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Super Mega Hyper Blaster CROSSOVER! (With Zombies!) ~ The RP:

Loli Psychometer Level 7
"Hmm... no, no, not good at all..." A small girl was floating over a small village. The village was being torn apart, trash and debris was all in the streets, and there was a fire starting in another area. Some zombies seemed to be floating along, destroying rooftops. Luckily everyone had been evacuated to a more defensible city.

"No, things are supposed to be quiet and easy in this world, so why is that stupid mean man doing this? I'm tired of this, time to summon some help!" She floated to the edge of the village and began to run from there.

"I'll need a 'Mana Zone' for this, I think. I'll be summoning so many people... I already know who to call! Demon Slayers, a Zombie to fight zombies yes! Also, powerful magic users, though they can't do stuff everywhere so I'll need someone with big melee weapons, also some gun users... yes, yes!"

As she continued mumbling to herself, she was running into an area that was becoming more and more filled with life. It seems the zombies invasions weren't getting in this direction yet, though that's probably because there were no people. The plants grew greener, there was more grass, and eventually there were plenty of little animals and bugs just hiding away from the newcomer.

She found the spot she wanted, which was a large circular shaped patch of sand. She walked into it and immediately felt the absurd boosts to mana that the Zone gave.

"Hm... Don't want to disorient them too much, so I'll make sure to have everyone appear outside of the Zone. I'll have to explain Zones too... wish I could just give them all the information through the summoning, it'd be a lot easier than having to explain what's going on here... OH Well~~" She danced inside the circle, and performed what appeared to be a short but complicated ballet with no audience. At the end of her dance, the patch of sand glowed and a large magic circle appeared.

She stepped outside of the patch of sand and the circle followed her, and stepped into the middle of a very soft area of grass and nice plants, "And thus the summoning was... COMPLETE!"

With that declaration, every single person she summoned appeared at once, sitting comfortably or standing straight up. Of course, the disorientation of being in a new world may throw them off a bit, especially if they had been doing something.

Interestingly enough, anyone and everyone who was here who could fly would find that they could not, at the moment, except for Reimu. Also, no vehicles or mechs appeared here yet either. (Both of these will be explained)

"What's all this then?!" One of the people summoned, a rather large fellow (Much larger than a human should be capable of in most universes) who's face was covered in makeup, was saying, "Oi! Where am I?"

Giving people a chance to react to being summoned, and then things will be explained
 2 Raineh Daze, Mon, 19th Mar '12 9:41:47 AM from Stirling Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Mu
It was probably a good thing for Reimu that she could fly; going from the air above the Hakurei Shrine to just standing there would have been awkward. She was not pleased to see that whoever had rudely yoinked her from her home had brought the oni that often mooched off of her along. It'd actually been a few months since Suika visited, having spent most of her time up in heaven, but her visits stuck in the memory...

The Old Axe Armour, meanwhile, stood there looking at the sky with a vacant expression.
What is a durian? A miserable little pile of secrets!
 3 Anno R, Mon, 19th Mar '12 9:51:02 AM from Honnouji Academy Get RP Mod
"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
Going from an slightly drunk stupor to as fully alert as she ever was couldn't have been more then a little disorienting. Suika blinked, then looked around. She wasn't particularly steady on her feet, and swayed even as she stood still. Her gourd, of course, was sill clutched in her hand. Needless to say, she was rather baffled by the sudden change in scenery. Being baffled meant taking another drink of sake of course, which she quickly did before trying to puzzle out just what was going on. In Suika's state of perpetual drunkenness, this yielded practically negative results. Instead, she decided to turn towards the nearest-oh hey who was that in the sky?

Red and white... that was her, alright!

"Hakurei... Hakurei-san! Not seeing ya since... since... a long time ago. Months!" the small oni greeted the flying miko, taking yet another drink of sake. "How are ya?"
"Oh, dear. The toad, the monkey, and the dog have all screwed up."
 4 Deadbeatloser 22, Mon, 19th Mar '12 9:57:29 AM from A cat basket over there. Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
The Butterfly on your Shoulder.
The summoning ritual caused a young girl to appear in the circle. She staggered slightly due to the disorientation, her long blonde hair flowing behind her in two large tails. She was also wearing a black jacket, a short white skirt and a yellow long-sleeved t-shirt. Since this was clearly not Uminari City, she only had one question:

"Where am I, and who are all of you?"

