Top 3 Video Game Controllers:

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1 Nikkolas19th Mar 2012 02:39:35 PM from Texas , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
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A topic that I hear about every now and then but haven't actually seen a thread on...

This idea came to me when i recently got my Xbox 360. I was looking over teh controller and said "huh. So it's basically a PS2 controller but with the buttons slightly re-arranged."

I was worried you see because I remember a lot of people telling me the Xbox controller was shit but I guess that was for the original one.

Me I have no idea which are my favorites. I'm pretty sure there is quite a bit of diversity out there though which is why I chose Top 3.

So there you have it. Which video game console controllers are your favorite and why.
Do I have to cut it down to 3?

You see, I believe in having the right tool for the job, so my gaming peripheral collection is quite diverse. KB+M, gamepads, arcade sticks, flight sticks, racing wheels, head-tracking devices, 3D motion controllers, and other things that can't be easily classified like the rest.
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  1. Wii and nunchuck
  2. Gamecube
  3. Dualshock 2

As for why...Comfort is a part of this. All of these? They fit very comfortably in my hands. They are also comfortable to use when it comes to pressing buttons. Yes the Gamecube controller looks like art student vomit, but it does its job very well.

Wii and nunchuck are at the top due to being part of my favorite control schemes I've come across in games. When someone manages to actually work with the thing in a competent manner something awesome is created. Whether it be something highly motion dependent like Skyward Sword or something where the control scheme just gives me this convenience and feel of ease like Sonic Colors.

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4 CTM19th Mar 2012 07:42:42 PM from Connecticut
My favorite overall is probably the Cube controller. It just feels so right to me, for like every type of game I've played with it.

Second is the Dual Shock. I'll jsut count 'em all as one since for all intents and purposes they're the same controller. It's a formula they've stuck with for over a decade because it just works for pretty much every type of game. Overall, I think the Cube's felt a little better, but Dual Shocks are still pretty fantastic.

Third I'd go with the Wii Remote, due to the many ways it can be maneuvered and manipulated to fit whatever kind of game it's being used for.

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Gamecube at number one. Just perfectly fitting.

Followed by X-Box 360. Also very fitting, though some of the buttons are just a little too much.

Then... I dunno, I guess the Wii and Nunchuck, but it's pretty down there.

Worst is probably any Playstation controller. I still have not figured what kind of alien race Sony designed it for.
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6 Sabbo20th Mar 2012 01:21:19 AM from Australia , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
My only complaints out of every controller I've used are the original Classic Controller (which had the cord go out the wrong way), and the X360 controller, which is far too bulky. And apparently it's better than the original XBox's?

But other than that, I don't really have any preferences.

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Mouse & Keyboard. After that, I'd have to say the SNES controller and then maybe the Dual Shock. Every Nintendo controller after the SNES had some kind of little annoying thing that bugs me.

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  • 1. GameCube: I still remember when I first held it, the first thought in my head was how comfortable it felt in my kiddy hands.
  • 2. Dual Shock: Just a good, well designed controller.
  • 3. SNES: Also comfortable for me, also loved its layout.

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Gamecube and Mouse/Keyboard are tied for first, then Dualshock 2.

Gamecube because the controller is very comfortable in even moderately large hands, like mine. It's very easy to explain to people because the colors really stick out. Lastly, the main button, A, is right in the middle, which makes getting to other buttons faster than going from A to Y on the Xbox.

M/K because it can do everything.

Dualshock 2 because it's a nice size, it's comfortable, and has a nice appearance.

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11 terlwyth20th Mar 2012 08:13:29 AM , Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?

1. Xbox Controller S 2. Nintendo 64 controller 3. 3 Button Genesis controller
12 Risetteer20th Mar 2012 08:18:52 AM from from from from from from , Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
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  • 1. DualShock 2/3, obviously. It's the most efficient, most comfortable controller I've ever used.
  • 2. Wiimote cuz gimmicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 3. GameCube because I can't think of anything else.
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13 RichReeders20th Mar 2012 08:43:10 AM from Watching this muffin.
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Ever check the range of a PS3 controller?

I can start my PS3 from the fucking basement.
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14 Ramus20th Mar 2012 08:50:03 AM from some computer somwhere.
No preference, I've liked all of the controllers I've held and that's because they were designed to be comfortable and usable for the system they were designed for. If I had to pick which one I now find most preferable, that'd be the keyboard and mouse but I can really do any of them and enjoy it all the same.
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  • 1. Xbox 360
  • 2. Gamecube
  • 3. PS2
16 TamH7020th Mar 2012 11:17:29 AM , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
1/ Dual Shock 2. 2/ Dual Shock (Ps One version, natch) 3/ Xbox 360 Wired Controller. (because, no batteries to die on you when you are neck deep in Ghouls or Super Mutants0
17 Mukora20th Mar 2012 01:56:44 PM from a place , Relationship Status: I made a point to burn all of the photographs
1. Xbox 360 Controller, it just feels so much better than any other controller for me.

2... yeah, I got nothing for my second and third favourites. GameCube controller was alright, I guess.
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Gamecube controller? Nope. Fps controls just don't work particularly well on that thing, and my thumb always hurts after playing Super Smash Bros Melee. The shoulder buttons have too much resistance, the Z button is difficult to touch due to its position next to the gigantic shoulder button, the D-pad and C-stick are sitting next to each other for God knows what reason... I hate the Gamecube controller.

