Ambiguous Name: Winds Of Destiny Change

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[up] Thank you. Yes, it's pretty much spot-on.
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I'm leaving the wiki, so the YKTTW is now as Up for Grabs as they get. Pick it up or let it sink. Good luck.
Anyone still care about this one? The LuckManipulationPower YKTTW is sitting around with two hats, and more than that posted in this thread.
29 ccoa9th Jul 2012 09:24:50 AM from the Sleeping Giant
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The YKTTW has 4 hats, are we ready to launch?
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30 ccoa22nd Aug 2012 08:24:45 AM from the Sleeping Giant
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Still waiting on the YKTTW, which looks ready to launch.
Waiting on a TRS slot? Finishing off one of these cleaning efforts will usually open one up.
Bumping for launch.
Wait, what's the problem with it? Born Lucky is expressedly pretty much only positive luck. Winds of Destiny, Change is a generalized fortune-altering power.

It's not just luck either, it also covers destiny in fate/prophecy or time travel works. And as it says, it's more into the Reality Warper territory than Born Lucky.

Changing it to something like Luck Manipulation Power kills half the purpose of the thing. Let's figure out which links belong and which don't instead. Mkay, I did a minor title/laconic edit, I'm happy too. Let's launch it, it now has 5 hats.

Oh, it's a split? Now I'm confused (probably should change the title back). Is there really an issue here? Winds of Destiny, Change is actually a broader category including destiny and fate powers, and also straight luck. It would also become redundant in some places (Mat from Wheel of Time can alter luck and destiny). There may in fact be too many luck-based tropes anyway.

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33 Mr.Cales17th Oct 2012 01:02:13 PM from Misty Mountains
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I don't think there's a specific problem with it, though a rename might be in order. Or it could be merged with Luck Manipulation Mechanic, perhaps by renaming Luck Manipulation Mechanic to simply Luck Manipulation.
[up] Merging with Luck Manipulation Mechanic isn't really an option. Luck Manipulation Mechanic is something more or less completely different and usually has nothing to do, lore-wise, with literal manipulation of "luck". It covers things like "Increased chance of a critical hit", "Better chances of finding Random Drops", or "Rearrange the top three cards of your deck".

It's one way you might represent Winds of Destiny, Change in a game, but that's in the same way that Damage Over Time is one way you could represent being on fire. And I don't think we'd want to merge Playing with Fire with Damage Over Time.

Edit: Also, to chime in on the YKTTW, I am extremely skeptical that "probability" vs. "luck" is a meaningful distinction. I can only see it making things more confusing and creating new misuse. Seems misguided and unnecessary. I'm adding a nega-hat.

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I agree. The distinction between "probability" and "luck" here is a false one. There is no significant difference between the two powers.
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What are we doing here? What was the problem with this one?
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38 nman1st Dec 2012 08:28:09 PM from USA , Relationship Status: Giving love a bad name
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[up]I... I think I'd like to know the same thing? Does anyone still think this needs a rename or a sub trope? I think it's fine as-is.
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Here is the situation, as I understand it.

There is a proposal to split Winds of Destiny, Change into two tropes. I am not sure, but I believe that the split works like this:

  • Winds of Destiny, Change: I increased the chance that you will have a car accident!
  • Luck Manipulation Power: I cursed you with bad luck, but I can't control what will happen! You might have a car accident, have a piano fall on you, lose your wallet or something, but I don't know!

The YKTTW for Luck Manipulation Power is now stuck with three hats, but might launch soon if more tropers give attention to it. If we launch it, we will have more work to do: edit Winds of Destiny, Change to exclude the new trope, and change some links.
Can't see that being a splittable distinction.
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I thought this was just a rename thing since the name is kinda obscure and off the mark.
42 SeptimusHeap11th Dec 2012 01:02:54 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
There is a wick check in the first post.

I think that the difference between "probability" and "luck" is indeed at best worthy of an Internal Subtrope. Luck is often about coincidences, and these are often about probability.
Luck Manipulation Power (ykttw) is down to two hats. I am starting to think that not enough tropers support the split, and the yttkw won't be launched.

I already argued (in the yttkw) that the distinction between "luck" and "probability" is not valid. If I am making good luck, then I am increasing the probability of good-luck events, so luck and probability aren't different.

The distinction, as I wrote in post 39, is about control over the power. I am starting to wonder if this is The Same, but More, and not needing a split.
There's not really a tropable difference between "Luck" and "Probability".
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Even if we argue that there is, it's unlikely people will keep the differences straight.
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Agree with [up] and [up][up].
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47 Spark923rd Dec 2012 02:56:00 PM from Castle Wulfenbach , Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
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I don't see much of a point in splitting this, but judging by the first posts in this thread a rename would be a good idea. The current name is rather obscure and it's snowcloned of something that means its exact opposite; plus there's abuse.
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Could we just call this Luck Manipulation? I don't think that we necessarily need "Power", seeing as this isn't something people do normally.

It does have a different meaning in some gaming communities, but I don't think that's very common.
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49 SeptimusHeap24th Dec 2012 04:24:57 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Ok, so should we scrap the splitting proposal and just plain rename?
TBH once we added the comma I think the name stopped being ambiguous. There was never any confirmed misuse. I don't think there's a strong case for a rename.
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