Mailing your own head?:

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26 joeyjojo8th Mar 2012 09:55:35 AM from South Sydney: go the bunnies!
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Yeah I might go the accomplice rote, if only for the sake of willing suspension disbelief.

Beside I like the idea of the accomplice agreeing to kill Frank to get back at Bob and then having to team up with Bob after finding out Frank double crossed him and put a hit out to eliminate any co-conspirators.

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The accomplice seems to help plausibility.

Off the back of my head, as far as framing people using suicide goes, in Downton Abbey Bates' ex-wife commits suicide using rat poison he had bought for rats, but since he had been in her presence recently in a bad mood, it gave enough suspicion to get him in trouble.

If I was gonna decapitate someone and keep it as a trophy (or whatever convoluted reason it means that an unmarked package with a head in it is mailed to you means you're guilty of murder), I certainly wouldn't trust the freaking mailman/delivery-man to handle it (Mail gets lost and stuff). How fast is it shipped? Is the box airtight? I assume it might stink a little. Does he pack it on-ice? O_o Is the accomplice a delivery dude?

Fingerprint dust and fingerprinting was beginning to be used in the 20s (the first conviction using fingerprinting as evidence was in the 1900s or something and I think there was a case in the 20s where the fingerprint was the primary evidence), does the suicidal guy try to get his enemy's fingerprints all over the box he uses to mail his head? >_> Well, if you go the humor route, I would probably giggle insanely if the accomplice won't stop asking the main character to touch a random ice-box for increasingly convoluted reasons.

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If you want it to be traced back to no-one, could he have gotten an accomplice to do the deed, then they made an agreement that he'd take a long walk off a short pier, and never be seen from again?
29 joeyjojo8th Mar 2012 08:00:03 PM from South Sydney: go the bunnies!
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Mmmm... logical but I'm going to have to come up with a dam good reason with they both hate Bob so much.

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Let's assume—assume—that it's possible to decapitate yourself and mail your head to someone, without leaving any blood and tying it with a wee little bow and putting it in the mailbox when nobody is watching before disposing of the body somewhere discretely that wouldn't result in someone connecting the decapitated cadaver with the sender. Finally, let us assume that whatever other evidence there was was mysteriously disposed of.

This raises an obvious question that seems to have been overlooked.


Why would somebody go to all of that trouble to frame an old enemy? There are other ways of getting revenge, you know. Such as murder. Or taking your own life in a more practical way.

If you're going to kill yourself, then for Christ's sake, don't try to do things dramaticall! It's allready going to be dramatic. What you need to do is go to your kitchen, grab a knife, go to the guy's house and then stab him to death, before cutting your own throat.

There. Was that so hard?

If you're going to kill yourself, you shouldn't care about going to jail.

I mean, Christ, it beggars belief, ye ken?

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You know what I hate? Hypocrites. That and obscure self-referential statements.
31 joeyjojo8th Mar 2012 08:20:23 PM from South Sydney: go the bunnies!
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Well... Frank would rather see Bob disgraced and executed rather then simply dead?
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While you can long debate the possibilities of elaborate murder devices and fire traps and so on, there are more practical ways to frame someone.
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33 YamiiDenryuu8th Mar 2012 08:22:01 PM from You know, that place , Relationship Status: Chocolate!
"See" probably isn't the right words, since dead people can't see, but I kinda get what you mean. It's basically a very bizarre suicidal Thanatos Gambit on Frank's part, right?
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34 joeyjojo8th Mar 2012 08:26:59 PM from South Sydney: go the bunnies!
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[up]Very much so, I guess I shouldn't of watched that Jonathan Creek marathon before I wrote this.
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35 chihuahua08th Mar 2012 09:42:56 PM from Standoff, USA , Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
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Hmm...this scenario is prime material for some sort of contest.

I wonder if I should e-mail a blogger about this.

36 joeyjojo8th Mar 2012 11:10:49 PM from South Sydney: go the bunnies!
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Oh rely? Wow I was just about to abandon the idea.

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37 burnpsy9th Mar 2012 12:16:51 AM , Relationship Status: Abstaining
Short of an utterly ridiculous Rube Goldberg Device, which probably wouldn't even work with stuff available in the 20s, I see this idea as impossible without accomplices, as everyone else said.
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He could have his head go into a firebox that had the main characters name or identifying mark, was timed to clamp shut a minute after his head went in, and then set fire to the building around him if he wanted to prove a point. The mail part seems to be where it falls to pieces, since that involves another person.
39 chihuahua09th Mar 2012 10:29:20 AM from Standoff, USA , Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
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Unless you have some sort of contraption that slides the box into the mailbox and closes it, and then retracts.

But in the 20's, is it necessary for the package to be inside the mailbox? If it only needs to be next to is (especially if it's too large), there is a change the box can just be flung in.

40 Doryna25th Mar 2012 02:26:55 PM from North Carolina , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
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What if he had the box over his head before he chopped it off, padding and everything already in place so it doesn't rattle around?

Doesn't make the scenario any less implausible, but it does save a step of work.

ETA: Curses, somehow I missed the post two above me!

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41 HeavyDDR25th Mar 2012 02:51:16 PM from Central Texas
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Perhaps the victim arranges for people to take care of a package for him, not telling them what the package is. He cuts off his head so that it will be tucked away into foam pellets, possibly even arranging with clever mechanical working to have more foam pellets drop so that the head is totally covered. Meanwhile, his body is left somewhere out of sight, simply hanging where ever he needed his head to drop, unnoticed. A balcony? A window?

Then, an assistant he called prior comes in, tapes up the box as instructed, and carries it off to be mailed to the particular address, probably used to doing such things, and never noticing the dead body hanging from the window/balcony/whatever.

That's the best I can come up with, but it will look pretty obvious that he killed himself unless he actively tried to frame someone for it.
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42 joeyjojo25th Mar 2012 03:56:40 PM from South Sydney: go the bunnies!
Happy New Year!
What if he had the box over his head before he chopped it off, padding and everything already in place so it doesn't rattle around?

I didn't think of that. Good ideaidea

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