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The Man With No Name
I'm not going to give you the whole premise of the plot and what not, but basically, I'm working on a comic that blends supernatural horror, film noir, and urban fantasy together. The comic takes previously established characters in many famous movies and adds a sense of realism to their backgrounds or completely changes everything about them.

The main character is the son of Rosemary (Rosemary's Baby) and ends up becoming a supernatural investigator, working for the Grim Reaper.

Over the course of the comic, he meets Dr. West (Re-Animator) who ends up re-animating his friend with the brain of an organized criminal.

The main character hears of an odd murder spree in Salem, Masschusett and decides to investigate - only to find out that a high school girl, Carrie (Carrie) has been contacted by an ancestor who was a witch executed in the Salem Witch Trials and encouraged to kill her peers with her natural witchcraft powers for ridiculing her.

Over the course of the series, the main character, Aaron (who is actually Damien from the Omen), assembles of team of other supernatural fighters collectively called "the Agency".

In a way, its the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but with horror film characters and less true or somewhat twisted to their original story. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what movies I can play around with?
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Torgo from Manos: The Hands of Fate as The Atoner, possibly?
The Man With No Name
Interesting movie and character suggestion. I haven't been paying attention to most cult horror films, instead focusing more on 70's to 80's horror classics. I've never actually seen the movie but I love B-Movies and cult movies, so it should be a blast. I've seen Plan 9 from Outer Space and its compared to it on wikipedia.
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I've had a similar idea. Here are most of the people (the ones with powers or unique skills) I'd used.

Alice Johnson from A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 and 5 - a woman with the power to enter the dreams of others, and take on skills of those close to her should they die. Last seen enjoying life with her child.

Jennifer Corvino from Phenomena - a girl who can communicate with and organize insects. Last seen using them to foil a monstrous serial killer.

Mike Pearson from the Phantasm series - a young man chosen to be the seeming successor of an alien with arcane dimensional/psionic power and some control over the dead. Last seen dying in the desert, but the series is open-ended enough to make something up related to his survival.

Ben Carson from Mirrors (American) - a night watchman whose family was plagued by an evil spirit residing within a universe contained within reflections, which could use its power to transform into mirror images of its victims, killing them through mutilating itself. Carson seemingly defeated the spirit, but became trapped in the mirror world himself. Perhaps he can now take on the being's powers and use them for good?

Mark Loftmore and Sarah Brightman from the Waxwork duology - two seemingly normal slasher protagonists who became warriors with a device capable of traveling between time and dimensions. Last seen planning to explore the multiverse together, likely defeating evil in the process.

Willard Stiles from Willard (remake) - disturbed man who learned how to communicate with rats, and train them to attack en masse. Last seen locked up in an asylum, with one rat still keeping him company and helping him plan escape.

Mark Hoffman or Dr. Gordon from the Saw series - apprentices to the philosophical torture-technician known as Jigsaw. The former was last seen locked up and vengeful, the latter free and possibly planning to carry on his tutor's "games."

Duane and Belial Bradley from the Basket Case series - a total spaz and his murderous removed-Siamese-twin dwarf brother, just trying to make it in the world and kill anyone who wishes to impede them. Last seen with a troupe of fairly good-natured freaks, nonetheless plotting to rise against "normal society."

One of the Puppet Masters from the Puppet Master series, depending on what you find canon in the series - any number of people using a group of 8 or so animated killer puppets either for personal gain, or to protect the secret of life from demons.

Dr. Phibes and his crew from The Abominable Doctor Phibes - a trap-making mechanical genius and doctor of music who sought to attain immortality along with his once deceased wife and probably-mechanical assistant. Last seen within an ancient pyramid, presumably enjoying eternal life.

Elsa's baby from Splice - The last-seen-as-unborn child of an eccentric doctor and her former experiment, a dangerous and unpredictable chimera.

David Mc Gowan from Village of the Damned (remake) - a mind-controlling alien invader born to a human mother, who through some fluke was brought up to be a compassionate human being unlike his brethren who tried to take over their town with murderous monotony.

Henry Creedlow from Bruiser - a man who woke up to find his defining physical features erased, allowing him to take revenge on those who treated him badly without leaving behind evidence. Can now call upon this "power" whenever he is upset by something seemingly unjust.

