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Ok so in a world where hotels and air travel no longer exist which sounds like a better honeymoon

a) 2 weeks camping in a tent

b) 2 weeks at someone's house while the owners are away

c) somthing you guys think up

Regardless, it will be Rhode Island in June.
This Is For A Book, correct? Wouldn't it be something that fits the characters involved? If they don't like shitting in a hole in The Great Outdoors, they're not going to be out camping.

What about cruise ships? Do those still exist? What about just plain spending time together and doing things that they both enjoy?

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"Whenever I feel like I know how computers work, I go to class and leave feeling like I'm wearing my pants on my head, eating paste."

in a world where hotels and air travel no longer exist

Problem might rate higher than the honeymoon problem.

Seriously, what the heck happened???

The first thing that popped to my head when hearing this was depopulating Virus killed so many people that the infrastructure for air travel or operating hotels are not possible any more.

Are people living in mud huts? Back to the stone age?

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It's 6 years After the End. The cure for the disease that caused the end (and has been plaguing mankind ever since) has resently been discovered. Two of my main charicters are celebrating by finally getting married. They aren't that worried about survival at this point they've been surviving and they are good at it. What they want now is somthing normal like they would have had if the world had not ended. She wanted a church wedding so their friends spent a week restoring an abandoned baptist church. The wedding was the largest social gathering since the plague began.

No mud huts, but it's kinda a scavenger world. There are a few places with electricity and running water but the Internet and cell networks are dead. The characters involved belong to the most powerful group in the area. A group which developed the cure.

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Y'see, that kind of context would've been nice in the first post. In an After the End-type setting, there would be no cruise ships.
"Whenever I feel like I know how computers work, I go to class and leave feeling like I'm wearing my pants on my head, eating paste."
Sorry about that.

Ship wouldent have worked anyway Tango gets seasick.
Well, what do they like to do? Do they enjoy helping people? Gardening? Seeing nature? Just plain spending time together? Is there something that one of them has always wanted to do, such as see a certain something?
"Whenever I feel like I know how computers work, I go to class and leave feeling like I'm wearing my pants on my head, eating paste."
Dear lord, Honeymoon in a post Virus world?

Well, things aren't too horrible. Due to massive depopulation, its going to be like Europe just after the Black Death.

The bad, lots of pestilent bodies to dispose of. The good, rapidly decreased population led to the Magna Carta, Enlightenment, and lots more resources for the survivors.

Depending on the number of people who lived through it (and judging by the breakdown of air travel and hotel chains, I'd say over 50% mortality rate at least) and where (as well as who) the survivors are, your options would likely be:

1) Road trip.

Nothing like going cross country on the now deserted highways in a covertible, wind in your hair, running over rotting corpses as you celebrate being alive and try to spot cool stuff to loot/bring back to base.

2) Build/Steal your own pleasur palace.

After the virus, some famous land marks like The Playboy Mansion, The White House, etc. are probly now VACANT! After tossing out a few dead bunnies/interns (and fixing the utilities), and you and your loved ones can enjoy the cosy ambiance of pre-collapse society's premier locale attractions!

It's 6 years after the collapse most of the bodies have been burried or cremated.
[up] Really? Huh. Would have thought there would be "Total Party Kill" zones where no one was left alive to even pick up the bones....

Well, are world wide telecomunications still available? Perhaps not stalite cell phone capabilities but Land Line style tech for large part of the globe that can be linked up?

Is there a way to distribute the CURE or is there simply no one left alive to give the cure to?

Anyway, I figure like in the movie Zombie Nation, they could always hit an amusement park.

If they can get the power up, Disney Land would probably be a choice now that there are no long lines and such.
Such places probably exist but mystory is set in New England which has become very isolated from the rest of the world. Most people who could fled south during the first winter after modern society stopped working. My characters are the stragglers, the left behinds, the people with a reason to stay, the people with no way out, and the just plain crazy. Most of my characters work for the the group that developed the cure. They get paid in food and supplies. Now that the cure exists distributing it is their day job, but it's going to be a long slow process.

The only resonabley reliable means of comunication is radio. Travel is problematic the gasoline is gone. They do have several vehicles that run on ethanol but they have to make the ethanol and bring enough with them to get home. You can't always count on local moonshiners.

My first idea was camping but they do a lot of camping. The only difference would be that the happy couple would be alone together.

My other idea was that they would get the run of one of the established safe houses.

I suppose that I could have there friends find them a nice abandoned home, fix it up a bit and and give it to them as a wedding present.
Well, as a going away (to the Honeymoon) present, I suppose you could have a Mobile Home or Bus refitted to run on ethanol, add in large fuel tanks for range, and just Pimp it Out.

Sort of like Mad Max. Only with little cans and strigs tied to the rear bumper.

Wait, how did an isolated (no shared data, resources, expertise, etc.) group develop the cure? And once word gout out that there was a Cure, why aren't they being mobbed by whats left of humanity? Are the crowds mostly dead now?

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At least 1/2 of the world population is dead. Moreover this is New England which was depopulated by both the plague and a major exodus. There are no crowds. There are gangs, but my characters have spent 6 year developing alliences and a badass reputation.

Phenox was a a biotech company with a government mandate to find a cure. 90% of their scientists survived due to a lock down. Most of the scientists did not leave the building until the cure was developed(6 years).

They employ a team of "Scavengers" who among other things loot other companies/clinics/universities for resources.

They also employ a team of "Vampires" who keep them supplied with samplels of infected human blood for research.

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The whole "lockdown" and search for the cure sounds more interesting to me than the Honeymoon.

Heck, even the pathology of the Virus sounds better.

Anyway, due to the drastic drop in population, I'm going to assume that food stocks/sources/supplies are now going to be overly abundant in some areas?

Modern agriculture did use only very few people to feed a nation.

Maybe things like going to an "Estate" Farm/Honeymoon inn is an option?

Breakfast in bed with fresh eggs straight from the poultry farm and milk from the dairy farm.

A little rustic, but I guess it beats military MR Es I assume they have been eating for 6 years.

The wedding and honeymoon are not the theme of the book, they are just things that happen in the second half of the book like one chapter. That other stuff absolutely gets ample coverage.

The more I think about it the more like the camper/vehicle idea.

I could totally see them in a pimped-out, up-armored, VW bus. They could drive to the ocean the beach is kinda romantic.

Btw the couple in question were not locked down they were "vampires". They've been living on a combination of scavenged caned-goods, genetically modified foods and algae from the research lab, and whatever they can grow/gather.

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