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Shaman King: Spirit of Those who came Before - Signups:

 1 daltar, Wed, 14th Mar '12 9:38:41 PM from the fantasy of green. Get RP Mod Relationship Status: All is for my lord
The Maid
Around the world, to all of those who can see that which lies beyond the mortal veil, glance up to the heavens to find the Star of Destiny shining bright.

For the times has come, centuries have passed, and now the fight to determine the new Shaman King has come, the one that shall merge with the Great Spirit from which all souls comes and to which all souls shall return.

Welcome to this RP based and set in the universe of the Shaman King anime and manga. Still, it is not at all necessary to watch the series to participate as none of the protagonists will feature in the RP and we shall only be using the mechanics and setting of the series.

Now, to explain a little what all of this is about...

In this setting there are a certain kind of people who are born as bridges between this world and the next. There are many names for those who can do this and their methods vary between all of them all around the world, but the most common name for them is shamans.

Shamans have existed since the dawn of mankind and in ages past they were highly revered as those who could gather wisdom from the myriad of spirits inhabiting our world, just beyond the sight of those born without the gift to become one. Besides their wisdom, however, shamans can also harness incredible powers and abilities from the world of the beyond and the many kinds of spirits they encounter.

These spirits are roughly separated into three kinds. Ghost, Sacred Souls and God class spirits. Ghosts are, in general, the spirits of dead humans who retain their ego and have something anchoring them to the material world. However, within this category also fall all spirits that are too weak or do not possess the criteria to becomes Sacred Souls.

Sacred Souls tend to be old spirits with five hundred years or more of existence and experience and or those who have discarded their egos and attachments to become pure representations of their essence. This does not mean that a ghost that ascends to become a Sacred Soul will discard his personality or traits, they simply are able to move past them and recognize and embrace the purest state of their soul. This category tends to include old nature spirits and spirits either human of of other animals that have remained in the world and transcended their state as simple ghosts.

The last category is that of the God class spirits. These are the rarest of all spirits types with only about a dozen or so which are known at a time. The God class spirits tend to be an amalgamation of a great number of souls fused into a single mighty spirit. This trait allows them to eat other ghosts in order to increase their already incredible power. Examples of these spirits would be Shamash the ancient Babylonian god, the Elemental Spirit of Fire and the Great Spirit.

Now, the Shamans draw their power from an energy called Furyoku, Mana, Shamanic Power or by many other names. This is the energy which allows the shaman to exert his powers on the spirit world and bridge it to material one. With this power possession and materialization of spirits can be accomplished. One of most natural skills for a shaman is the ability to be possessed by spirits to obtain their skills. In this way a normal person could have the sword skill of a legendary samurai and increase their physical abilities by sheer muscle memory of the spirit in question. While acquiring real synchronization with your spirit to exploit the extend of their power is a hard process this technique doesn't require much Shamanic Power to accomplish.

The other skill which is rather common for Shamans is called Over Soul or materialization. This skill consumes a lot more power than a possession but it is also a lot more powerful. This involves binding the spirit to a physical medium in order to materialize them on this world. The form the materialized spirit takes depends on the shaman's power, his imagination and the spirit's nature. It can form a giant blade of light or a big version of the spirit's torso to throw an attack, summoning a spirits elemental attribute as shards of ice or bolts of lightning... the variations are endless. Another, very important point of Over Souls and the reason why they are the principal means with the which Shamans fight is that being materialized forms of a spirit they cannot be harmed by anything from the material world. Only another Over Soul can harm them.

Besides these rater general powers there are a great variety of other skills specific kinds of shamans can have access to. Some can read the minds and hearts of others, summon spirits from the beyond, seal and combat evil spirits, healing, moving bones, resurrection and many others.

Now, Shamanic Power is actually for the most part a constant that doesn't change since the moment a person is born. The only way for someone to increase their Shamanic Power is by getting away from the physical world, having near death experiences, getting cut from all their other senses and actually dying and being brought back to life. Aside from very specific trainings that shamans undergo to increase their Power, most of their training consist of actually learning how to use their strength in the first place and how to control or make best use of their spirit companions.

