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The Doctor is in(sane)!
Hello. I've started work on a SMT: Persona fic called "The Changing Of The Guard." Here's what I got so far: it's set after the events of P4, and begins with Yu Narukami being pulled back into the Velvet Room and being told he's no longer a Wild Card (he can't change Personas anymore) and must act as a mentor to the new Wild Card, a foreign exchange student named Isaac Baker. After Isaac settles in, he begins getting cryptic emails about "The Operator's Game". At school, he meets some new friends: Ichiro, a laidback, fun loving guy, Miyoko, a volleyball team member who's usually nice but has a short temper, and Rika, Miyoko's shy best friend. After goofing off for a day or two, Isaac, Ichiro and Yu decide to go hang out at the mall, where Ichiro suddenly acts weird and runs off inot the mirror. Isaac and Yu catch up to Ichiro just to see him dive into the bathroom mirror. They follow, and find themselves in the Otherworld, a TV World-like dimesnion that manifests as a city that looks like it would easily fit into a post-apoc setting. They look for Ichiro, but run into a tall, thin man in a nice suit who seems to lack a face. The being calls himself The Operator, and welcomes Yu and Isaac to the Otherworld, then tries to "test" their ability and summons two Shadows. Yu summons Izanagi, his only Persona as of here, but is unable to fight both Shadows. Isaac makes a mask materialize and puts it on, bursting into blue flame and taking on the form of his first Persona, Gilgamesh. Yu and Isaac proceed to kick Shadow butt, and The Operator remarks on their power, and reveals Ichiro's location. But Ichiro ain't feeling so good...when they find Ichiro, he's covered in luminescent body markings and he's growling and snarling at the duo. Ichiro's being possessed by his Shadow, and he must have it pounded out of him. After fighting Possessed Ichiro, they face Shadow Ichiro, who calls Ichiro out for being scared of failing. After defeating the Shadow, Ichiro fesses up to his cowardice, awakening his Persona, Enkidu.

Aaaaaand there's the intro. I need help making a plot with the Main Characters rescuing Shadow Possessed people from the Otherworld while also solving ARG-like puzzles set by The Operator. Feedback is extremely appreciated.
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The Doctor is in(sane)!
Ah. I forgot to make a list of the main characters:
  • Isaac Baker
    • Arcana: Fool/Wild Card
      • Initial Persona: Gilgamesh
        • Personality/History: Foreign exchange student who, while knowing the Japanese language, is completely clueless about Japanese honorifics and culture, and acts like a Fish out of Water.
  • Yu Narukami
    • Arcana: Fool/Aeon S. Link
      • Initial Persona: Izanagi
        • Personality/History: An ex-Wild Card who is tasked with teaching Isaac how to use the Wild Card ability, max out his S. Links and be a leader. He is a bit angry about losing the Wild Card ability, but he doesn't let it get to least, not at first.
  • Ichiro
    • Arcana: Magician / Magician S.Link
      • Initial Persona: Enkidu
        • Personality/History: A laidback, easygoing guy who deals with life with a smile and a joke. However, deep down he's afraid of failure, which is why he does very little. During the S. Link, he learns to get over his fear and tries out various extracurricular activities.
  • Rika
    • Arcana: Death/ Death S. Link
      • Initial Persona: Nungal
        • Personality/History: A shy Shrinking Violet who gets picked on by bullies because she's always missing classes. Turns out she's dying from a rare blood disorder than can be treated, but her parents are unable to pay for the treatments. During her S. Link, she learns to change her disposition and stand up for herself.
  • Miyoko:
    • Arcana: Strength/ Strength S. Link
      • Initial Persona: Inanna
        • Personality/History: Rika's best friend. She is a member of the volleyball team, and is nicknamed "The Queen of Wrath" for her short temper. During her S. Link, she learns to keep her anger in check.
  • Shinta:
    • Arcana: Hermit/ Hermit S. Link
      • Initial Persona: Utnapishtim
        • Personality/History: A skateboarding punk who everyone is afraid of. He's a bit of a Jerkass, but during his S. Link, he improves his social skills and becomes a Jerk With A Heart Of Gold.
  • Kaito:
    • Arcana: Moon/ Moon S. Link
      • Initial Persona: Sin
        • Personality/History: Known for being a spacey klutz, he is a Cloud Cuckoolander in the eyes of his peers. He's actually a High Functioning Autistic with ADD, ADHD, and Asperger's Syndrome. However, he also has a genius IQ and eidetic memory, so he's a genius with less social skills than Shinta. During his S. Link, he learns to socialize with others and becomes more mature.

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I have the urge to dissect you now...
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