Ever had a Game Over you prefer to the actual ending?:

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I have a few that I think are interesting.

1. Heather getting hit by the train in Silent Hill 3. It just…makes sense.

2. Kratos falling to his death due to the "buzz saw" trap in Pandora's Temple in God of War. This happened a lot.

3. Ocelot electrocuting Snake to death during the torture sequence in Metal Gear Solid. That he would die rather than sell Meryl out is pretty awesome.

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Zelda II.

Ganon's awesome, an unseeable kiss... eh.

No other game I can honestly think of.
Snake jumping into the reactor pit rather than accidentally start Metal Gear.

Link dying to a Deku Scrub. XD
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Live A Live. At the beginning of the Medieval Chapter. Oersted losing the tournament to Straybow.

Anyone who's played through to the end of that chapter knows exactly what I mean.
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Issac gets stabbed to death by the first necromorph he encounters.
Issac gets chopped to bits by the gravity thing holding the meteor.
Issac jumps into space rather than staying on the space station a moment longer.

Dwarf Fortress. Every game over ever. The only ending is death.
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Disgaea's Midboss ending is kind of nice and relaxing. Close your eyes along with "the Dark Adonis" and listen to the music.
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Arakune's Bad Ending in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift.

Just about every Gag Ending in every BlazBlue game. Only one off the top of my head that I prefer the True Ending to is Bang in CT.
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[up]Damn....beat me to it. Yeah, Arakune's bad ending felt alot more accomplishing than his true ending.
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The one where he mind wiped Litchi? Yeah. Agreed.
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A lot of the bad endings in Continuum Shift were worth it only because Dr. Kokonoe would chew you out for it afterward. This was especially funny for Hazama's story, where you had to intentionally lose just to get the bad ending. XD

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The "So Close" ending of Heavy rain. Yes the Origami killer is dead, but so is Ethan. Shot in front of his own son. I think the level of Drama was perfect for that scene.
12 Fluid8th Mar 2012 07:14:16 AM from The Netherlands
The various game-overs in E.V.O.: Search for Eden that you get when you accept a boss' offer to rule with them, thus ensuring a species other than human will eventually become the dominant lifeform on Earth.

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13 DRCEQ8th Mar 2012 08:02:22 AM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
A couple of those resulted in Humans becomming the dominant species anyway. lol.
Mystical Ninja 2: Starring Goemon. I got stuck halfway through the game and ever got to the actual ending, but there's no way it could be better than this.
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Waaay more satisfying than the implication that Jason is still alive.

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The Mission Failed screen from Splinter Cell Double Agent. Mainly because the ending SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS.

[up] 'this version's better.

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My fetish is the ending to killer7
Gunpla is amazing!
I know many people consider Fate/stay night 's Mind Of Steel end to be their canon end for that particular route.
19 lolacat8th Mar 2012 04:32:44 PM from Vancouver Island
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I love the ending in Heavy Rain where Lauren kills the origami killer, even though you have to have every other character die or fail to get that one.

Also, there are a lot of people out there who prefer the game over where Tooty gets turned into a monster when Grunty steals her beauty. I don't but a lot of people do for some reason.
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It's not a game-over, but the worst ending of Sigma Star Saga kills off the annoying Tsundere love interest. I have a hard time considering the endings where this character lives to be preferable.
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Would the bad ending of Silent Hill count?
22 SparkyLurkdragon8th Mar 2012 05:44:08 PM from Southeastern Oregon, USA
I saw a Metroid: Other M LP where the player needed the ice beam a minute ago.

Adam: *authorizes ice beam*

Samus: *dies*

L Per: Or maybe I'll just DIE, Adam!

I think I prefer that to where the rest of the game went.

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[up][up] If you consider SHSM, that's already canon.
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The Bad Ending to Phoenix Wright: Justice For All is hilarious for one reason and one reason only: "The miracle never happen."
[up][up]That's more of a remake from a completely different company though...

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