of hard to put up with especially when in every route she's just sitting around waiting for him to fail. I'll get you eventually, my pretty!

The teasing about other routes is kinda amusing. Sadly, the route they're referring to hasn't been translated yet.

Seems I have the wrong patch installed: Getting untranslated lines in Wanko's events. Fixed. Anyway, I kinda like the 'fight' mechanics or whatever where one heroine stops the others events from being able to play. Chris and Mayucchi didn't have any so I was starting to think only Momoyo did but hey! Now Wanko is in on it.

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Miyako haters. I see her in a more sympathetic light. If her antics weren't usually played for laughs it would be creepy, but I never found it strange when it's alongside Mayucchi talking to her cell phone strap and Wanko's body being conditioned to automatically come at the blow of a whistle.
I have no idea.
She's a stalker and the part that probably bothers me most isn't played for laughs: In all the other routes, she's just waiting for Yamato to fail. When he doesn't, she refuses to move on. That's pretty unhealthy and makes it so I see all the earlier stalking behavior equally unhealthy.

Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen Yamato being Oblivious to Love even once. Well, Chris is sending out some tsundere crush signals in this route but if it's ambiguous enough for the audience not to be able to tell for sure if it's meaningful then it's not fair to expect him to.

Sigh, if Miyako is the main heroine of the True route I'm going to be pissed. Wanko's route was kinda boring. Time for Umeko then Hermit and then I guess I'm all caught up and have to wait for two more releases before I see anything interesting boooooo.

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I pretty much think Miyako isn't a good choice for heroine for that reason. Well, partially. The anime, and I assume her route too, expands on why she fell in love with him. I've personally had a similar relationship myself, and that did not work out for reasons that are obvious if you analyse it in any depth. Short version, some things work well to start a relationship, but they completely fail as the base of one.

Chris' first H-scene is very debatable, even in the light of everything else that doesn't follow real world standards. In the best light I can imagine it, she was just too stupid to realise her true feelings, which probably is what they aimed for. How it came out... less bright light.

Wanko's route wasn't really that interesting, with the exception of some scenes, like the whistle towards the end, or the hotel sneak scene (though out of the several similar scenes, I prefer the one where Momoyo caught him, in an oddly touching scene). I see her much more suitable as a little sister character. A fiercly loyal such. In that role I really like her.
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Cure Candy
@Arha Its Drunk on Milk

Man I really need to get this VN, I actually liked the anime quite a bit.
That's not the same thing, that's just what the result of it was. Well, they were blatantly drinking alcohol so that's not what the result was either.

Well, no matter.
Oh, I just remembered the first Chris H-scene. That's the most uncomfortable H-scene I've ever read. I can't believe no other guy has thought of raping his girlfriend to get her to change her mind about something! BRILLIANT!
I have no idea.
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Now It's Ange Time
So I got caught up to all the translated routes.

I think this is easily my favorite visual novel so far.

I love all the humor and most of the characters, the Kazama family are a great group of characters with great interaction and decent character development, and there are lots of over-the-top badass scenes.

I do agree that the first Chris H-scene was really dumb and I couldn't enjoy the rest of her route as much but other than that I really liked everything else.

I'm excited for Miyako's route to be TL'd but it looks like it'll be a while sadly...

What's everyone's favorite route so far?

Mine is easily Momoyo's, I really loved the Kawakami War.

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Probably Momoyo or Mayucchi's. I liked that Yamato buckled down and started taking things seriously in Momoyo's route while Mayucchi tends to be a highly entertaining character. The tournament was also pretty interesting.
[up]I would agree with that. Momoyo's route has better romance and a more interesting overall plot, but Mayucchi's route has a lot of interesting scenes.

I especially like Momoyo's route because he works to better himself. Not that I'm particularly fond of the "deserving to date someone" angle (people, emotions, and forgiveness are not things you "deserve"), but it's nice to see a protagonist who acts on his own, and not just cater to whatever female he happens to pursue. Though Momoyo doesn't actually think he needs to deserve her, just be someone she can build a meaningful relationship with.

Mayucchi's route was better in the non-relationship parts, I think. Her quest to gather friends was just fun to follow, and I found it terribly amusing that she managed to befriend Fushikawa, who's somewhat notoriously unfriendly. At least on the surface. Also one of my favourite characters.
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Yeah Yukie's was probably my second favorite, moreso because I liked her quest to get more friends. As the above person said her befriending Kokoro was quite great.
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I like Mayucchi's the most so far of the ones I read. Mostly because you become friendlies with Norio Wakamoto
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Now It's Ange Time
the Norio Wakamoto character was pretty great
Do you think he was hammy? I think he was hammy.

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Started Majikoi last night and going for Mayucchi's route first. Hmm, this game's like a dating sim, huh? I really like the overall happy atmosphere. I'm glad I picked this up since I need something to cheer me up after going through Alternative.

Man, I wish my group of friends was this close in high school.

Also, Fate/stay night references, Yuko Goto voicing all these random people, great meta humor, and random anime/VN/voice actor references everywhere.

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There needs to be a Matsukaze route.
Oh gods, Norio Wakamoto being a bro to Mayucchi.

"I'm just a passing-through Prime Minister." I guess it's true that Norio Wakamoto makes everything instantly better.

Ahaha, Shouichi is getting hit on by homos. Bridge of Weirdos indeed.
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Mayucchi route done. That was pretty short, though sweet and heartwarming. The H-scene was way too long though. Yuko Goto is fucking glorious.

I really like Yamato. Smart protagonists are really the way to go.

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Mayucchi have the same voice as Ririko was so weird for me.

Yamato is a fairly good protagonist. The blatant cheating is nice. Didn't really like him in Chris' route though.

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Yeah, it makes him a lot less of a pushover. Even with someone as pushy as Momoyo.

I've never found it weird to hear one voice I associate with one character from the mouth of someone completely different. Well, one case where I found the implication funny, but that was about it.

[up][up]I really think cutting the latter half of about all H-scenes would make for a good improvement. If you really want that much, it's better to spread it out. Where it fits. Then again, it's easier to ignore if it's in one clump... Though personally I find it a bit amusing that it was actually one of the H-scenes that brought me to the game in the first place... I'd only seen the first episode of the anime months before.

I really liked the befriending parts of Mayucchi's route, and that's what held it up. She really has a knack for getting unlikely friends.
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You know what would be fun? Majikoi Alternative. They can probably beat up all the BETA with their YAMATO DAMASHII.

Anyway, I don't like Chris, and I'm iffy about going through her route from what I've been hearing. And Miyako doesn't interest me that much. I'm guessing I'll be done with this game once I finish Momoyo's and Wanko's routes. And maybe the side routes and the true ending once those get translated.

The hermit crab route was... uh. I don't know what to think about that.
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Chris seems to be the least liked of them all. People usually complain about tsunderes, since it's such a common archetype (unlike, you know, most other ones that appear just as often), but in this case, I'd say it's one of her better traits.
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I'll probably skim through Miyako's route myself. She honestly gives me the creeps. I'm more looking forward to the side routes and the true route.

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