Well, two questions then.

edited 19th Mar '12 10:08:09 AM by Deadbeatloser22

I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it. - Bill Gates
The blonde boy blinked, clearly confused by the turn of events. Apparently, Twilight Town had an alley that led to the middle of a forest and a large assortment of strange characters. Not that Roxas hadn't seen strange characters before, but they usually fit into the aesthetic of a world. This... felt like a random gathering.

One of the more noticeable oddities was the little child with large horns and a gourd, acting... strange. The Nobody had never really experienced drunkenness before, so seeing a child act this way was incredibly strange. And apparently she was seeing people in the s- oh wait there was someone in the sky.

...Guess the pixie dust works here? Roxas wondered. Although he didn't yet summon his Keyblade, he was on guard.

Wild Horse
"Mmm... Yes..." Contented mumbles of enjoyment emanated from a futon that covered its inhabitant with a layer of padding. "Call me onii-chan..." At this point, one wouldn't need much thinking to figure out the person in question was having the classic good dream. "Why yes, you feel strangely hard and not really pudding like-" With a start the teenager woke up once he found out that he was actually lying on pieces of rock. "...Did I get kidnapped?" Was all he said with a sleepy face, as he stretched out and yawned. Supernatural things happened quite frequently around him, so this wasn't as surprising to the boy as it was to others.
Always be ready to do the unusual and unexpected.
 7 Stratofarius, Mon, 19th Mar '12 10:03:01 AM Get RP Mod Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
Trust me.
Aang continued to laugh, not noticing the fact that he wasn't in camp anymore, surrounded by his friends. With his staff strapped to his back, Aang slapped his knee, the laugh getting louder and louder. It was only when he noticed the fact that Sokka didn't say "cut it out", or that he couldn't hear Katara's or Toph's laugh, that he stopped laughing. He slowly looked around, raising his eyebrows:

"Uh... guys?... Katara? Sokka? Toph?"

Grabbing his staff and getting up on his feet, he looked at all the other people and... well... creatures surrounding him, and looked a little worried:

"Wait... where... where am I?"
"Well that was weird." Rex said. The number of times he had been teleported to random locations without warning had left him relatively unsurprised. To him the most surprising thing was the number of people that had been brought to the same spot as him.

The fun ends here.
Confront them with annihilation, and they will then survive; plunge them into a deadly situation, and they will then live. When people fall into danger, they are then able to strive for victory. - Sun Tzu

August, 1968

Those RED commies dug their filthy heels into the sand of that desert hellhole and dared us to come after them. And by God, we did. We kicked their tails across Teufort, through the Dustbowl, and out the other side of the Gravel Sea. We kicked those SORRY MAGGOTS so HARD that they will have to spend the next SIX WEEKS picking BOOTLACES out of their POSTERIORS! As God and America is my witness, THERE IS NOTHING THAT WILL TEAR BLU APART!

April, 1985.

The apartment was not a place that any sane person would want to spent more than five minutes in, particularily if they were alone. The lights were permanently off; the mountains of unpaid electric bills provided an explantion for that. The walls were a veritable display of patriotism. Helmeted men lined up, shotguns cocked and ready, underneath squadrons of bombers and patriotic slogans. Burly woman rolled up their sleeves and prepared to plant victory gardens. Crates of tomato soup and ribs were piled up in front of the door, accompanied by an overturned table- a table with a large rusty shovel taped to the bottom of it. "NO SOLICITORS!" exclaimed a scribbled sign hung on the door. "DO NOT TEST ME!" said another sign, hastily added on below the first one.

Any hypothetical roommate would probably want to spend even less time if they were in the apartment with its sole occupant. He was a tall, grizzled man- the scars on his face and arms attested to a hard-fought life. His hair was mostly white now, but his eyes were still bright and alert. On his head was a helmet- rusty, battered, well-worn from what apparently was a lifetime of trench warfare. His name was, incongruously, Jane Doe. But to him, and to the eight best friends he had ever known, he would always think of himself as his callsign, his battlefield role: Soldier.

It had been 17 years since the War. His old war buddies had long since moved on. And before long, he grimly mused to himself, he'd be forced to go to some pinko retirement home and be forced to play bingo. With other old people. Before long he'd be a soft little old man being forced to eat tapioca pudding and watch communist television. The thought of a decorated war hero (Even if nobody else recognized his home-made medals) being forced to give up his beloved rocket launcher was intolerable. Any year now, he thought to himself, they would show up and drag him away...

