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How Not To Be A Clever Writer:

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I'm looking at you, wiseguy.

As tropers, I think that this article is an absolute must read. It'll jolt you from your Chronic Overeffortitis.

Here's the article. Read it and DISCUSS.
"Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person that doesn't get it."
 2 nrjxll, Tue, 13th Mar '12 7:39:03 PM Relationship Status: Not war
Not to be rude, but I wish people would stop posting this kind of thing like it's some new and shocking revelation. I suspect most of the writers here (or at least the ones I think are worth a damn) already know all this.

 3 Madrugada, Tue, 13th Mar '12 7:40:44 PM Relationship Status: In season
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This is a Link-Discuss thread.


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'He strutted across the bedroom, his hard manhood pointing the way' sounds like he owns a badly named seeing-eye dog. 'Sit, Hard Manhood!
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