If you've got any question about these guys, I'll try and answer them. Hope you like some of them!

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The Man With No Name
Well, this is the list of confirmed characters so far.

Damien Woodhouse (Omen) - Damien wakes up in limbo in the first chapter after trying to prevent an armed robbery. The grim reaper greets him and senses the over-dominating spiritual energy which allows Damien to be a poltergeist (a rare paranormal being). The grim reaper and Damien make a deal for Damien to return to his body and in return Damien will fight escaped evils of Hell.

Nancy Woodhouse (Nightmare on Elm Street) - The secondary protagonist. She is suppose to embody the "final girl" trope. She's been having nightmares that keep her awake, causing her to become an insomniac, which makes her cranky. Although she is disrespectful to her family at times, they are the most important people to her and will put her life on the line in order to save Damien.

Rosemary Woodhouse (Rosemary's Baby) - When she was younger, she was raped by Satan as part of a ritual done by Neo Nazi devil worshipers. Unable to abort it, she devoted her life to teach Damien to use his powers for the good of humanity by not letting him know of his true background.

Warlock (???) - The cult leader who summoned the Antichrist in Rosemary. I forgot which movie it was where the satanist or Neo Nazi leader was titled "Warlock". Warlock is the big bad of season 2, when Damien begins the Agency. I'm thinking about replacing him with Roman from Rosemary's Baby or Imhotep from the Mummy films. I'll probably have him summon some kind of Cthulhu horror at some point.

Grim Reaper (Seventh Seal) - Unlike a skeleton in a robe, this Grim Reaper is a face of a pale, skeletal-looking man who is shrouded in a black cloak that seems to blend into shadows. The Grim Reaper is Damien's spiritual adviser.

Robert Freeling (Poltergeist) and Ben Huss (Night of the Living Dead) - Robert is Nancy's boyfriend. He is suppose to be the all-American "hero guy" even though he isn't the protagonist. Ben Huss is smart and resourceful, but shy and quiet. He's also the token black guy. lol

Margot Shelby (Decoy) - A complete monster. Based on a woman from my life who stole from my family. She is the femme fatale, or a parody of it. She looks like Cruella de Ville. She steals from the Woodhouse household after moving into Damien's room when he is comatose for three weeks.

Sam Spade (The Maltese Falcon) - The most lawful character. An occult detective who comes to the Woodhouse household after Rosemary discovers her safe has been raided. Sam Spade is able to see Damien (who is a spirit) and performs a "seance" which allows Damien to possess Spade. Possessions are rare and can only occur in two ways: the possessee allows you to take over them, or you cause them to go into submission where they lose control of their body, either through fear or harm, for example.

Pazuzu (The Exorcist) - The Big Bad of the first "season". Its because of this evil demon that a portal to hell has opened, allowing for other demons to leave and join Pazuzu's army. When Damien defeats Pazuzu at the end of the season, Damien closes it. At one point, Nancy is killed, causing Damien to fall in a long depresssion. The Grim Reaper refuses to bring Nancy back to life, so Damien ends up reopening the portal to disturb the balance of nature and death, causing the Grim Reaper to end up becoming the next "Big Bad", although that is planned for Season 4.

Tessio (Godfather) - The gangster Pazuzu possesses. While possessed, he starts a rebellion against the current don of the Chicago Outfit by convincing his underlings to help him out.

Mark Mc Cluskey (Godfather) - A corrupt police officer working for Tessio. Was Sam Spade's partner during the Margot case, but ended up abducting him when Spade got too close to learning the truth of him and Tessio.

Torgo (Manos: Hand of Fate) - The Woodhouse's charitable groundskeeper who performs tasks for the Woodhouse family for free. Torgo is blamed for stealing from them by Margot. Torgo reveals himself as Damien's appointed overwatcher, who has been trying to make him join the Cult of Satan.

Dr. West (Re-Animator) - A neurosurgeon who was ostracized from the medical community for performing partial brain transplants on different animals, causing insane, chimeric creatures. He performs it on his assistant, Dr. Phibes, using the brain of an infamous gangster named Sonny, known for his anger.

