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Peter Molyneux leaving Lionhead, Microsoft :

 1 onyhow, Wed, 7th Mar '12 4:50:07 AM from Land of the Lilies Relationship Status: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
ShizuEris = adorable~

Wonder what wil happen now...
Am binging Sono Hanabira (and other yuri stuff).
 2 Tam H 70, Wed, 7th Mar '12 5:08:49 AM from 合計虐殺 Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
War ALWAYS changes. Man does not.
One more Fable game then? Meh.
 4 Zeromaeus, Wed, 7th Mar '12 9:25:45 AM from Neo Arcadia
Mighty No. 51345
Another Fable?
Why? What did we do to you, Molyneux?

Oh yeah, whatever about him leaving.
I haven't liked anything he's made since Black and White.
Mega Man fanatic extraordinaire
Oh, I this meant his leave would mean a new direction for the Fable series...a better one. But he says once it's done, so meh.

 6 Boredman, Thu, 8th Mar '12 2:45:33 PM from TEKSIZ, MERKA
I hope they continue making Fable games, at least so we can see how they would turn out without him.

 7 Zeromaeus, Thu, 8th Mar '12 2:48:07 PM from Neo Arcadia
Mighty No. 51345
I'd say it could only get better, but I said that after Fable II as well.
Mega Man fanatic extraordinaire
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You need to Get Known to get one of those.
Total posts: 7

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