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I'm looking for the Trope that describes one of my techniques, so I can compare and contrast.

I purposely use the same words - even copy/paste to ensure it is the same - on a number of occasions. For instance three times I use the phrase "she felt vulnerable, physically, mentally and emotionally." All about the female lead interacting with the male lead - two of those times end with a relationship starting kiss (in fact arc word kisses - ' she waited half a life time/He kissed her)

I have other examples which I know are call backs, I'm just wondering if the whole "she felt vulnerable, physically, mentally and emotionally." counts- it doesn't seem to fit the trope. (I'm not worried about fitting it to a trope- its research into other writers)
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Seems like more of a "book ends" or a motif. A "call back" isn't really something repeated, but someone restating an event, usually in a conversation.
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That is more-or-less the way the phrase "call back" is used in the fandom for MS Paint Adventures, where phrases from both dialogue and prose recur a lot (sometimes even from previous stories).

Oh, and courtesy link.

Edit: It's not Book Ends except when it occurs at the beginning and the end. Could it be a variant upon Meaningful Echo?

Of course, it may simply not be a trope.

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