Another aspect of this setting is how the afterlife works. When someone dies or a nature spirit is born their spirit can linger in the world... Or they can go to the Beyond or Heaven. Whenever the Beyond is split into the many different versions that are known to different cultures nobody knows. Spirits without attachment to the world may ascend to the Beyond. The other option fro those who wish to move on is to rejoin with the Great Spirit, upon which their essence and nature becomes one with the world and their soul gets recycled and given a new chance to be reborn. No memories are retained when being reincarnated, and only the essential trait of the soul remains the same. The final and less pleasant of all the fates a soul can incur while dead is to fall into Hell due to the accumulated sins in their soul, grudges, curses or the guilt someone might feel as a spirit. Spirits on Hell and the Beyond tend to be way out of reach of normal Shamans, but it stands to be said that the Beyond and Hell are still transitory stages. You may stay for a thousand years on either of the two, but eventually all return to the Great Spirit.

Now... the tournament to decide the Shaman King. On this world there exists a spirit who is greater than any other. The Great Spirit is the source of all souls, to the which they shall all eventually come back to be reborn. Practically, this spirit is the greater God of the setting, which controls nature in its entirety. Every handful of centuries the Star of Destiny appears on the sky, heralding the start of the Tournament. Shamans from all over the world compete until there is only a single one left, the one who shall be called Shaman King and who shall merge with the Great Spirit, effectively becoming the overseer of the world. Shamans from all over he world fight for the hope of merging with the spirit so that their visions for the betterment of the world and their deepest wishes to come true.

So! That's mostly it for the general information on the setting. Here you have a link to the Shaman King wiki which has some good information on shamans, terminology and such in case I left something unclear.

The players shall all be playing shamans who are about to enter the tournament to become Shaman King. We shall select a country and city for everyone to start in. Worry not as you can be from almost any country no matter which one we pick, the organization of the tournament sometimes sends shamans from rather distant lands to qualify for the tournament on different continents.

Now, if anyone has any doubts or a concept they want to run by me, please don't hesitate to do so.

The standard in this game will be that you play both your character and their spirit or spirits... however, if you wish me to play as your spirits I'll be willing to step in for it.

Now, here's the Sign up skeleton for characters:

  • Name: (Obvious)
  • Gender: (This too is rather obvious)
  • Age: (How long since they were born into this world)
  • Appearance: (How do you look)
  • Drive, Goal, Motivation: (What moves you forward, why do you fight, what makes your character tick)
  • Story: (Yoru story so far, can be as long or short as you desire. Family members, personality traits and other important info can also be put here)
  • Abilities: (What do they specialize in? Both as shamans and as a person)
  • Spirit(s): (Describe your spirit, what are they, where they come from, how old are they and such)
    • Classification: (Ghost type or Sacred Type. God level spirits shall not be given at the start of the RP. Ghost Types have more personality and attachment to their lives which makes them better for possession though it limits their ability for Over Souls. Sacred Types can adapt into other forms with far more ease due to their age and detachment from the material)
    • Medium for Over Soul: (If your shaman starts knowing the Over Soul technique, write what kind of medium or object they infuse their spirit with)
    • Over Soul Form or Forms: (How does your spirit look when in Over Soul Mode. How does your shaman typically manifest his spirit in this world)
    • Skills or Traits of the Spirit: (What can your spirit do on their own, what are their attributes, what do they bring to the table)

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 2 KSPAM, Thu, 15th Mar '12 12:04:43 AM Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
Interest shown, sheet incoming.
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Yankee Chain Blues
 3 Lemurian, Thu, 15th Mar '12 2:08:19 AM from Touhou fanboy attic Get RP Mod Relationship Status: On the prowl
Luring Gijinka
Reserving a spot, will have the SU up later today.
 4 Luthen, Thu, 15th Mar '12 3:00:23 AM from somewhere very warm Get RP Mod
Hello again
Registering interest, though I'm going to need to sleep before I read up on the material and write up a character.
You must agree, my plan is sheer elegance in its simplicity! Blog. Fanfic.
Walking the path of heaven, ruling over all...
Hmmm... Never read/watched Shaman King before, but the concept sounds interesting... Give me a bit to figure something out, I guess.
 6 Stratofarius, Thu, 15th Mar '12 4:13:13 AM Get RP Mod Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
Trust me.
Reserving a spot. Never watched the show though.
 7 Pyrite, Thu, 15th Mar '12 4:30:47 AM from where you least expect. Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Hiding
Until Further Notice
EDIT: On second thought, it's not a convenient time for me to sign up. Maybe next time...

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Bloody Revolution
"As a girl, I wanted to be just like those heroes in the books... Someone who fought for what was right."
The Grand Re-Vizier
Reserving a spot, considering i'd already expressed interest before. Caught between the heir to a disgraced Mafia family and a kid obsessed with baseball. Might go off in some third direction.

