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Edit : Okay. Should have investigated a bit further before launching this. Oh well.

Edit 2 : What the hell, I can't find how to delete this thread.

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We already have a thread for this game

Also, spoilers.
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Seems like this thread was never used.

The other thread only regards the interview with Chen, more than the game itself, or any experiences.

Anyone have any current opinions on the game? Stories to share? People met along the way?

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The other thread was originally about the interview, then it eventually became about the game itself and people's experiences. So maybe this thread didn't need to be revived.

Nonetheless, I've yet to play Journey, but I can guess from my experience with Flower that it's an incredible game.
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I played my freshman year of college and it was amazing. It helped that I was the only person in the room at the time and there was no music blaring over the speakers.
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In other news, the developer has secured money for their next game

I'm a big fan of Journey, so I would love to see what their next project is. grin

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7 theLibrarian27th May 2014 08:30:05 PM from his own little world
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I actually hope that it's something like Journey. The art style, all the ruins and whatnot, the story behind it...I loved it XD
That is the face of a man who just ate a kitten. Raw.
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I could be wrong, but I remember hearing that the company had gone under. Maybe I'm mixing it up with something else. Either way, good that they plan to make another game, though I don't want 'Journey II', I want them to do (and I think they will do) something different.
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You read wrong. What was actually said was that developing Journey drove them to near bankruptcy, only for them to come back from it after the game turned out to be a success.
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