Logan Blackheart: A villainous neutral:

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I have an idea for a character which I would like to put past you guys in order to locate any potential aspects in need of refinement. His name is Logan Blackheart, and he is the Big Bad of the story despite the fact that his primary motivation basically boils down to “I want to be left alone.” This is because in the past he was a ruthless, cold blooded pirate captain/hitman/whatever else fits responsible for countless killings all done with a smile on his face. But time moved on, and eventually he said “Fuck it. I'm getting too old for this.” and so decided to settle down somewhere safe and quiet. The trouble with the plan was that the authorities persisted in hunting him down, not to mention the many upstarts who sought to make a name for themselves by killing the great Logan Blackheart and bounty hunters seeking to collect the price on his head. Eventually he got fed up and decided to take the offensive against law and order. All he wants is to be left alone, and when he can't do that lots of people die. In other words he is a villainous neutral.

What do you think, and are there any other variation on the concept "villainous neutral" you can think of?

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He seems like a pretty interesting guy; I like the Retired Monster character type in general. You've probably heard some variation of this a million times, but it won't mean a thing if you can't do him justice.
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It is something that has been done, the first thing that comes to mind is Logen Ninefingers from The First Law, but it still sounds very interesting, especially if you put it in a bit more of a modern setting. I like the thought that when he turns against the Law, he has no real qualms, he's just pragmatic. It might not be the case, but if his only goal is to be left alone, I couldn't see him being too fuzzy about morals.
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"Villainous neutral" doesn't seem too fitting a phrase for him anyway considering all the bad shit he's apparently done.
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