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 10 KSPAM, Thu, 15th Mar '12 8:26:31 AM Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
  • Name: Theodore "Theo" "Teddy" Roosevelt Marks
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 19
  • Appearance: He's on the left, his Guardian Spirit is the one on the right.
  • Drive, Goal, Motivation: Wants to make something of himself, and to be taken seriously. He doesn't really have any talents aside from shamanism, making this pretty much his last chance to prove he's anyone of worth. He works hard, but for him, in just about everything except shamanism, Hard Work Hardly Works, so he has very little self-esteem. This means he always sets standards he can't possibly hope to fulfill, so he beats himself up often, usually needing cheering up from his Guardian Spirit of all people.
  • Story: A recent college dropout and crappy-apartment bum who's just about reached the end of his rope. Theodore, despite the grand standards his parents set for him with his name alone, can't do anything right, and can manage at best average at well, just about everything. He's a nice guy, just... not very talented. At anything. Except of course, his most recent hobby. Shamanism. Theodore has been able to see spirits most of his life, but whenever he tried to tell anyone about it, they called him nuts and brought him to see a new therapist. Eventually, he stopped bringing it up. When he began to take an interest in shamanism, he found he was actually quite good at it. For once, something which he seemed to possess an ounce of talent for. Since discovering this, he's practically devoted his life to it, setting aside everything he doesn't need to live. He even dropped out of college to devote more time to becoming a successful shaman (he wasn't doing that well anyway, so eh). Finally, after a couple years worth of cramming, practicing, more cramming, and practicing again, Theodore was ready for the real deal, and summoned his Guardian Spirit. But he needed to find the right one. He wanted something powerful, something which would make others respect him, and prove he could do something right. Well, he got his wish. Sort of...
  • Abilities: He can't do anything right outside of shamanism. He can barely cook.
  • Spirit(s): Nyx. Yes, you heard that right. Nyx. Primordial spirit Nyx. Night deity Nyx. Progenitor of the personifications of light, sleep, and death to name a few Nyx. Lord knows how he managed it, he's still, for what it's worth, just an amateur. A talented one, but an amateur nonetheless. The only reason this was probably even possible was Theodore's own untapped potential, because there is literally no other reason this boy should be hauling around this spirit. And it shows too, because while Theodore certainly fulfilled the powerful requirement on his checklist, he ain't going to be getting any respect from summoning this spirit. Nyx is... how do I put this... not what you'd expect from a protogenoi. At all. As a matter of fact, she's rather embarrassing. A bum like Theodore, except she's a lazy bum, one who could probably do anything if she tried, but she doesn't care to, so you can bugger right off. She figures that she's owed some R&R after all the work she's put in (She created night, as in the actual thing, not to mention about twenty-three lesser gods and goddesses. What have you done lately?), and is perfectly content to lounge about, sleep in, eat junk food (Theodore's junk food), and watch reruns of old tv shows. This attitude has a lot to do with why she's rarely seen in mythology. It's not because she's some threatening background figure, it's because she's too damn sluggish to do anything. Despite her apathy and lackadaisical attitude, she is rather friendly for a primordial nature spirit, and very affectionate with Theodore, going so far as to give him the pet name "Teddy". Again, more embarrassing than intimidating. Her positive (mostly, at least in her eyes) relationship with Theodore is probably the only reason she does anything he asks of her, and even then she still barely puts in any effort. She fights like she's half asleep, and pretty much does nothing except relax and have fun outside of combat. It's for this reason, along with the impurity and lack of typically godly refinement that go along with being birthed from literal primordial ooze, that Nyx is a Sacred Soul, not a God class spirit.
    • Classification: Sacred Soul
    • Medium for Over Soul: She can manifest through any shadow or patch of darkness, usually Theodore's own, which allows for incredibly quick manifestation
    • Over Soul Form or Forms:
      • Nyx
      • O.S. Type: Spirit Type
      • Medium used: Theodore's shadow
        Theodore's primary Over Soul, and the only one available to him at the present time, is simply manifesting Nyx herself on the physical plane using his own shadow. This Over Soul entirely relies on Nyx's own abilities instead of any combined effort between the two, like with Armor Types and Weapon Types. Unlike Nyx's usual spirit form, her physical manifestation is wrapped in a black silk cloak, and has many black wings.
    • Skills or Traits of the Spirit:
      • Control Over Darkness
        Nyx, being the creator of the very concept of night and an authority on the concept of "dark" second only to the literal manifestation of darkness itself (her brother Erebus) can create and manipulate darkness for her own use. She can shape it into pretty much anything, but mostly sticks with vague, uncomplicated shapes, like basic barriers, sharp things of no specific variety, usually tentacle-ish, as well as projectiles. This power increases at night, allowing her greater scale use of the ability (for obvious reasons), as well as letting her summon shadow-beasts to attack in her place from the darkness.
      • Time Manipulation
        While she can't full on stop time, she can slow it or accelerate it, allowing for different variations on Bullet Time. A power appropriate for the one who separated the day into halves, thus inventing the human concept of time.
      • Command of the Moon
        She can technically move the moon itself when using her full power, but she never does this unless it would entertain her, and using the freaking moon as a method of attack is pretty damn impractical, so despite how impressive it is, this is a pretty useless ability.