And so that was why, on this fine spring morning, Jane Doe, the Soldier, was hunched over his table, shotgun cocked and ready for anyone to set foot in his apartment. He had been sitting here waiting for, oh, a couple months now? He didn't really mind continually lying in wait anyways; it reminded him of being pinned down in the gravelpit, or the siege of 2fort... Good times.

What Soldier was not expecting, of course, was for him to be scooped up by some kind of spacial anomaly and deposited in some kind of forest.

"... WHAT is GOING ON!" he bellowed. Every bark was pronounced with the precise clip of a seasoned drill instructor, although the battered, scorched rocket launcher he was carrying (How had his old rocket launcher found his way into his hands again?) and shotgun strapped to his back suggestred that he was anything other than a trained military instructor.

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Why, if we were all wiener dogs, then all our problems would be solved!
Organized Canine Bureau Special Agent
The last thing Stone Wong remembered was that he was suppose to be killed in a room full of fuel drums during a Special Duties Unit operation. He groaned while still on the ground, still having his weapons (Consisting of a MP5A3 and a Glock 17 on the holster strapped on his left leg with a Fairbarn-Sykes knife and some flashbangs) and his gear with him. The man wore a white shirt, jeans and tac boots on.

"Did I get him?" Stone asked himself as he was sprawled on the ground, back first: He didn't feel the back of his tactical vest pressing on his back and all since he felt a bit dizzy. "That's the last time I'll try that stunt ever in my career... Oh....."

The Eurasian felt pain on his chest before he could continue.

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"Exit muna si Polgas. Ang kailangan dito ay si Dobermaxx!"
 11 Teh Stanman, Mon, 19th Mar '12 12:32:19 PM from The States Get RP Mod Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
Code: Biri-Biri
The green armored reploid stood there, blades out, arms in front of him, as he prepared for the explosion of Omega. After waiting for 5 seconds, he let his arms fall. What he saw was a big surprise.

"What the-?!"

There were several strange characters whom he had never seen before around him.

What trickery is this, Weil?

At the moment, they did not appear to be hostile, and more... confused. Harpuia blends in quite nicely.
Sometimes, I like to lie down on the floor and pretend I'm a carrot.
A young girl with black hair and wearing a school uniform with black and white striped thigh-high socks sat comfortably on the ground. It wasn't that Sato Kimi was used to being randomly teleported or getting sent to other dimensions, more that she was too engrossed in the manga she was reading to fully register what was happening around her.

Shauntal blinked and looked around, confused. Very confused. One minute, she was in her bedroom, getting ready to go out and face the day's challengers, hoping there would be someone among them that could give her inspiration for her next novel. The next, she was was in a field surrounded by some really, really strange looking people. She didn't even have time to put her collar on before this happened. Whatever this was. Maybe it was like when Cynthia got sucked into the Distortion World? But there were plenty of people here, and the world didn't look anywhere near as weird as Cynthia's explanation made that place sound. On the plus side, there were a lot of interesting looking characters around, maybe she'd be able to start that new book today after all.

Rubicante, the Autarch of Flame stood calmly, occasionally glancing around at the other, more confused members of the group. How many times had he been summoned now? This would be the fifth, if the archfiend remembered correctly. Death was almost beginning to lose its impact.
Loli Psychometer Level 7
Frick, sorry everyone. >.< Stupid stupid stupid... I fell asleep, probably due to my lack of sleep over the last week or so, but ... gah. I meant to post over six hours ago.

"Ah, everyone! Please, settle down and give me your attention! Oh my that sounded rather attention whorey didn't it..." The young black haired girl said, before shaking her head.

"Right! Everyone, I've summoned you all here to help me! This world is one that was once peaceful, and now... now there's someone causing a big problem! Everyone is in danger and people are getting hurt, homes are being lost! It's horrible!" She finished her explanation with a serious look, her dress bouncing a little as she jumped and spun to make her points during her explanation.

Ivankov listened to the explanation intently, or so it seemed. He was clearly more interested in looking over some of the others gathered here.

"What kind of threat?" Asked a rather insignificant looking woman in armor, though her hair was bright blue.