Still, it's better than the worst controller ever, the N-64's handbreaking three-pronged monstrosity, and at least it wasn't fucking huge like the original Xbox controller.

For best? Hmmm...

  • 3. Wii-mote and numbchuck, when used well. It's a nice idea because it allows the person to move their arms independently instead of always being stuck clutched next to each other.
  • 2. The Playstation 1/2/3 controller. Seriously, there's a reason Sony reused their design twice, barely changing a few elements. 360 controller is also good, since it's so similar.
  • 1. Mouse and Keyboard. So many buttons! So much precision!

But the real winner is, of course, the Dance Dance Revolution dance pad.

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1) Dreamcast. The only one ever ever had that's actually comfortable 2) That standard design everyone is using now. It's functional 3) Mouse and keyboard. Works well for a great variety of things
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The best controller is the SNES one. There may be some nostalgia involved, since I didn't have one myself and only played it when I was visiting my aunt and cousins, so playing SNES and even holding it's controller was something special. Still, I think that it's the controller.

Of course, it's noteworthy that Playstation controllers, which barely changed over time (even today the biggest change are the thumbsticks and they are around since the very first Dualshock), are based on it, which shows how much of a winner the SNES controller is.

Second place goes for Dualshock for above reason. Can't really pinpoint a third one, though. It sure as hell isn't the N64 one.

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...All right, might as well pick three.

1: Microsoft SideWinder Force-Feedback 2 Joystick. It's a Cult Classic piece of hardware in the flight sim community, and for good reason-it's precise, reliable, and the centering forces are smoother, tighter, and generally better than just about any other force-feedback stick on the market. While it doesn't have a lot of buttons (8 buttons + hat switch) and is a far cry from a full-fledged HOTAS setup, it does the basics very well.

2: Spacetec SpaceOrb 360. Haven't found a better input device for Descent, not just because it's a 6DoF 3D motion controller, but because it actually removes the turn speed limits in the original DOS releases of the first two Descent games to the point where it's considered cheating to use it in multiplayer. (The Mac port has similar reception due to the turn speed limits being lifted with mouse input, from what I've read.)

3: The Steel Battalion controller. Not just because of the controller itself, but what it represents: a time in the gaming industry when people were clearly Doing It for the Art, even if it had a niche audience.

...What, you didn't like my unusual choices? Fine, have some console gamepads, though this won't be so easy for me.

1: Xbox 360 gamepad, just for ergonomic reasons.

Fits my hands like a glove. However, there are drawbacks: the face buttons are no longer pressure-sensitive like the original Xbox pads (and the Dual Shock 2/3), the analog sticks have too much center play for my liking (sometimes exceeding the software deadzone), the D-Pad is bad (thankfully not SideWinder Freestyle Pro-level abysmal, but still worse than the Xbox Controller S), and DirectInput support is lacking unless you use the XBCD drivers instead of Microsoft's default drivers.

Still, its ergonomics win me over from the technically-superior DualShock 3.

2: Sega Saturn analog pad. Has a 6-face-button layout that suits some games better, and for the analog controls, it uses contactless Hall effect sensors instead of potentiometers, thus you don't have to worry about it spiking eventually. The triggers have way too much firmware-imposed deadzone, though.

3: Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk. The IR pointer provides the most precise aim on consoles short of connecting a computer mouse, MotionPlus allows for some of the best sword combat I've had since Die By The Sword, and it's generally a great input device when utilized properly. Too bad it's paired with an underpowered console for the time being...

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22 Mukora21st Mar 2012 01:08:45 PM from a place , Relationship Status: I made a point to burn all of the photographs
SNES controller
... Wasn't it just a rectangle?

Or was that the NES controller?

All I know, is one of them sucked ass.
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23 MasterInferno21st Mar 2012 01:41:27 PM from Tomb of Malevolence , Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
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That was the NES controller, which also had concave buttons. It's like Nintendo was going for maximum hand hurtage (though there were eventually sensible controllers made for it).


1. Dual Shock: easy to hold; every button is in a sensible, easily accessible place.

2. Wii Remote + Nunchuk: tied with the above really, very intuitive to use and the best for FPS by far.

3. GCN Controller: wins as far as comfort goes, but the button placement is downright odd.

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What would you guys say are the worst three video game controllers? Excluding the Power Glove, of course.

3. Atari Jaguar: It's huge and unwieldy, and its has a hard-to-reach key pad for anything greater than three buttons.

2. NES: As mentioned before, this fucker hurts to play.

1. The Nintendo 64, king of freakish ergonomics. How the hell do you hold this thing?

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Left on the middle prong and right on the third for most games. For those like Mischief Makers left and right prongs in the respective hands. It always seemed rather self explanatory to me as a child.

As for these things.

Atari Jaguar is just a mess, the standard CD-I controller is a huge piece of shit and the others are just barely better than a remote with a stick on it...

But the Atari 5200 wins. Why? Because the motherfucker didn't work. It also had the weird and fucking phone pad thing and four side buttons when most of the games were just things you could get on the 2600 anyway. Even when they did work they didn't work well. Really the one thing they had going for them was a pause button.

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