Given Nyx's power, she's the only spirit he'll be getting throughout the RP, and any growth in power will more likely be focused either on self-improvement or getting Nyx to actually be serious for once.

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Yankee Chain Blues
 11 daltar, Thu, 15th Mar '12 7:51:12 PM from the fantasy of green. Get RP Mod Relationship Status: All is for my lord
The Maid

I'll keep an eye on the power that that pair can invoke at any given time but they seem good.
If I'm sure of something it's that I'm not sure of anything.
Wild Horse
I would like to reserve a spot for now.
Always be ready to do the unusual and unexpected.
 13 daltar, Thu, 15th Mar '12 7:56:07 PM from the fantasy of green. Get RP Mod Relationship Status: All is for my lord
The Maid

I don't see myself closing Signups anytime soon, but I'll be sure to have a spot open for everyone who has expressed interest.
If I'm sure of something it's that I'm not sure of anything.
 14 Luthen, Sat, 17th Mar '12 5:29:59 AM from somewhere very warm Get RP Mod
Hello again
Discussion thread and Roleplaying thread

Well here's what I've got so far. I hope Colyn's not too overpowered (but then frikkin' Nyx is in play and Morty's nothing compared to her). I've listed three Over Souls, but the third is only an idea for later (much later). If starting with two is unreasonable, I'll scrap O.S. Harvester. O.S. Wraith is the more interesting one (and more powerful one). Anyway, here's Colyn:

  • Name: Colyn Corlett (pronounced Collin)
  • Age/Gender: 22/Male
  • Appearance: Colyn is thin and tall. He has a darkish (for a western European) complexion, and often has he long black hair in a ponytail. He prefers to wear short sleeved dress shirts, and grey cargo pants. Also has a black, zip-up hoody that he often wears. Also noticable is that he wears a studded black leather dog collar.
  • Drive, Goal, Motivation: Colyn is driven by a strong sense of duty - to his family, his people, country, the world. This sense of duty is what pushed him into the Shaman Fight. He feels that he has to fight for his family's honour. He himself simply wishes to find the right girl and settle down. He's quite affable and prone to being laid-back. However with the duty of Shaman Fight on him, he'll be serious most of the time.
  • Story: Colyn comes from an old family of Manx druids, and has been trained in shamanism since he was little. The family prestige has declined greatly since the days of old. They still do their job as a bridge between spirits and people but it hardly pays the bills. A large part of their local power stems from Morty, the few millenia old nature spirit who has adopted them. Colyn always knew he'd eventually become "Master" to Morty but didn't expect it to come so soon.
    Only a few months after his grandfather died, leaving Morty to Colyn's dad Hugo, he was killed in a car accident. It was a terrible shock when Morty and Hugo's ghost turned up to his university dorm. For the past year he's been juggling finishing his journalism degree, part-time work and his new shaman duties. Which turned out to be much more than advertised. A surprising number of people held to the belief that they needed a shaman's help to pass on. And Morty likes long walks, often.
  • Abilities: Colyn is hardly battle focused, his training and experience leaning more towards peaceful negoitation. That said, Morty has been working on more offensive skills and was trained in wielding a scythe as per family tradition. Besides shamanism he is quite a good writer, researcher and all round journalist. Not very sporty but good at endurance stuff.