The little girl continued punctuating some words with spins or a waving of her arms, "Ah! Right! It's zombies! A guy is bringing people back to life, and using them like an army of soldiers to take over the world!" It would be a little difficult to take her seriously, actually, at least for some present.
 14 Krautman, Mon, 19th Mar '12 8:15:18 PM from Hiding from the man, man Get RP Mod
Wood Man had been making rounds in the forest, checking the condition of some endangered trees before he'd been taken. He landed with a "thunk" that made it sound like someone had dropped a barrel.

"Wait, zombies? Like, shambling brain-eating monsters? Not good, man, not good."
...and that's terrible.
 15 Stratofarius, Mon, 19th Mar '12 8:24:48 PM Get RP Mod Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
Trust me.
"What the hell are you talkin' about?!"

The complaint came from an 18-year old shit, wearing a red shirt with its sleeves rolled up, track pants and running shoes. In his left hand, he held a metallic bat, swinging it around:

"Zombies? Ain' that those things from the movies?"

Aang looked at all the other people around him wih a mix of amazement and fear, distracting him from the only question in his mind: "where were his friends?"
Organized Canine Bureau Special Agent
Stone grumbled when he sat up, noting that he looked fine.

No shrapnel wounds. Looks like I'm okay after all.

He sat up and stood up properly in time to hear that he was summoned to take down zombies.

"Zombies? Is this for real?"
"Exit muna si Polgas. Ang kailangan dito ay si Dobermaxx!"
Wild Horse
"...Um... I'm a zombie." Ayumu said with a bit of amusement. "Though... I'm a bit different from a regular ones. So... shambling, dead corpses with a penchant for brains and guts, right?" The teenager asked as he began rolling up the futon to use it as a seat. "In any case..." The smile fled his face as he finally became serious. "Yes... this does seem like quite a problem. I can see why you called in help..."
Always be ready to do the unusual and unexpected.
 18 Luke Prowler, Mon, 19th Mar '12 10:48:49 PM from a Space Hulk, somewhere Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Healthy, deeply-felt respect for this here Shotgun
Da biggest Warboss 'ere
It was over. Hell was a smoldering pit (more than it already was) and what was left of the demons that spawned from it cowered along the ruin. Their big boss, their supposed harbinger of distributions, was dead. A single man, one human, had fought his way through the legion of Hell and their bastions of bone and flesh to tear them down and kill the mastermind who attacked earth. You would think they would have saw that coming, as this was the second time he did this. Flynn Taggart, aka "Doom guy", took the scenic route back to the portal home, since the quick was was filled to the brim with bodies and no doubt very angry demons. He mused where the souls of the wicked would now do, but he really couldn't care. He was just getting sick of the smell of brimstone and zombies.

As he stopped to looked over one of the strongholds he destroyed with some fond memories, he felt the all too similar tug from being pulled into another dimension. Had he accidentally stepped on a teleporter? The cliff he was watching from was deserted of any kind of building and there was no markings on the ground. Had some demon wanted to get the last laugh he assumed shooting him the back would have been much quicker. He didn't know where he would appear, but he was not about to die there after what he has gone through already.

Once he arrived, he found himself in a place that was much nicer looking than what he expected. In fact, the green landscape looked far better than the earth he came from though that was partly the fault of the demon invasion. Beside the landscape, the space marine saw that he was surrounded by a very, very strange set of people, composed mostly of little girls and pretty boys. The only half decent person there was carrying equipment that looked like it belonged in a world war 2 museum and the man himself looked just as old and half crazy (though that last one was a plus in his eyes). Whatever hope that this place was home and these people were just weirdos was thrown out the window when most of them started asking where they were, prompting a look of frustration from the marine rather than confusion.

"At least tell me I'm on Earth" he asked the whatever entity (he had not yet figured out who was the guy in charge, though he guessed it was the girl in red and white outfit flying above them) the others were trying to ask, even if it's to no one "Earth I can handle"

After the summoner finally ousted herself and told them why they were summoned, Flynn instantly lost interest and instead decided to check his gear. Thankfully, he did not lose anything this time. The fact that he has been pulled into another dimension didn't seem to phase him at all, tanking a romp through Hell made everything else look like old hat "Listen, I feel sorry for your world, really, " he lied "my own just got invaded by demons. But your problems are not my problem, so if you'd just be so kind as to send me back, then that'd be great"

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Sometimes I even amaze myself. Currently: You're dead, get over it.
"...Zombies?" Roxas repeated with some confusion. Zombies... didn't Axel call him a zombie once?

