Cross Clash Crisis ~ The RP:

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Snakes had blanked out for a moment, catching himself when Moby had offered to head inside first. He really hoped that that would not happen during the mission. "Alright" he answered, waiting for the woman that the skateboarder opened the door for before heading in himself. It was nice to be inside the heated inside of the hotel, but Snake wasn't going to take off his windbreaker, as it wasn't so much to keep out to cold as it was to hide his equipment. "My name is Pliskin, by the way" he finally answered Moby. "Iroquois Pliskin" It was a tired alias, but it was still useful since only a small group knew that one, and most of them were either hiding something themselves or dead.

The legendary mercenary was more interested in the building than in conversation. The lobby was the fancy kind that took up most that lead into most of the floor, a few strategically placed half walls that divided the area up into more private alcoves, and the elevators up to the rooms in the back. Snake was already thinking where possible guards would be, looking for cameras, and now to get through it all. Slightly paranoid, but he never saw that as a bad thing in comparison to being unprepared.
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Red Arrow was successful in sneaking down from the emergency exit stairs to the 1st basement parking level. The only thing he has to do is to clear out of the floor via ramp.

The only thing that he saw was the emergency shutter lowered down to seal the ramp off from the outside world. He began to sneak around while using parked vehicles as cover, until he was able to get a good view of the shutter and a couple of League of Shadow soldiers guarding it.

Taking an explosive arrow from the quiver behind his back, Red Arrow held the recurve bow tightly and aimed the explosive arrowhead of the arrow at the shutter while pulling the bow string back hard. Afterwards, the auburn-haired superhero released his grip on the bow string and watched his handiwork.


With a hole in the shutter enough for a person to pass through and a couple of dead men on the ground, Red Arrow made a run towards the shutter and passed through the entrance he made while grabbing a couple of foam arrows. Once the archer was on street level, Red Arrow aimed and fired the foam arrows near the edge of the entrance that was made via explosive arrow.

The foam should seal it off for a while.

The high-density polyurethane foam began to made it work as it sealed off most of the shutter's hole. Red Arrow knew that it'll be a matter of time before it'll be destroyed. The archer ran off towards a parked sport touring-type motorcycle and grabbed the helmet from the helmet bag compartment mounted at the right side of the bike after putting away his recurve bow.

Red Arrow immediately began to turn on the bike's engines before he wore the helmet and ensured that the visor was working. After getting the kickstand up and putting his hands on the handlebars, Red Arrow began to make his retreat away from the PMC building as he drove his touring bike at high speed.

Now let's see what secrets the International Security Group company has to say with their files.

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