  • Hugo Corlett, the current Manx Ankou
    • Description: Hugo was Colyn's father, and is hanging around to show him the ropes. As a ghost he can't change his appearance much, but his shamanistic knowledge means he can at least change his clothes. Normally between casual and "official" - black cloak, large black hat and scythe. He has a hard time being serious, and often comes off as a dirty old man. A terrible problem when Colyn's not near other shamans who can hear why he suddenly whining "~Dad".
      The "Manx Ankou" thing, is that it is a Cortell family tradition for the last master to hang around for at least a year after their death. To ensure their successor has the training they need, and possessing them if they need help. Occasionally they would meet other shamans, and the various dead Corletts were conflated into one spirit. The Corletts were amused by this and kept the ruse going.
    • Classification: Ghost type
    • Skills or Traits of the Spirit: Hugo is hardly powerful and has no plans to linger as a ghost. In fact he uses his relative weakness * to his advantage. Using the skills he developed in life and "spiritual-muscle-memory" of using Morty's oversoul, Hugo can render himself invisible and undetectable to shamans. He uses this ability to spy for Colyn.
      Hugo rarely is called to possess Colyn. He wasn't an active shaman for very long, and doesn't have much battle experience. In fact, Colyn shows more proficiency in wielding a scythe than he ever did. Hugo's main use is as a mentor.
  • Morty, the Moddey Dhoo
    • Description: Morty appears as a supernaturally large black dog with a shaggy coat. His size and breed change, but most common he appears as chest high, motley mix of spaniel and mastiff. He (naturally) has glowing red eyes to everyone but a Corlett. Morty is a big softy, and spends a lot of time acting like he never grew out of puppyhood. However, he is very territorial - the Isle of Man, the Manx, the Corletts and Colyn being his. Threaten them at your own risk.
    • Classification: Sacred soul
    • Medium for Over Soul:
      Colyn has two mediums for Over Souls. The first is the Feeackle Agrid (silver tooth), a silver bladed sickle. The blade of which is said to be one of Morty's teeth. It is used in Colyn's O.S. Harvester.
      The second is a black studded collar, it's similarly handed down but doesn't have a name other than the Corlett Collar. It also lacks a definite story, either being woven from Morty's fur, tanned from his hide or even from the skin of the first Corlett Morty adopted. It is used in Colyn's O.S. Phantom.
    • Over Soul Form or Forms:
      • O.S. Phantom (spirit class)
        • Medium: Corlett Collar
        • This Over Soul is not offensive, bestowing Colyn with abilities of invisiblity and intangiblity. While he's not invisible, Colyn appears in monochrome. Other than that all the energy goes into the effects rather than any real manifestation. Colyn's separation from the material world comes at a cost that he's weaker to furyoku/mana attacks.
      • O.S. Harvester (weapon class)
        • Medium: Feeackle Agrid
        • This is Colyn's main offensive Over Soul. It turns channels Morty into Feeackle turning it into a full-sized scythe. The blade is wicked sharp, and Morty likes to be tricky and rotate or angle it to cut enemies who think they've dodged it. Extra elemnts of Morty manifest themselves as black furred gauntets, magnifying Colyn's strength.
      • O.S. Black Dog (armour/unity class) *theoretical*
        • Medium: Feeackle Agrid and Corlett collar.
        • This would be an Over Soul Colyn would develop later in the roleplay. Just putting it here so I don't forget. Similar to Chocolove's Jaguarman, it envelops Colyn in a manifestation of Morty. A black dog's head, paws and tail. Claws on his hands are sickle blades and can actually extend. The "helmet" heightens Colyn's senses and ability to see in the dark; and enables him to use Morty's Death Bark. Colyn would still be able to manifest a scythe but the claws make it a little unwieldy.
    • Skills or Traits of the Spirit: Morty's skills tend to focus on death and darkness.
      • Death Bark: Not as bad as it sounds. A terrifying bark that freezes all who hear it with terror. The effect can be resisted by the subject and most guardian ghosts shield their charges. It can kill in fact, but only as much as a normal scare.
      • Tracking Ability: Morty can hunt down almost anyone. Particularly the closer to death they are. Shamans' interaction with spirits leaves a scent on them too.

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You must agree, my plan is sheer elegance in its simplicity! Blog. Fanfic.
 15 daltar, Sat, 17th Mar '12 8:33:44 AM from the fantasy of green. Get RP Mod Relationship Status: All is for my lord
The Maid
Ohh nice, Luthen!

Very much approved.
If I'm sure of something it's that I'm not sure of anything.
Never even heard of Shaman King but this looks interesting. Sorry if the character ends up abnormal for the setting or if (as always) the character is of low quality.

