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Sorry, I wasn't clear. None of those convey the concept of the societal structure to me. The ones which feature the structure, it's not clear we're seeing that; I actually had to look twice to figure out some of those pictures had creatures in them.
Including the two with a figure standing in the foreground? I like "divide and conquer" best of the images so far.

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Becky: Who are you? The Mysterious Stranger: An angel.
Huck: What's your name? The Mysterious Stranger: Satan.
[up] You mean the asparagus alien looking at Japanese lanterns?
I agree, the "divide and conquer" image is unclear, I can't see any drones inside the "eggs" (if that's what they are).

Here's Queen Zazzala, an alien supervillain in DC Comics. The dialogue in the panel illustrates the social structure of her race nicely.

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Willbyr, Tue, 13th Mar '12 4:12:05 AM from North Little Rock, AR Wow, those boobs are kinda disturbing. [/off-topic].
Less disturbing than the fact her humanlike eyes are actually fake and the two spheres on the top of her head are her true eyes. Which is kind of realistic. Even in nature some creatures have fake eyes to confuse their predators or their preys. Sort of mimetism.
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Insects don't have boobs, for the record. And they have five eyes - the two black spots and the "eyes", one of which is hidden below the hair. [offtopic]
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Brainwave: Tau. Humanoid, seperate physical development by caste, often ruled by a single Ethereal per world. Looking for image.
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I think we should get an image of the buggers once the Ender's Game movie comes out.
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