Needs Help (New Name Crowner Jan 18): Spank The Cutie

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We have a crowner now. Please vote!
77 Noaqiyeum26th Jan 2013 06:41:27 PM from the October Country , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
The it-thingy
[continues fighting the losing battle against the prevalent misuse of 'fanservice']
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Okay, I just skimmed through both the trope and the TRS thread; it seems to me that you need a split, but not between "Comedy" and "Fetish Fuel" per se; rather, I think you should split between "Spankee is an adult" and "Spankee is a child." There is a vast difference in connotations between the two situations, even when both get played for comedy.
Corporal Punishment already covers spanking kids for punishment reasons. If little kids are being spanked for kink reasons, we don't want to discuss that here.
So we should purge the kid examples from the trope, then? (Also, where does the old concept of "Birthday Spanks" come in, as in the Batman and Robin example?)

ETA: I vote no on "Kinky Spanking" because it makes me think the trope is just about an in-universe fetish.

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81 Michael3rd Feb 2013 05:24:15 AM , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
So that's what this does
[up]I agree, kinky spanking sounds in-universe.
[up] & [up][up]

Am I too late to this party? I agree that Kinky Spanking sounds like it's kinky for people involved (the spanked and the one who spanks), and it very well may be, but some of the examples are not. It's just sexualized for the audience's "benefit".

I voted it down and tried to vote up another one that I think fits better.
Guys, I know what the Crowner says, but I forsee so many problems with having a trope called Kinky Spanking. I'd like to remind everyone that this a trope that happens on things like Little House on the Praire, so it's not 100% a fan-service trope.

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84 SeptimusHeap16th Mar 2013 04:52:56 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
The crowner is for the fanservice version. Sure it is kinky.
Little House on the Praire does not have that sort of spanking.

Well, at least I'm pretty sure it doesn't. Unless that franchise is a lot different than I've been led to believe.
It does have none-fan-service one, Nelly's(or Nancy, I don't remember) future husband pulls it on her for a Break the Haughty moment.

Also, were we splitting it or something? Because that may be were I'm mishearing, I though we were just changing the name of the whole thing. My bad.

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"It's not that simple. We are all both, good and evil, we have rage and compassion, we have love and hate...murder and forgiveness."
[up] Yes, this trope is being split up. Spanking adults is either viewed as funny, and the comedic use of spanking is yet to be named. Or spanking is portrayed as something sexy or kinky, which has the crowner now. My understanding of the sexy spanking variant is that it can be either kinky in-universe, desired by the characters as their Casual Kink, hopefully Safe, Sane, and Consensual, or just for the audience who might enjoy some bare skin and the power play between the characters etc.

Trope for punishing children by spanking exists already and it's Don't Make Me Take My Belt Off, also covered by Corporal Punishment.

I hope my summary of the discussion is accurate. smile

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How about Sexy Spanking for a name? Would that work?
89 SeptimusHeap19th Mar 2013 06:29:34 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Not seeing any obvious problems with that.
I'd say maybe keep the old name for the non-fanservice version.
"It's not that simple. We are all both, good and evil, we have rage and compassion, we have love and hate...murder and forgiveness."
[up] Spank the Cutie however does not make it clear that it's a comedic use. If anything, I would keep Spank the Cutie for the fanservice, but it's not a very good name either, because it's a snowclone of Break the Cutie and Kill the Cutie, and I think the characters spanked are not necessarily The Cuties. In my opinion, both names should go.

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  • I'd like to propose what to do now:
    • Move wicks relating to spanking children by parents, older siblings or family members to Don't Make Me Take My Belt Off (btw, I think this is too long for a good trope name).
    • Move wicks about spanking at school and by authority figures to Corporal Punishment.

  • We might start sorting out wicks into two groups. Perhaps posting in sandbox?
    • Fanservice Spanking
    • Comedic Spanking

  • Though they may overlap - Kiss Me Kate I think is played both ways, even though I know this example only by Pop-Cultural Osmosis

  • If anyone is willing to do some extra work, we could do the improvised crowner voting with [tup] and [tdown]. Last thing I remember is that two potential titles were in green area of approval: Kinky Spanking and Sexy Spanking.

EDIT: [down] Fine. I'll start to work on it.

My choice for fanservice use of spanking:

Sandbox.Spank The Cutie

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93 SeptimusHeap5th Apr 2013 01:23:54 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Sandbox is good.

For the record, [tup]Sexy Spanking.
I started to sort out the examples. There are some zero context, so I have no idea how it's played.

I think it was agreed that all children examples should be moved to the already existing tropes, but I think some of them might be Played for Laughs and could fall into comedy use. For instance some western animation (Popeye, Bart being spanked by Otto).

EDIT: It gets worse. The South Park example... I guess it's comedy and Refuge in Audacity.

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Can we make the crowner again? They should be working now.
96 SeptimusHeap8th Apr 2013 11:42:55 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
It's here, but it's not working on the thread side.
97 EditorPallMall8th Apr 2013 11:46:25 AM from United States, East Coast
Don't Fear the Spiders
I added 'Adult Spanking'. This is not always a fanservice or titillation trope; Adult Spanking covers the tropes flexibility.
Keep it breezy!
[up] Don't forget that there are going to be at least two tropes covering it. It was agreed that the trope should be split into comedy and fanservice use. (I joined the discussion later. One of the problem is that at times it's both, which was mentioned when the suggestion occurred.)
I have a question regarding when it's P Layed For Laughs. It was agreed that examples with spanking children should be moved to Corporal Punishment or its subtrope. However, some of them are Played for laughs, even though today it's likely to fall into Values Dissonance or Dude, Not Funny!.

Opinions? Myself I think comedy use could list both adults and children.
Corporal Punishment isn't a trope... the description even says "Depending on the situation, corporal punishment can be played for comedy, horror, drama, or Rule 34."

Alternative Titles: Comedic Spank The Cutie
10th Jul '13 11:03:54 AM
Vote up names you like, vote down names you don't. Whether or not the title will actually be changed is determined with a different kind of crowner (the Single Proposition crowner). This one just collects and ranks alternative titles.
At issue:
Previous crowner decided on a split between fanservice and comedic forms of this trope. This crowner is to choose the name for the comedic version of the trope. (Fanservice use was voted to be named as Kinky Spanking.)

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