  • Name: John Smith
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 42
  • Appearance: Caucasian with a very pale complexion.Tall, wide frame, heavily muscular. Bald (hair naturally dark blond) except for a small goatee. Light blue eyes. Constantly wears smart black suits with a white shirt and black tie. Wears a small golden monocle and a pocket-watch on a long chain, the same colour of gold and in fact made together by the same person from the same large piece of metal.
  • Drive, Goal, Motivation: Wishes to move on from his past and either repent or remove the need to. Doesn't care much how or otherwise, but focuses his life on it.
  • Story: Born to two hired assassins and tossed between the two through his childhood as they worked, growing up in a less than stable manner. Eventually took up their vocation himself, killing for money even after they were long dead and separating himself emotionally from the kills until one occasion. He killed someone who had an affair with one of his frequent clients in front of their child, then killed the child so as to avert any attempt at revenge but finally snapped when the child returned to him as a ghost, not wishing for revenge at his father's death or even his own, but for purpose. He broke down mentally, but the undead child forgave and attempted to console him. He returned emotionally to a state as empty as before but attempted to find more honourable work and developed shamanism with the help of the child.
  • Abilities: Strong, good aim with a gun when needed, normally able to remain empty emotionally and reasonably stealthy and intimidating.
  • Spirit:
  • Edward Morgan
  • Appearance: Young child, eight at death. Fairly average size, skinny, long brown hair. Dark brown eyes.
  • Story: A fairly young child, his mother dying in childbirth, raised by his father, an eccentric but masterful thief. Learned a fair deal from his father even at a young age but due to a combination of his upbringing and other factors, ended up rather odd. Quiet, but overly jovial and often spontaneous in action, he assisted his father until he angered a woman he slept with, who had him killed and the hitman killed him as he witnessed it. He appeared as a ghost to the hitman, and attempted to help him against what he had previously done by encouraging him to master shamanism, the latent talent in which obvious from him appearing in the first place.
  • Classification: Ghost
  • Skills or Traits of the Spirit: Not yet possessive of any largely supernatural powers beyond being a ghost and possession, but massively fast agile and stealthy from his father's training, both acting as a scout and possessing the shaman to bestow some degree of it upon him.

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The Grand Re-Vizier
Not sure if this'll do, and it seems kind of 'meh' compared to the Druid haunted by his Dad and the average loser who accidentally wound up dragging a goddess around, but this is what I came up with on the spot, sorry if it seems kind of GrimDark. I might work on something better.

  • Name: Vicente Corvi

  • Age: 17

  • Gender: Male

  • Appearance: Vicente is short and pale with brown eyes and short dark hair. Underneath his clothing he has many scars, burns and bullet wounds but is constantly wearing a full suit of some sort and insists that a leader must look sophisticated in order to set an example for those under him to follow. He also often wears sunglasses as well as a pair ofblack sap gloves. that he uses in battle.

  • Drive, Goal, Motivation: Vicente desires to use the power of the Great Spirit to restore glory and honor to his Family and force them to take his ideals seriously and avenge his father's memory. He feels the Corvi Family have lost their true identity and become little more than common thugs who rule through fear and intimidation alone rather than love or respect and only desire money. He can be ruthless in pursuit of his ideals but has trouble fighting women and keeps to his own code of honor including offering anyone strong a chance to join him.

  • Story: Vicente was the son of the boss of a once powerful Cosa Nostra Family, but when he was five years old his father was killed in front of him as part of a long running internal power struggle regarding the way the Cosca should be run, causing his mother to be placed in a mental hospital due to the severe trauma and leaving him to be raised by his "Uncle" Jacopo Mabini. Mabini was actually the one who had organized the coup and was raising Vicente in hopes preventing him from causing trouble or seeking revenge in the future, a plan that was disrupted by his "nephew's" ability to see ghosts. His great-great-uncle, a long dead hitman by the name of Orlando witnessed the murder as well as Mabini's various other injustices and relayed them to Vicente once he found out the boy could see him when he was around ten. After that Vincente became increasingly outspoken against the methods of Mabini's Family, marking himself for death in the process. By sixteen he had already nearly died thirteen times and escaped numerous other assassination attempts with Orlando's guidance, eventually picking up Shamanism to increase his chances of survival. Despite this painful lifestyle he can be surprisingly relaxed when he's not fighting or playing the role of future Boss, reasoning that if your life can end at any time you may as well learn to smile and laugh while it lasts. He has an older "cousin" in Jacopo's daughter who is a fairly regular Mafia Princess although she is perfectly aware and accepting or even proud of the family business.

Abilities: Vicente really has nothing going for him as a Shaman other than a truly massive amount of furyoku partially caused by the sheer number of near-death experiences he's had. Other than that he has surprising proficiency with handguns and in hand-to-hand combat for a teenager, mostly due to necessities of surviving an ongoing if officially denied hit contract from his own family. He also lacks a great deal of practical skills having grown up in a wealthy servant filled household.