"We're fighting Nobodies?" Roxas asked the odd little girl, his naivete clearly showing. Having never actually been told what a zombie was, he was a tad unclear on the specifics. Sounded like emotionless creatures to him. But... why so many people? To be honest, Roxas felt he could take them himself. He was an ex-member of the organisation after all...

 20 Raineh Daze, Tue, 20th Mar '12 4:38:26 AM from Stirling Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Mu
Reimu glanced at the self-proclaimed zombie. Not decaying in the slightest at all, unless he was like the jiang shi she'd had to deal with a few weeks ago and was rotting in the brain department. Maybe the zombies they were going to get rid of would actually be decaying, though? It would make a welcome change and there would be less stupidity to have to deal with.

Suika was studiously ignored for the moment.

"Dracula's castle was full of zombies. And skeletons. And Death. And then Death and Dracula joined together, " the Old Axe Armour said, visor up and voice, for the moment, female, "I had to hit them a lot of times before they would go away."
What is a durian? A miserable little pile of secrets!
Shauntal stared at the summoner. Was this girl serious? On one hand, it could be a chance to try writing something new in a genre outside her comfort zone, on the other hand, she'd be fighting the legions of the undead. She reached down and checked one of the pokeballs at her waist, at the very least she had her team with her. She was sure they could handle a few rotting corpses. Of course, this was all if what the little girl said was true, and the more she thought about it, Shauntal had trouble believing it was. After all, she was just a child.

Of course, even if it was just a little girl's imagination going wild, it could make for a decent story. The trainer pulled out a pen and a small notepad and began jotting something down, mumbling as she went. "The armies of the dead poised to rule the world, all that stands between them and their goal is-" she paused, glancing around at the others in the area. She turned her attention back to her notepad and continued writing, "an extremely ragtag group of heroes."
Rubicante listened to their summoner, it was...nice to be on the side fighting against the destruction or conquest of the world for once, but at the same time, without meaning any disrespect to Scarmiglione, he didn't believe anyone but himself would be needed to deal with some zombies. He briefly entertained the thought of questioning the truth of her statement, but it seemed that no one else was claiming responsibility for the summoning. And if it were just a case of their summoner not being here, it would be simpler to go along with what the girl said for now.
Sato finally decided to take notice of the situation she was in. Her first thoughts were the worry that comes with suddenly finding herself surrounded by strangers, away from her friends and most certainly not in the corner of the Maken-ki's club room, followed by the worry of hearing she was here to fight zombies. Neither of these were good things in her mind. Of course, it wasn't that she couldn't fight, it was just that she wasn't a violent person. She shuffled back a bit and tried to hide her face behind the manga she had been reading, hoping she'd go unnoticed.

Of course, if anyone looked in her direction, the cover of the manga would probably give a pretty good idea of what she had been reading. After all, there are only so many ways one can interpret 'two naked men sharing a bed'.

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 22 Anno R, Tue, 20th Mar '12 6:49:18 AM from Honnouji Academy Get RP Mod
"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
Seeing as Reimu was ignoring her, which clearly meant that Suika should take yet another drink of her sake, she decided to focus on what the situation was before trying to get the miko's attention again. Still grinning drunkenly, the diminutive oni girl turned to face the other very energetic girl ahead of them. She was black-haired and stuff, so that clearly meant more sake was needed to be drank.

After drinking the sake... "Haaaaa? Zombies...? Zombies are... can't beats fists. Not when the fists are bigger then they are. We'll be fine!"

To punctuate this, Suika gave the thumbs up with her left, free hand.
"Oh, dear. The toad, the monkey, and the dog have all screwed up."
 23 Deadbeatloser 22, Tue, 20th Mar '12 6:49:47 AM from A cat basket over there. Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
The Butterfly on your Shoulder.
"Zombies? What are those?"
I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it. - Bill Gates
 24 Krautman, Tue, 20th Mar '12 7:08:38 AM from Hiding from the man, man Get RP Mod
"Eh, the reanimated corpses of the dead. Ask Skull Man, that's his thing."

Wood Man was currently checking the leaves of all the plants nearby for any signs of mold or insect infestation. Even if he was in another world, his programming mandated this.
...and that's terrible.
"When you say zombies do you mean brain eating rotting zombies?" Rex asked their summoner.

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