Dr. Phibes (The Abominable Dr. Phibes) - Although he feels disgraced at first, Dr. Phibes begins to enjoy his new body and demands that Dr. West builds him a new one. Dr. West realizes that Dr. Phibes is being controlled by Sonny's thoughts.

Unnamed Gangster - I don't know which gangster I'll choose to play this part, but basically its one of Tessio's underlings who runs off to Louisiana from Chicago. He is discovered by the Don and is drowned in a tar pit, which just so happens to be cursed by a black magic practicing Bokor, named Murder.

Murder (White Zombie) - A pale Haitian Louisiana voodoo and black magic practicing sorcerer. Zombies are true to their voodoo origin, not just mindless flesh-eaters, but magically-dominated slaves. Since this is a universe based on movie mythology, zombies can turn people into zombies as well.

Carrie White (Carrie) - Carrie's character does not appear for a while. She is introduced in the Agency arc, when Damien drops out of school to form the spiritual investigator group (season 2). She is an ostracized high school senior who is Damien's age. She is contacted by an ancestor, a witch killed in Salem Witch Hunt, who tells her about her witch bloodline and powers. The Witch, Sara (The Conqueror Worm) wants Carrie to kill the kids who made fun of her, who happen to be the descendants of the people that executed Sara.

Sara White (The Conqueror Worm) - An executed Witch during the Salem Witch Hunts. She has characteristics of the Blair Witch and Freddie Kruger.

- - - -

I'm thinking about replacing Sam Spade and Margot Shelby for a horror character. Does anyone know any? Also, I'm trying to look for a good candidate for Damien's "dad". His dad is going to be a gang banger from the 70's who fights Skinheads. He is in a gang called the "Longhairs". He is suppose to be a gentleman and seduces Rosemary. I originally intended for him to be John Robie from To Catch a Thief. His personality might change if the character is different, but I want to retain the whole "nice girl likes a bad guy".
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Glad you liked the Dr. Phibes recommendation :)

Sam Spade could be replaced by Jonathan Graves from Ghoulies, the one-time sorcerer kid who became a cop by part IV. If you want something more mainstream, perhaps Mike Norris and/or Jack Santos, detectives who saw Chucky come to life and lived to tell the tale.

Margot might be replaced by Lola from Slaughter, a Karma Houdini manipulator and killer with no mystic powers.

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The Man With No Name
Unless they have cult status, I think I'll be sticking away from poorly received movies. I'm also trying to stay away from modern movies (anything past 96 I consider modern; though the 8 films to die for are pretty cool) and minor characters in movies. Thanks for all your help, man. I'm going to look over the list again and research the films and characters.

Here are some more characters I might want to play around with in a nonsexual manner:

Rhoda Penmark (Bad Seed - 1956) - The OG of all creepy children. An eight year old sociopath who murders her peers and neighbors. In a story that follows Damien, I feel its only fitting to have the inspiration in it.

Ursula Georgi (Thirteen Women - 1932) replaces Margot.

Movies I'm going to research and see:

The Phantom Carriage

Carnival of Souls

Poor White Trash

The Man They Could Not Hang

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The Man With No Name

Dr. Abraham Van Helsing is going to be the occult detective that replaces Sam Spade.

Warlock is being replaced by Hjalmar Poelzig from the Black Cat.

Laura Stanhope from Thirteen Women is replacing Margot Shelby. Rhoda from Bad Seed is going to be her daughter.

Willard Stiles is going to have a cameo appearance at one point, being a homeless man who lives in an ally or the sewers.

Peter Washington is replaced by Ben Huss from Night of the Living Dead.

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The Man With No Name
Thanks for suggesting Torgo - I came up with a great chekrov's gun because of his character.

Firstly, I switched Laura Stanhope to Ursula Georgi because I mixed up the characters.

When Ursula steals from the Woodhouse family, she tries to blame Torgo, the family's oddly charitable groundskeeper who they don't pay. Ursula tries to claim that Torgo is in a cult and says that the hamsa on his clothing is the cult's symbol. It turns out that Torgo has been preventing Satan's influence on Damien by equipping the house with various defenses, including the hamsa itself, which is an amulet that provides defense against evil.
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