Orlando Corvi
  • Description: Orlando is Vicente's great-great Uncle and the most infamous and skilled enforcer and hitman in the Corvi Family's history. He was the right hand of Vicente's great-grandfather and his younger brother, who he considered "the last true Man of Honor in Sicily" at the time around a little over a hundred years ago. Orlando became a ghost after he failed to protect his brother from rival mafiosi, first to watch over his brother's family and then to watch over his brother's legacy and descendants, eventually growing disillusioned as they became increasingly disinterested in the old ways. He considers himself a simple servant and advisor to Vicente, who he sees as a continuation of his brother's formerly dying ideals and thus a chance to redeem himself. He occasionally argues with Vicente if the latter strays too far from his code though, and often complains about not having access to "real" weapons.

    • Classification: Human Ghost

    • Skills or Traits: Orlando was a legendary bodyguard, enforcer and hitman in his lifetime with nearly superhuman reflexes and combat skill both empty handed and with firearms and improvised weaponry. He also has a detailed knowledge of the criminal underworld and practical business gained both in his time and from hanging around a Mafia family.

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Hmmm, right. I'll admit this isn't exactly finished; the skills for the spirit aren't exactly figured out yet aside from a vague concept and theme. I just... Wasn't sure if this would work or not. I admitted that I've never seen or watched Shaman King before yet found the concept interesting, so I tried to use both the wiki and information I gained from grilling GS about the subject to make this, but... I'm still not sure if I understood it all right and if this will actually work. So, um, just posting what I have now to make sure this is actually a viable concept, ahah~ >.<

  • Name: Sweet Sister Mary
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 16
  • Appearance: "Ah! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so rough..."
  • Drive, Goal, Motivation: To put it simply, she's a sweet, kind, apologetic person who just wants to prevent everyone from getting hurt, even if she has to fight to get the power to do so. Her ultimate goal is to use the Great Spirit to create a world where no-one has to get hurt, and where hatred and violence are completely non-existant.
  • Story: Mary never really knew from where she came from, or anything about her family. All she knows is that they died when she was still very young, in an event that almost cost Mary her own life too. Somehow, the young girl just barely survived, but with no recollection of her life before the accident. She was found by a passing priest, and was put into the care of a local convent, who gave her the name "Mary" and raised her as a nun. Soon afterwards, she began to notice two strange girls always following her, one angelic, one demonic, who none of the other sisters could see. They always tried to stay out of sight, but she could always tell they were nearby, and it never seemed to bother or upset her. On the contrary, she always felt strangely at ease with them around her. Eventually they seemed to work up the nerve to try and talk to her, and the three became good friends (or at least each girl befriended Mary; they didn't seem to get along with each other very much). The other sisters always just assumed they were Mary's imaginary friends and, not wanting to scold the child after all she'd been through, generally ignored her when she had long conversations with the two.

    It was only when she reached the age of twelve that, by pure chance, she found out the truth about the two girls, as a wandering shaman just happened to stop by the convent. After spending some time with him, he eventually explained to her about the secrets of shamanism, of why she could communicate with Eva and Lilith, and of the Shaman King tournament. As much as this intrigued and excited her, she wasn't sure what to do with her powers, as she was sure that if the other sisters caught her practicing shamanism she would be punished as a devil child. So she tried to practice in secret, somehow being able to hide her studies and hone her skills ever so slightly. After a few years of her secret training, she witnessed the sign of the start of the tournament, and decided that she would participate in order to fulfil her dream of a world where no child would have to lose their family like she did. Under cover of the excuse of "seeing the world and spreading the true word", she was granted leave from the convent and began her journey towards becoming Shaman King.
  • Abilities: As she hasn't had much opportunity to practice her shamanism, Mary isn't exactly the most skilled shaman around. However, she is well versed in rites of protection against evil and the supernatural. She is also a rather superb cook, with each dish she makes being both beautifully prepared and absolutely delicious.
  • Spirit(s):
    • Name: Eva and Lilith
    • Appearance and Description: Two sides of the same coin. Despite all appearances, they are in fact one single spirit, split into her "good" and "evil" halves. It's possible that in life she harboured multiple personalities. The two halves constantly bicker, and never seem to agree. Whilst the good side, Eva, is most definitely "good" (although more than a little stern and strict), the "evil" side, Lilith, is... Not especially good at the whole "evil" thing. An unfortunate side-effect of the split has led to Eva and Lilith being unable to utilise their Over Soul unless they are of one mind about something, which is not a common occurence. Never-the-less, both Eva and Lilith are rather protective of Mary, and so if she's ever in great danger they will grudgingly agree to help each other.
    • Classification: Ghost Soul
    • Medium for Over Soul: A doll wearing a white dress. It is Mary's only reminder of the life she had before the accident and the family she can't remember.
    • Over Soul Form or Forms: Evalilith, a Weapon-type Over Soul, taking the form of a twelve-foot tall angelic robot.
    • Skills or Traits of the Spirit: Eva and Lilith's skills tend to involve such concepts as judgement, punishment, penitence and the weighing down of sins and grudges.
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Replica: There's nothing to object about John, but do know that he'll need to learn how to Oversoul in order to enter the Shaman King tournament. I do like how he and his spirit don't know of the technique yet as it will be nice for them to learn of it when applying for the tournament.


