Video Game Last Supper:

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1 GearLeader15th Mar 2012 10:48:08 AM from Dota Hell , Relationship Status: Married to the job
I am making a new drawing for a comp, and I am going to do the Last Supper with video game charcters. Here is my list:

Jesus- Mario

Judas- Creeper

Bartholomew- Megaman

James- Dig Dug

Andrew- Crash Bandicoot

Peter- Gordon Freeman

John- Commander Shepard

Thomas- Ezio

James The Greater- Proffesor Oak

Philip- Jax

Matthew- Link

Jude- Pacman

Simon- Gla Dos

What do you think, or should I change a few out?
Creeper might be replaced.
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Jax from...?

And Glados is a ceiling-mounted AI, so I'm not sure how you would get her in there.
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I assume it's Jax from Mortal Kombat.
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I wouldn't include someone from Mortal Kombat before someone from Street Fighter. That goes for pretty much any fighting game, actually.
6 Journeyman15th Mar 2012 07:04:33 PM from Here and there.
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Glados could be in there, she'd just have to hang from the ceiling. Like always. Or you could go P2 and have Carolyn be there in her stead. There's pics of her up on youtube and in the game if you need a reference.

In fact, Carolyn would be suited for this picture, since . . . well, if you don't know, play the game. If you do, don't spoil it.

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7 GearLeader15th Mar 2012 07:37:36 PM from Dota Hell , Relationship Status: Married to the job
Glados is at the end of the right side of the table, so that can work, also I like the creeper as Judas, for obvious reasons, might trade in Jax for Ryu.
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You should probably also switch out someone for Sonic. I would suggest the Creeper, or Shepard (since the guy is pretty much a blank slate character anyway...including whether or not he's a guy).
9 GearLeader16th Mar 2012 04:22:43 AM from Dota Hell , Relationship Status: Married to the job
Or Sonic as Judas... Makes since, wit Mario as Jesus.
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