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A better idea for the TRS thread tags.:

I suggested this several times in the TRS thread, but was ignored every time.

The point of creating the thread tags in TRS was so that people wouldn't propose solutions in the thread titles and thus bias the thread, with the added side benefit of sorting TR Ses by problem.

But now TRS is starting to fill up with these vague canned titles that often say very little about the specific problem afflicting the page, and when mods want to change the thread title to announce a new crowner it can cause problems. And because the tags have to do double duty as titles and tags, they don't do a good job of either, with the biggest problem being the inability to put multiple tags on a TRS, instead putting none of them on and using "needs help" instead. I feel like this was trying to perform surgery with a chainsaw.

Couldn't the original problem have been solved far more simply by making it clear that any thread title proposing a solution (at least before consensus has been reached) will be changed on sight by mods? That way we could solve the actual problem without taking away any and all flexibility in what to call a thread, like we can't be trusted to title threads or something. Then, if we still wanted to have the tag function, we could use them as actual tags like what just got instituted on YKTTW, including putting multiple tags on a thread if it was needed.

Could someone at least tell me if there's anything wrong with this solution?

 2 shimaspawn, Wed, 14th Mar '12 10:19:19 PM from Here and Now Relationship Status: In your bunk
Honestly, I agree with you, but it all depends on Eddie since it's a lot of coding work.
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Huh? What actually happened took more coding than my suggestion would have (unless you kept the tags).

edited 24th Mar '12 3:06:10 AM by MorganWick

 4 Septimus Heap, Sat, 24th Mar '12 3:10:43 AM from Zurich, Switzerland Relationship Status: Mu
Puʻu ʻŌʻō
We can also filter for the thread names. That's probably the reason. Also, since the hollers don't work very well recently, there would be the need of a way to alert moderators to new threads and potentially problematic names.

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