Dblade: Likewise Vicente Corvi is approved too. Really liked the application and the comment to Replica applies here too.

Moerin: Very much viable, Sister Mary is approved!

Also, fun fact. It's almost outright stated in the manga that past Shaman Kings include Jesus, Muhammad and Gautama Buddha.

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Dang, I think I've gotta relinquish my reservation. I suddenly find myself swamped with schoolwork, so I won't be able to write up a proper character until sometime by Friday. If there are still spots open by then, I'll try to sign up.

Sorry, daltar.
Mystical Monkey Master
Name: Li Bu (named himself, monks called him "kid" or "boy")

Gender: male

Age: 15

Appearance: about 5 feet. wears a yellow robe. bald, brown eyes.

Drive, Goal, Motivation: To win so he can go back to the temple and become a monk again. (translation: I just want to go home)

Story: An orphan raised at a shaolin temple. practiced with the monks and was trained from and early age (age 3). He was trained in the ways of the shaman when the head monk noticed that he could talk to the spirits of the temple(this training started at age 5). The spirit of Ng Mui watched over him as a child and he has a extremely strong bond with her. he was told that the way of the monk was not for him because of the upcoming battle.

Abilities: Wing Chun master (armed and unarmed). extremely flexible. skilled at playing the flute (has no combative bonus what so ever)

Spirit(s): Ng Mui

Classification: Ghost Type

Medium for Over Soul: Dragon pole (13 foot long wood pole) its shorter poles connected by chains so it can be stored easily.

Over Soul Form or Forms: she looks like this in soul form pole turns into this in over soul mode

Skills or Traits of the Spirit: Nh Mui was the person that found the Wing Chun kung fu style. she is extremely fast and powerful. information on her can be found here here and here.

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If I can think up a decent spirit to use, I'll try and get a sign up for this...

...Dunno if this is any good, really >.< If it isn't... well, no big loss, I guess :/

  • Name: Shujiko Ishi
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 16
  • Appearance: Shujiko is of average height and her build leans towards slender. Her hair is a dark brown that reaches her shoulders, and hazel eyes. Her clothing is almost always blue or green primarily, and a skirt/shorts combo is pretty much her standard.
  • Drive, Goal, Motivation: Shujiko loves to battle and compete in general, and wants to create an environment of constant challenge.
  • Story: Since she was young, Shujiko's family has moved pretty much all around Japan, finally settling by the time she was twelve. During her many years of random travelling, she saw many ghosts, initially dismissed as imaginary friends and the like, but when Shujiko told her mother of them, she was told that they were real and probably signified something special about her. When her family finally settled, Shujiko met a ghost that coincidentally had the same surname in her life. She was also quite encouraging and open about many aspects, aside from many details of her life. All Shujiko really knows about her is that she was married to a samurai and was secretly a kick-ass fighter. And also knew a thing or two about shamanism. And thus, Shujiko trained with this spirit, finding a real love for the whole thing. Lastly... no matter what Makoto says, Shujiko has no interest in girls. Unless they're strong opponents!
  • Abilities: Shujiko isn't particularly skilled in anything specific, but what she excels in is persistence. Is something too hard for her to do? Keep trying until she masters it. Is someone stronger than her? Fight until her opponent falls. Of course, she still has her limits, and all this perseverance can't be good for health in the long run.

  • Spirit(s): Makoto Ishi - Full of surprises, this one was. Or still is, perhaps?
  • Classification: Ghost Type
  • Medium for Over Soul: Fingerless Gloves
  • Over Soul Form or Forms: The gloves glow a faint yellow from the Furyoku gathered in her fists, and form an arm-long gauntlet. Obviously, this lets her hit harder, and even perform some explosive punches!
  • Skills or Traits of the Spirit: Was an excellent fist-fighter. She preferred relying more on her reflexes rather than any specific style. Probably helped that no one would teach a woman how to fight in any form.

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Both Ishi and Li Bu are accepted.
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